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12 Things All Women In An Almost Relationship Need To Know

When you are in an “almost” relationship, you start questioning everything in your life. You crave to have that one perfect moment with your guy, knowing that the bubble would be burst even before your comprehension.

If you think you are also getting caught up with the pain of being in an almost relationship, then you certainly need to know this!

1. There is a part of you that you start losing in your almost romance. It might be your dignity, your time or sense of worth. But you might not come out of it, being the same person again.

2. It won’t go as per your expectations. By now, you already know that not everything in this world happens according to our will and your bitter romance will remind you the same. The world will make you realize that not everything happens for a reason and that too in the hardest possible way.

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3. No matter how much you try, but you might not get a closure. There won’t be any final words or a set farewell. All you will get would be an eternal middle, and the hardest part is that you would be asked to make peace with it.

4. More than once, you will realize that you were being led on by the other guy. Foolishly, you let them play with your emotions, knowing that it was not the right thing to do.

5. You might start keeping the details of your almost relationship with you. You start believing that if you share it with your girlfriends, they might start judging you.

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6. But at the same time, you know that you can’t survive the pain of moving on and putting a close to your fantasy without the help of your girlfriends. You let it all out, knowing that your friends would stand by you.

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7. You start to believe that you are not meant to find true love. You alienate yourself from other things and start focusing on your work. You need to understand that just because this one particular thing didn’t work out in our life; it doesn’t mean that every other relationship of yours will have the same fate.

8. When you meet a guy who shows interest in you, it takes you by surprise. After having an unfulfilled relationship, you start questioning the intentions of every guy you meet.

9. It makes you a bitter person. As hard and sad as it might sound, it is true! You stop showing interest in other people’s love life, knowing that love also has a harsh side of it that hurts terribly. You see all your friends getting their happy ending, and that makes you plain sad.

10. An almost relationship often results in an almost ending. You end up losing not only an almost lover, but also a friend. Things become really awkward between the two of you until one of you will decide to move on and take a stand.

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11. It will leave you confused and baffled. You won’t say goodbye to that guy, but you can’t have him in your life either. You want to be angry at them for the heartbreak they have caused, but at the same time, you realize that you were also at fault. Not knowing what to do, you simply head home and sleep with a broken heart.

12. And then one day, when you would have least expected it to – it all comes to an end. You come out of it, knowing that your life will never be the same again. You become a bolder and stronger individual and won’t let any other guy to play with your emotions. You come out of your age and enter a room full of people, with your head held high.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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12 Things All Women In An Almost Relationship Need To Know
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