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10 Of The Most Fun Relationship Games For Couples You MUST Try At Least Once

Are you looking for relationship games for couples which are fun, and also let you increase the closeness? Here are a few just for you. Expect to build the intimacy you have always craved for!

You fondly reminisce about the first few months in your relationship when holding hands was something that came naturally to you; when your love life was full of beginnings, and getting to know each other was so much fun! Come on, don’t sigh! Why do you have to yearn for the days that have gone by, when you can cultivate the same (or even a higher) level of intimacy with your partner?

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Some real effort has to be put in, there is no two doubts about that. But turning affection into a habit is not impossible. Your partner maybe an introvert, or a person who loves their me-time, but even then, you can put the lovey-dovey-ness back in your relationship.

Relationship games for couples to build a connection beyond the bedroom

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You must already know this, intimacy is playfulness, which happens to connect two souls in the truest way. It lets two people nurture and refill their love tanks.

Here are five games that you and your partner can indulge in, outside the bedroom.

1. 20 questions

We love this game for a reason! It builds intimacy in the simplest way possible. You and your S.O. need to, by turns, ask each other questions. Vow to be truthful with your answers, though. You can ask each other anything under the sky as long as you keep it playful ad non-accusing.

Let us give you a few sample questions to set the ball rolling!

  • “Have you ever faked having a climax?”
  • “Do you have a dirty secret, one that you have not told me yet?”
  • “What’s your wildest fantasy?”
  • “What do you find sexy in me?”

And so on. Just make sure you maintain a light tone. Turning the game sour by trying to dig into the other’s past or looking for hints that suggest they are cheating, will only backfire.

2. Chore wheel

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“Wait, what? Weekend household cleaning is a major bummer!” Well, it can be fun too! If you and your partner both hate running errands or doing the dirty chores at home, you can spice up the idea by creating a chore wheel. Make a spinning wheel (you can even buy it online), and then put stickers labeling the basic chores, such as, mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, putting out the trash, etc., Then, each of you can spin what the other person will do for the day.

“What’s so fun about that?” I haven’t finished yet! After you assign each other the tasks for the day, the game actually begins. Whoever finishes the ‘things-to-do’ first will be king or queen for the night, while the other will have to serve as the slave (did I say sex slave??)! The winner gets to decide which channel to watch or what to have for dinner… Blah! Blah! A simple game like this can turn your mundane weekend into fun-time, and so, add up on the intimacy you share.

3. The dice game

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Buy a couple of dices. Now, on a piece of paper, make two columns. On your left column, write 6 loving commands, like kiss, canoodle, bite, sing, nibble, etc., Under the other column, write down the names of places, like bathroom, cinema, restaurant, street, kitchen, etc., Now each one of you get to roll the dice twice. The first dice will tell you which command to follow, and the second will tell you, where.

For example, if your command is kiss and then you get street on the second dice, you have to make sure you both kiss on the streets by the end of that week. This way, you guys will always have something to look forward to!

4. Relationship hangman

Yes, this is a doppelganger of the famous hangman game but there is a twist: The words to be guessed should be related to your relationship. When you are in a restaurant, waiting for your meal, or when both of you are on a train to somewhere with a lot of time to kill, simply bring out a pen and paper. Now start drawing boxes that resemble a wheel of fortune.

If you want your S.O. to guess Mauritius, where the two of you met for the first time, draw 9 boxes. Then your mate has to guess the letters, and if they get it right, you put the letter in the box. But if they get the wrong letter, you draw the hangman – start with his head, then his trunk, then hands, etc., If the hangman gets formed before your lover guesses the word, they lose. 

5. Cook off

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Invite your friends over for dinner. Turn your kitchen into a MasterChef kitchen. Divide the dishes between the two of you: While you can work on the main dish and the desserts, your lover can work on the hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Let your guests be the jury.

P.S.: If your partner isn’t a very good cook, drop your friends a hint. Ask them to at least pick one of their dishes over yours. You don’t want to dishearten your sweetheart, do you? :)

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Relationship games for couples to build connection in the bedroom

Cultivating intimacy inside the bedroom is essential. Prolonged back massages and spooning are awesome ways. But some games can ensure an extremely engaging foreplay. Yes, engaging should be your operative word. You should have so much fun before sex that the actual lovemaking becomes just a cherry on the cake.

Here are five scintillating games to achieve that level of closeness with your partner.

6. Truth or dare

Tear a piece of paper into twelve equal pieces. Now, write truth on six of those and dare on the remaining. Fold them evenly. Next, place them in a jar or a bowl. The questions you ask or the dares you give should be sex-related.

Some of the sample questions are,

  • “Which of my moves turn you on the most?”
  • “Are you game for a threesome?”

For the dare part, you can ask your partner to,

  • “Give me a lap dance.”
  • “Let’s make love on the stairs!”

I know you can come up with better (naughtier!) things. 😉

7. Hide and seek 

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… Naked! Yes, when you guys are alone at home, there can be nothing better than a game of naked hide and seek. Strip off each other’s clothes. Now play the game since you already know the rules!

This can give you an amazing endorphin rush, which invariably leads to more fulfilling sex!

Who said this game was for children only, huh?! Doing these silly things together will bring the two of you really close.

8. Blindfolded guessing game

All you got to do is blindfold your partner and ask them to guess what’s in their mouth. It could be chocolate, grapes, or your elbow, your… you know what I mean!

This game will help you both build the trust between you, since the one blindfolded is vulnerable and at the mercy of the one who is in control.

Remember to take turns, though! 😛

 9. Staring contest

We have seen this in the movies, right? Well, we will be spicing it up a little. You need to stare at each other sexily. It should be more like ogling, you know! This is sure to cultivate the intimacy you both share. Even if you constantly look into the other’s eyes, you look into their souls, and allow them to look into yours.

Whoever wins can ask for a sexual favor, by the way!

10. Sexy twister

Get yourself a twister mat and spread it on the floor. Place a spinning wheel beside it. The mat has differently-colored circles on it where you need to mount your hand or legs, say hands on blue and legs on green. Now follow the rules on the box.

Play this game with your partner naked to transform it into a Kama Sutra game! You can splurge on the endorphins by beginning with your clothes on and then stripping as the game proceeds.

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Have fun with these relationship games the next time you and your partner spend some quality time together. It can be on a weekend or on any hard day’s night. These will instantly lighten your mood, and without you even knowing, your intimacy levels will soar!

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Every now and then, it is important to evaluate the intimacy you and your partner share. See whether either of you is neglecting the other. Reflect on those moments when you both have felt the closest. What do you expect from each other? Talk to each other about your observations, and more importantly, come up with suggestions. The blessing of companionship, the choice of preferring your partner’s company over anyone else’s, needs to be nourished. These games will help you do just that! Thank us later. :)

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10 Fun Relationship Games For Couples To Increase Intimacy
Can there be relationship games for couples which are fun and also let you build the intimacy you have always craved for? Here are 10 just for you.
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