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10 Easy Home Remedies For Stammering You Need To Try NOW!

Stammering or stuttering is a speech defect, where people have trouble completing their sentences because of involuntary interruption. This condition is usually seen in children, but a lot of adults suffer from stuttering as well. If you were worried that you will have to deal with the condition your entire life, then your woes are at an end, because today’s article deals with home remedies for stammering, which is sure to help you out!

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People who stutter tend to repeat sounds and phrases and syllables such that saying something takes more time than normal. There are a lot of reasons why people may develop a stammering problem. Of these, the most common causes include:

  • Childhood trauma
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Other psychological problems
  • A family history of stuttering
  • Accidents
  • Other neurological problems

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Even though a lot of new treatment methods for stuttering have emerged, treating this problem has always been difficult. It is a highly personal and psychological condition that depends on a lot of external and internal factors. However, there are some people who have tried home remedies, and after the recommendations of several speech therapists and doctors, people have started to try home remedies for stammering, which are listed as follows.

1. Indian gooseberries

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Indian gooseberries have been used to treat problems like stammering for quite some time now. It is a part of ancient ayurveda, and it is completely natural and herbal in nature. Indian gooseberries are rich in iron, which aids in proper blood circulation to your speech organs such as your tongue. It also makes the tongue thinner, helping speech to come more naturally.

How to use:

Indian gooseberries or amla is best consumed raw. Chew a few slices of Indian gooseberries every day for a radical improvement in your speech patterns. You can also fry it in a little bit of clarified butter or ghee or have it in sun-dried form with a little rock salt to help with your stammering problem.\

2. Honey and salt

If you are looking for an easy, yet highly effective home remedy for your stammering problem, then one of the best things you could try is honey and salt, which is also a widely recommended natural treatment for stuttering. Both honey and salt have properties which help ease the muscles in the mouth and increase neurological performance, so that you have less trouble speaking and expressing yourself.

How to use:

Take a tablespoon of honey and dissolve a couple of pinches of salt in it. Rub this mixture ion your tongue every day, or even twice a day in the morning and before going to bed, so that you don’t have difficulty speaking.

3. Reading exercises

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One of the best ways to deal with stammering is to tackle the problem head on. People who stammer have difficulty not only expressing themselves, but also reading aloud or even mentally. To develop a more fluent speech, take a text and read it as fast as possible. You are likely to make a lot of mistakes in the beginning and skip a few words, but make sure you go on without paying heed to the quality of your language or the pronunciation of words. Make this a part of your lifestyle, and practice reading aloud every day for at least an hour. You will get used to the feel of the words in your mouth, and your condition will improve with regards to everyday speech as well.

4. Brahmi oil

Brahmi oil is another natural ingredient that is predominantly found and used in the Indian subcontinent. It eases the muscles of the body and is one of the oldest remedies that have been used to boost the functions and performance of the brain. Because stammering is primarily a psychological and neurological problem, Brahmi oil is ideal for the treatment of such conditions.

How to use:

Take two to three tablespoons of Brahmi oil and heat it up in the microwave. Massage this hot oil into your scalp for at least half an hour. Do this every day to see a marked improvement in your condition within a month of regular use.

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5. Almonds


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Almonds are a great way to cure stammering and stuttering problems, because they are some of the most nutrient rich nuts out there. Almonds contain Vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids which boosts the functioning of the brain, and helps you think properly. It increases memory retention capacity and concentration power, thereby helping you express your thoughts and ideas clearly.

How to use:

The best way to use almonds is by soaking around 13-14 almonds overnight in warm water. Peel the skin the following morning and consume them as it is. You can also grind them to make a find paste with a little butter and consume this paste, which will work as an effective remedy for stammering.

6. Clarified butter

As I have mentioned using clarified butter with several other home remedies mentioned above, it only makes sense to explain why clarified butter is a great home remedy for stammering problems, in itself. Clarified butter has been used since ancient times to cure a lot of brain-related problems, because it contains a lot of good fats and helps boost the power of the brain and increases concentration. This in turn allows you to talk freely and without hesitation, no matter what the cause of your condition.

How to use:

Heat a tablespoon of clarified butter till it melts. Mix it with a tablespoon of Indian gooseberry juice or soaked almonds to make a healing and beneficial paste and consume this every day with your meals to help with your stuttering problem.

7. Bay leaves

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Bay leaves have some great healing properties, and chewing on bay leaves or having them with your meals can reduce the thickness of your tongue, which can prevent you from becoming tongue-tied when you are trying to speak. Bay leaves are also great for the health of your brain, as it increases blood circulation and keeps the neurons healthy and in prime condition.

How to use:

Wash a medium sized bay leaf thoroughly an place it under your tongue. Your mouth is likely to secrete saliva, and that mixed with the nutrients in bay leaf will stimulate the cells in your mouth and help you get over your stammering problem. Do this every day for at least a couple of months to see a drastic improvement in your condition.

8. Black pepper

Black pepper is also another ancient herbal remedy that has been used to treat problems like stuttering, with positive results. Black pepper is a highly nutritious seed, which helps in the increased production of saliva, and stimulates the muscles in your mouth including the tongue, so that the words roll off your tongue much more smoothly, and you have less difficult in trying to express yourself.

How to use:

The best way to utilize black pepper is by beating 7-10 black pepper seeds in water till it forms a paste. Also make sure you add a couple of sugar candy rocks to enhance the flavor and make it more palatable. You can also drink a glass of water in which you have mixed a pinch of black pepper powder to counter this problem.

9. Dates

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Dates are also an effective remedy when you are trying to practice fluent speech. These are some highly nutritious fruits, which can help in stimulating the muscles in your mouth. Dates also make your voice smooth and heavy, helping you control your speech more effectively. A regular use of dates has shown to improve various kinds of speech impediment problems for a lot of people.

How to use:

A tasty way in which you can consume dates, if you don’t like having them raw, is by boiling them in milk, and drinking the milk before you go to bed. This will soothe your voice and your throat and after a couple of months, you will be able to express yourself much more easily.

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10. Lemon balm tea

Lemon balm tea is a part of ancient Chinese medicine, which was used to calm neurotic ailments and psychological problems. This is because the substance is loaded with healing properties, antioxidants and other good compounds, which not only cools down your entire system, but also boosts the functioning of the brain. This is one of the most effective and widely applied home remedy for stammering and other speech defects.

How to use:

Simply drink a cup of lemon balm tea on an empty stomach every stomach. Doing this for two to three months can be highly beneficial for your stuttering problem.

Apart from this natural home remedies for stammering, you can also try other treatment methods such as speech therapy, yoga, speech exercises and other medical treatments, along with which these remedies will help you talk normally within no time!

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