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15 Latest Food Trends On Instagram That Has The World #Obsessed And #Drooling

Believe it or not, but a lot of the multi-billion dollar food industry is based on what’s trending on Instagram and what isn’t. For example, one of the latest food trends includes the Unicorn Frappuccino by Starbucks, which basically marketed itself as the ultimate Instagram food. This started off a host of unicorn-inspired food and confectionery, which were totally gorgeous to look at, and definitely a creative step forward in the world of culinary art.

Instagram is a place for showing off your food in the most aesthetic and appealing way possible, which is why people have started to get creative with their edibles. The whole point of Instagram food is that it goes viral, and it looks out-of-this-world amazing (not so sure about the taste though) and people from all over emulate these trends to make their feed more glamorous. In this cyclical effort to boost the visibility of their own page, here are some of the latest food trends that have taken the ‘gram and the culinary world by storm.

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1. Rolled ice cream

Eating ice cream scoops in large spheres piled on top of one another in cones and cups is now out of fashion. What’s in is this new thing called rolled ice cream, where you get to see the ice cream being made in front of you, on a frozen plate. Milk and heavy cream is mixed with whatever flavour you want your ice cream to be, and scraped into delectable rolls, and the toppings and the cute rolls make the ice cream totally Instagram worthy.

2. Mosaic sushi

This gorgeous trend is not only a filling meal, but is also a treat for the eyes, which recently became a huge thing in Japan. Various flavors and textures are woven together to create this gorgeous mosaic sushi, which is so filling and so pretty. Because sushi is such a staple the world over, this trend which started in Japan is now a worldwide phenomenon, and one of those few trends you know tastes amazing.

3. Smoothie bowls

It is needless to say that smoothie bowls LOOK SO PRETTY because Instagram foods are supposed to look pretty, but these taste so good too! The good thing you don’t have to travel to some exotic location to get your hands on these. A smoothie, some fruits, nuts and grains later, you have your own Instagram-worthy smoothie bowl! The thing is a meal in itself and it is so yummy and there is no limit to how creative you can get with your bowls!

4. Pizza cones

Whoever decided to serve up pizza in a cone was a genius. The cone is made of pizza dough and is filled to the brim with cheese and stuffing and topping and is basically a one-way-ticket to a food coma. The thing was bound to become super famous and is now practically a restaurant staple in most places. Plus, it is so beautiful to look at. I mean, who wouldn’t want pretty and portable pizza?

5. Bubble tea

Instagram was always a coffee kind of place, but that was before bubble tea came along and flooded everyone’s feed with its beauty. The ‘bubble’ in bubble tea is made of tapioca pearls, and the rest is normal chai. These beauties have become so popular that they have their own joints, dedicated exclusively to bubble tea. The tapioca tastes so amazing with the tea with its slightly chewy texture, and is also super healthy, so we’re giving this food trend a double thumbs-up!

6. Purple food

Purple seems to be the color of choice for Instagram food bloggers in 2017. Starting from purple vegetables to purple cakes and doughnuts, the color seems to be catching on as one of the latest food trends. Apart from looking gorgeous as hell, the purple color foods that are popping up everywhere are also healthy. This is because instead of dye, people are using a sweet variety of yam to make their food look on-point and ready for their ‘gram.

7. Rainbow bagels

When a cute little bakery in New York started to introduce rainbow bagels to the world, people on Instagram basically went nuts. This is still one of the most on-trend items on Instagram because of how cute they look, and how amazing they taste. It is made with dough that has been dyed various colors and woven together to create this thing that could give the brightest rainbow a run for its money.

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8. Crazy milkshake

You know how crazy food has to get in order to be actually called crazy. Well, this milkshake, literally and figuratively, takes the cake for the craziest food trend on Instagram because it looks like the most wonderful kind of explosion on your plate. The milkshake, apart from being loaded with creamy goodness itself, is topped with everything imaginable, from cupcakes, to doughnuts, to entire ice cream sandwiches and even cotton candy. Sprinkles and a delicate drizzle of syrup is definitely a thing of the past because these massive babies are now the coolest way to get your sugar high.

9. Avocado buns

Talk about hipster food. While working towards the most gluten-free, grain-free and carb-free alternative for bread, people have come up with the idea of using an entire avocado, sliced in half as buns for their burger. Legit, that’s it- just the avocado. Even though it looks super cute, and is a vegan’s delight, the idea can be slightly inconvenient because the avocado more often than not, collapses when you try to it eat. It is nonetheless a tasty and innovative trend that is catching on super fast.

10. Savoury yogurt

Yogurt has always conventionally been the best accompaniment to sweet things like fruits and granola. However, the idea of savory yogurt is a huge thing on Instagram right now, because people have discovered that yogurt tastes amazing with practically everything. Pictured above is a savory yogurt jar, which has legumes, seeds, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lemon dressing. The whole thing is a healthy, savory snack that hipsters can look cool with and lug around with them when they are on the go!

11. Black ice cream

Black ice cream is perhaps the most popular latest Instagram food trend, and people everywhere seem to be obsessed with it. The pitch black ice cream, which also usually comes in a pitch black cone, is made with coconut ash, and has a mild tropical flavor, in case you have been under the impression that the thing tastes like a hardcore barbecue. The intense color of both the ice cream and the cone comes from activated charcoal, which is actually really good for health!

12. Boozy slushies

Slushies have forever been a favorite for people of all ages because of their incredibly soothing textures and loaded flavors. However, people have decided to notch the simple slushie up a little and make it NSFW by adding boozy drinks to the mix, for the most incredible high of your life. In fact, Smirnoff has released a series of vodka infused slushies and sorbets, encouraged by how much people on Instagram and otherwise were loving this rather ingenious creation.

13. Galaxy food

Even though unicorns and mermaids are taking over most of the food trends on Instagram, a lot of people are all for galaxy colored food in hues of blue, white and purple. Whether it is galaxy doughnuts, galaxy cakes, galaxy smoothie bowls or galaxy toast with galaxy cream cheese, these things seem to be everywhere. There is no denying that these look super pretty and with a couple of sprinkles, you can actually feel like you are eating the Milky Way, but it is nonetheless a food fad that seems to be lapping up its 15 minutes of fame.

14. Buddha bowls

Honestly, bowls themselves seem to be a huge trend this time around. Buddha bowls are almost like the savory versions of smoothie bowls, and are a meal in themselves, all in one, hell of a good looking bowl. It contains a variety of roasted and raw products, which are super good for your health and is assembled keeping a balanced diet in mind. Here too, there is no limit to how gorgeous you can make your bowl look, and these are taking over restaurants in America and the world. Why they are called Buddha bowls though, we aren’t really sure.

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15. Avocado latte

Did you really think we would make a list of Instagram worthy food, and coffee wouldn’t be a part of the list? However, we aren’t really sure how far avocado latte is pushing it, and why people are on board with this highly impractical, but ridiculously popular trend of drinking your coffee from an empty avocado shell. Baristas are scooping out the avocado flesh and serving customers coffee in avocado, which doesn’t really affect the flavor, but can become super messy unless you are super careful.

Bottom line is- Instagram food trends are pretty weird, and sometimes healthy, but irrespective of either, they always, always, always look so totally amazing. Here is looking forward to another year of innovation and creativity in the word of food and desserts!

Feature image source: Instagram

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15 Latest Food Trends On Instagram That Has The World #Obsessed And #Drooling
Instagram has us hooked with its latest fads and trends. Here are some of the latest food trends from Instagram that are both gorgeous and yummy!
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