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12 Things All Men In An Almost Relationship Need To Know

There is only one thing worse than being lost and incomplete, and that is being in the middle of an “almost” relationship. It is the kind of situation when you don’t know if you are there yet or not; when you could have had it all, but you simply wonder about all those choices that you have made in your life.

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People often regret being in an almost relationship, but what haunts them more is the series of “what ifs” and “buts” that comes with it.

1. You need to realize your worth. It doesn’t matter how much you love her or how she makes you feel when you are with her. But you need to pick yourself up from the floor and demand what you deserve.

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2. Being in an almost affair will certainly won’t give you what you want. I would say it is better to have nothing that to have unfulfilled love.

3. Try to think about your future. Do you really want to be with her your whole life? Do you really want to be treated like this? If you don’t know what the future holds for you, then you should better start by creating it yourself.

4. It doesn’t matter how much you try, but she will always be your almost lover. If she really wants you in your life, she will make an effort. Ask her opinion and paint the entire picture in black and white instead of living in the grey your whole life.

5. Your friends and family might start questioning you. Instead of picking a fight, let your friends know what you are going through. The only reason they are asking about you is because they are concerned about your well-being.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

6. You will question yourself – more than once when you are with her. When things won’t work according to you, you will blame yourself and might start concentrating on your flaws.

7. This might bring your self-esteem down a little. And you know what? It’s absolutely fine. The phoenix must burn in order to rise, right? You have to collect your ashes to revive the sense of life in you.

8. There is this thing about the one that got away. They never come back. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts, but you need to believe in yourself.

9. Not every relationship gets a closure, and chances are that the same might happen with you. It would be just like any other day with her when you would be dreaming of your future together; and then the next day, you might never see her again.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

10. It is very unpredictable to be with someone who might leave anytime. You get scared of losing her, but then there is another part of you who would like to rip the bandage and be done with all the suffering.

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11. Since you have faced the bitter side of love, you will start to question its mere existence. There will be a phase in your life when you would be disinterested in almost everything in this world. At that moment, you would have a choice – either to waste yourself being surrounded by your sorrow or get inspired and drive yourself into your work.

12. Knowing that you can’t stay unhappy forever and that sooner or later, you are supposed to get your life together; you move on and let your work be your inspiration. You will become mature and stronger. Eventually, you will fall in love, knowing that it will not be of the same kind. If you are lucky, you will find something better – way better that will last forever.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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12 Things All Men In An Almost Relationship Need To Know
Almost relationship- doesn't the name say it all?
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