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11 Fail-Safe Home Remedies For Stinky Shoes (And Also Stinky Feet)

Have you ever walked into a room and scrunched up your nose because your senses have picked up a weird smell? Look around and you might just notice a pair of shoes or an entire shoe rack in the corner, which might be exuding that weird, musty smell. People suffer from smelly feet, which consequently leads to odour in their shoes, but worry not because today we will introduce you to some super-simple yet very effective home remedies for stinky shoes, so that you don’t have to deal with shoe odour or worry about embarrassing yourself ever again.

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If you are wondering why you develop stinky feet, and consequently stinky shoes, especially when you wear covered shoes, then there are some common causes for it:

  • Sweat. If you are prone to excessive sweating, then it is likely that your feet sweat also, causing bacterial growth and build-up of moisture. This leads to a putrid smell coming out of your shoes after you wear them for a long time.
  • Bacterial infection. Because the toes are constantly clumped together, a bacterial culture might develop between them, leading to an infection or some sort of problem, because of which your feet might exude odour, which then gets transferred to your shoes.
  • Hormonal imbalance. An imbalance in the level of hormones can be one of the reasons your foot is stinking. You produce more hormones or less hormones, which causes other problems like infection and sweating and imbalance in the pH level of your body, which can lead to stinky shoes.
  • Other diseases. Other infections and diseases in the body can lead to the poor health of your feet, causing your shoes to stink when you wear them for a long time. Examples of these diseases include thyroid, high blood pressure and Athlete’s foot.

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If you are looking for ways to get rid of the smell from your shoes, then look no further because we have rounded up some of the easiest and most effective home remedies for stinky shoes.

1. Essential oils

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One of the best ways to get rid of the odour coming out from your shoes is by using essential oils. Essential oils are ideal for the task, not only because they have concentrated essences which have a great smell, but they also have anti-bacterial properties which can kill the stink-causing bacteria and render your shoes fresh and healthy for your feet.

How to use:

You can use a couple of drops of any essential oil including lavender, eucalyptus or tea tree oil and add it to your shoes before you wear them. You can also leave the oils in your shoes overnight so that they evaporate by the time it is morning and leave a fresh fragrance in their place.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda has amazing deodorant properties which helps absorb the stink from shoes if you are experiencing stinky shoes day after day. It soaks up the smell and leaves your shoes feeling and smelling fresh and dry without any moisture build-up. It also kills bacteria effectively.

How to use:

Sprinkle enough baking soda inside your shoes to cover the soles. Leave it covered it baking soda overnight and dust it out in the morning before your wear them.

3. Black tea

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If you are looking for more permanent ways to get rid of the smell that comes out of your shoes after you wear them, try using black tea for the purpose. Black tea bags contain tannins which not only absorb the excess sweat, but also kill any bacteria for a long-term period.

How to use:

The best way to use black tea for your stinky shoes is by soaking them in warm water and then applying the soaked tea bags to your shoes. Leave them there overnight and watch the smell disappear in the morning. You can also wash your feet with black tea to prevent your shoes from stinking.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar is a highly acidic substance which can cure your stinky foot and stinky shoes problem in no time. You can either wash your feet with vinegar before wearing your shoes, or wash your shoes with vinegar to prevent your shoes from exuding unpleasant odours. Vinegar cures your problem of excessive sweating if that is what is causing your shoes to stink.

How to use:

Wash your feet with clear vinegar before you wear your shoes and make sure you dry your feet thoroughly. Also, you can wash your shoes with vinegar and sundry them so that all possible forms of bacteria that might reside in them are effectively killed.

5. Ground coffee

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Ground coffee is an effective deodorant for shoes when they emanate odour. The strong smell of coffee removes the smell, and the compounds that are naturally present in coffee helps remove all infection and bacteria.

How to use:

Simply sprinkle your shoes with ground coffee and leave overnight. Dust it out in the morning and wear your shoes for hours without developing odour. Do this once a week for fresh shoes every day.

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6. Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also one of the most commonly used remedies for stinky shoes. It is an excellent natural disinfectant which removes the bacteria and kills them permanently and the strong nature of alcohol removes any trace of stench which might be a cause of nuisance for you.

How to use:

Dip a ball of cotton in alcohol and water and swipe the inside of your shoes thoroughly with it. You can also soak your shoes in alcohol and make sure they dry in a place which has enough sunlight and air.

7. Baby powder

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Baby powder has amazing disinfectant properties, and comes with mild perfume as well, so that nothing in the substance causes the bacteria in your shoes to thrive. In fact, it soaks up the smell, and makes your feet feel fresh and sweat less, making it an excellent long-term solution for stinky shoes.

How to use:

Simply sprinkle your shoes with baby powder at night and leave it in for the night. Dust it out in the morning and rest assured, you won’t have to worry about stinky shoes again.

8. Newspapers

Using newspapers to get rid of the stink in your shoes is truly considered a genius hack, which most people use when they want a hassle-free and fast solution for the odour in their shoes. If sweat or other mild causes have resulted in smelly shoes, newspapers can help soak up the smell effectively.

How to use:

Simply stuff your shoes with newspapers overnight and remove them in the morning. They soak up the smell and the moisture so that you have fresh, normal smelling shoes in the morning.

9. Citrus fruits

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A great way to get rid of smelly shoes is by using citrus fruits, whose natural properties destroys bacteria due to its acidity and the natural smell of these citrus fruits makes your shoes smell great without having to add perfume or deodorant.

How to use:

Simply add a slice of any citrus fruit of your choice inside your shoe and let it sit all night. This will give it enough time to soak up the smell. Pat-dry your shoe, or dry them in the sun before you wear them.

10. Cloves

Cloves have a string, natural odour and amazing anti-bacterial properties that are ideal for stinky shoes. They kill the bacteria and prevent further growth, even if you sweat in your shoes. The fresh smell of shoes also removes the stink from your shoes on a long-term basis.

How to use:

You can add crushed cloves to your shoes and leave them overnight. However, an even better way to utilize cloves includes adding a couple of drops of clove oil to your shoes before you wear them, so that it is infused with the fabric in your shoes, and you don’t have to worry about smelly shoes for the entire day.

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11. Rosemary

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Rosemary is an effective herbal remedy for stinky shoes. It has anti-bacterial and astringent properties, which removes bacteria effectively, and the natural fragrance of rosemary is a great replacement for the stinky odour that comes out of your shoes.

How to use:

You can either soak your feet in water which has been infused with dried and crushed rosemary, so that your feet don’t smell in the first place. You can also add a sprig of fresh rosemary in each shoe and leave it overnight so that it can work its magic.

Even though there are a number of hacks and DIY projects that can help you get rid of the odour emanating from your shoes, these are the simplest and most hassle-free home remedies for stinky shoes to help you go about your day without having to give special attention to your feet and your shoes.

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