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10 Excuses You WON’T Use To Slip Up On Your Fitness Resolutions In 2016

We have all been there, done that. Every year.

We have made an elaborate list of fitness resolutions and then, slipped up on them ever so conveniently in the garb of the most failproof excuses from the #LazyAtItsBest arsenal. But know what, this time, you won’t use those excuses to glide away.

We will help you dodge them..coz we wish you a FIT n FAB 2016…

1. The timeless ‘no time’ excuse


Image source: NBC

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: Of course, wonky work hours or the not-to-miss movie marathons are such an essential part of our lives that the ‘no time’ excuse becomes a timeless winner in the category.

How you can escape: Prioritize – everybody has the same hours so make room for health and fitness. You might end up achieving so much more in the same ticks of the clock.

The result: More work and better result in no time!

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2. <insert favorite food> is my one true love, how can I stay away from it?


Image source: Giphy

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: When the excuse promises you some delicious bursts of flavor, there’s no way out of it.

How you can escape: By striking a balance. If your beloved celebs can do it, you can manage a healthy diet with one cheat day too!

The result: You’ll please those taste buds as well as come to acquire a refined taste for a yummilicious body!

3. Working out is boring and aaah- painful


Image source: reactiongifs

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: Because the other option is to stop being lazy and doing crunches!

How you can escape: Remind yourself of the #NoPainNoGain principle and let the ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ tell you some motivating truths!

The result: Fitness and all the confidence you want…

4. It’s all right, just one more year to flaunt that size 2 dress


Image source: Giphy

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: Because another year of not fretting over size means you can eat all that you want!

How you can escape: Hang that dress on your closet door and imagine how you’d like to slip into it asap…

The result: One-of-a-kind determination and super awesome shape!

5. The same food everyday- sucks! And it makes me HUNGRY!

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: The lure of pizza, fries and coke can beat veggies and oatmeal anyday.

How you can escape: Just explore all the yummy healthy assortments out there and you’ll fall in love with the taste of fitness as well.

The result: The most delicious health ever.

6. I’m just a little tired to work out


Image source: cleanbeautytalk

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: Because… a little more of that sleep <SNOOZE>

How you can escape: Let the incentive of a happy hot shower (coz you will see some toned body) afterwards trigger your trudging to the tread mill.

The result: Charged up energy all day long!

7. Working out alone sucks!


Image source: Giphy

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: Because two is company!

How you can escape: Get your bestie to trot along. Those gossip sessions while on the treadmill will be FUN like never before!

The result: Happy-hour workouts!

8. Don’t have those extra bucks for a gym

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: Because money is the real deal and when your pocket is light, it can really be hard.

How you can escape: Youtube and your own place! What an IDEA.. 😉

The result: Same results in lesser investment!

9. Where is the motivation for willingly sweating out like that


Image source: imgfave

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: Because that’s a real problem!

How you can escape: Don’t take it personally, but those magazine covers, the selfies of your pretty friends and the hope of those lovely comments will do just fine.

The result: You’ll grow into it!

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10. I never see the results showing


Image source: Tumblr

Why it’s easy to fall in the trap: What’s easier than quitting mid way, hmm?

How you can escape: Maybe by stop being so harsh on yourself and give yourself sometime. Stick to your schedules and stay away from all extra carbs and uncalled for quits! Patience is a MUST.

The result: The perfect body in a time-tested way!

So, stay healthy, stay motivated, and say no to excuses.

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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10 Excuses You WON’T Use To Slip Up On Your Fitness Resolutions In 2016
It takes some be'fitting' motivation to NOT ditch fitness!
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