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12 Travel Words That A Couple With Wanderlust Would Love

A couple that travels together is generally the one that is sure to bond over any condition. Wanderlust is something that is an amazing quality which can lead people to know, feel, understand, and comprehend a lot more in life. People who are victims of wanderlust, are often looking for partners who are the same and are looking to go on new adventures and make new memories with their partners in different places.

Travel words are something that these people are generally looking for. Exotic words in exotic languages are dug by couples who are smitten with the idea of traveling. Here are some words which are really the best way to describe a couple which travels and loves to explore different places and cultures.

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1. Dérive (n.) [deRiV]

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This is a French word which means to leave on an unplanned journey leaving an entire life behind to just travel and let the world and nature guide the course of their life. It is not like they do not work, but they try to pick up something along the way and let it take them where it will.

2. Cockaigne (n.) [kah-keyn]

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This is another word that comes from the French as well. The English translation to this word is a land of luxury and idleness which is imaginary. Well, which couple struck with wanderlust is not going to love the sound of that?

3. Schwellenangst (n.) [shwel-en-ahngst]

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This essentially means the fear of entering a place/fear of crossing a threshold. The word comes from Germany, and there is no denying that it is one of the best travel words because people struck with wanderlust overcome this fear every time they travel.

4. Vagary (n.) [vey-guh-ree]

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This Latin word means unpredictable instance, an unusual idea or just a journey which has no defined destination and means of travel. For any couple that trusts in each other, and want to be with each other in the middle of nowhere, this is the perfect way to.

5. Novaturient (adj.) [nO-va-tUr-E-ent]

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When one travels, there is sometimes a change in their behavior and also the way that they live. They look at situations differently. The desire to seek this change in situations and behavior is the translation of this Latin word.

6. Sehnsucht (n.) [zeInzuxt]

travel words_New_Love_Times

The undeniable and inconsolable yearning for a land that is home to no one, is the meaning of this German word. Traveling the world essentially means to have this relationship with nature and different lands.

7. Ecophobia (n.) [E-cO-fO-bE-a]

travel words_New_Love_Times

This is the perfect travel word for all the couples who like to travel the world together. It means the fear of home and the familiar.

8. Solivagant (adj.) [sO-li-vA-gant]

travel words_New_Love_Times

The word means wandering alone. Need we say more why it is the perfect travel word?

9. Saudade (n.) [saw-dade]

travel words_New_Love_Times

This is the craving to be near something/someone who is far or lost. Couples can relate to this word like none other because of the sheer love that the word reflects. The Portuguese sure knew their love well to be able to come up with it.

10. Selcouth (adj.) [sel-kooth]

travel words_New_Love_Times

The English translation to this word is – unfamiliar, strange, rare, and still so fascinating and marvelous. This is the entire point of travel. To see seclouth places, people, cultures and what not.

11. Fernweh (n.) [FEIRN-veyh]

travel words_New_Love_Times

This means the ache to travel and the craving to experience what a traveler does. Getting to know new people and understanding what they do and why they do it. The word comes from Germany.

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12. Commuovere (v.) [com-muò-ve-re]

travel words_New_Love_Times

This Italian word means to move to tears. Travel generally does that to you. Some of the profound experiences hit your heart like none other and there is no way that you are going to feel anything but stirred after.

These are the kind of travel words that all couples with wanderlust look for. If wanderlust is your friend, and your lover is their friend too, then there is no way that the two of you are going to be looking at any of these words without planning your next trip.

Happy travels!

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12 Travel Words That A Couple With Wanderlust Would Love
Couples struck by wanderlust will love these travel words...
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