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18 Hot Indian Male Models Who Will Make Your Instagram Feed (And Your Life) Infinitely Better

If you thought Instagram was only good for making your scrambled egg look like a supermodel and stalk Taylor Swift, then you have been missing out my friend. Brace your ovaries, because I am about to reveal to you 18 hot Indian male models who are…you guessed it…on Instagram.

If you are tired of lame friends doing lame things and pretending to be cool on Instagram, then I have arrived as your ultimate salvation with a volley of hot men, waiting to be lusted after on Instagram. Also, the purpose of this post is not merely to show you hot Indian male models, but also to prove to you that even though we live in India, all hope is not lost, and that our kind also has some major potential.

Here are 18 models you can follow on Instagram to make your life infinitely better.

1. Dr. Manu Bora

Yes. You read that right. He is not only super freaking hot, but also a doctor in New York. His bio reads,

arthroscopic and joint replacement surgeon, New York model management, elite Paris, major Milan, Toabh India sofilux skin clinic

To be honest, I don’t understand half of what is written there, and I don’t really care. I bet a lot of people come to him with major heart conditions, #ifyouknowwhatImean.

2. Nitin Chauhan

This beautiful specimen of the male species is from India and tbh, I am freaking out because what man on earth can rock a man bun and a beard like that and look that confident about his masculinity? Also, he has a baby puppy, so he automatically becomes number one on any list about hot people.

3. Gaurav Rana

Is this a man? Is this a human (and THANKFULLY INDIAN) version of Adonis? Is this person even real? We’ll never know. Those abs and the rest of his Instagram aesthetics has us drooling and craving for much, much more.

4. Smaran Sahu

Honestly, there is a dearth of good-looking men who are able to dress this well in this country, which is probably why these people become models because frankly, THEY LOOK UNREAL. Smaran Sahu is a common face in the ad industry right now, and here is hoping he pulls a Fawad Khan and becomes an actor so that we can see more and more and more of him.

5. Arya Bhat

I am not sure what kind of parentage you require to look like this, but if there is somewhere you can apply, I would like to know. This good-looking AF man is not only one of the most successful and well-known models in the industry at the moment, but also super into other things like acting and playing hipster instruments like the flute, which makes him so much more attractive than the rest.

Also, he has modeled a million times for Sabyasachi, and if he is beautiful enough for Sabyasachi, then he is definitely beautiful enough for you so go follow.

6. Mudit Malhotra

A man who looks good in kohl is a man who can only be described as ridiculously beautiful. Musit Malhotra also was Mr. India International in 2016, so at least there are other people in the world who are mesmerized by his beauty.

Also, one look at his Instagram will show that apart from a gorgeous face, he also has a body which might cause some distress to you if you have a weak heart.

7. Prabh Uppal

He might not have modeled for Sabyasachi, but here he is, looking like an actual prince, modeling for another great name in the fashion industry, which is Tarun Tahiliani. His selfie game is super strong, he has a hella happening life and with those cheek bones which look like they could cut through glass, we are sold, and hopefully you are too, when it comes to instantly falling in love with this man.

8. Ankit Arora

It must be a thing among good-looking people. While people like us struggle to look halfway like a human being on most days, ridiculously good looking people have “good abs days” for which we wait too, for it brings about a solitary post about said abs. Moral of the story, we are grateful for you Ankit Arora. We are grateful.

9. Sammrat Chaudhary

This is Sammrat Chaudhary who probably laughs at most of the people in Bollywood who emerge from the gym after 6 months and announce that they are “ripped”. I am not sure what it would be like to touch that body (although I wouldn’t mind an attempt to find out), but it is undeniably true that he is hella easy on the eyes.

He too is aware of how good-looking he is, so there is no dearth of body baring selfies that you can feast your eyes on, on a daily basis.

You’re welcome.

10. Prathamesh Maulingkar

Someone needs to take notice of this man as soon as possible and make him super famous, because we need to see much more of him. Following him will probably be the best thing you do on Instagram, because a face and a body like that isn’t programmed to disappoint.

11. Sahil Shroff

If you are wondering why he looks so famous, then it is because you have seen him in a gazillion ads because he is one of the most well-known models in the country. Also, how could he not be with a face like that, and if you have seen enough of him, you also know that he has a gorgeous smile and is basically the living embodiment of the phrase “boyfriend material.”

12. Deepak Singh Chhikara

If you are screaming “Is this person even real,” to yourself right now, then I totally feel you because honestly, you couldn’t even imagine in your wildest dreams that India could produce a demi-god like this. Also, every time you go on his Instagram you are going to have the same reaction, so if you are looking for some excitement in love, there is no better solution than to follow this gorgeous beauty right now.

13. Mohit Nandal

This is what I would imagine Jesus Christ to look like if he was a model to be honest, because do you see this man? Do you acknowledge that he looks other worldly? Do you agree that lusting after him for several hours a day while stalking him on Instagram isn’t a waste of time? Moral of the story: please go follow this hot person.

14. Prateek Jain

Also deemed beautiful enough by the connoisseur of beauty himself, aka, Sabyasachi, is Prateek Jain, another one of those ridiculously good-looking models who happen to be Indian. He has not only modeled for Sabyasachi, but a host of other national and international designers and a lot of Bollywood casting directors have been seen hovering around him recently, which is always a good sign. I don’t blame them either, he kinda looks like a hotter Ranveer Singh, if that was even possible.

15. Rajveer Singh

Admittedly, half his face is hidden by his super cute pup, but the fact that he has a super cute pup with whom he seems to like posting semi-nude selfies with gives him a million extra brownie points. If you want to see the rest of his face and the rest of the shenanigans that hot people are up to, then do yourself a favor and follow him on the ‘gram. I promise you won’t regret it.

16. Shahnawaz Alam

If you are interested in models who not only look like they could be worth daydreaming about, but also have impeccable Instagram aesthetics, then you should definitely go check out Shahnawaz Alam, who seems to be constantly walking on some of the most important ramps in the country, and looking like an actual Nawab in the process (bye Saif).

17. Rohit Khandelwal

Rohit Khandelwal, like most of his peers and contemporaries, likes posting half-naked pictures of himself in scenic setting like these. However, he is the kind of good-looking that makes you want to photoshop yourself into pictures with him, so that you can pretend that your sad life is actually super exciting where you get to be with this half man half gorgeous beast.

18. Himanshu Bhati

Even though I am sort of out of ways to describe how good looking Indian males can be, people like Himanshu Bhati seem to motivate me to go on and on. His hipster aesthetics along with that adorable baby boy face is all you need for your heart to melt, which what makes him a part of this very important list.

In a country where people are so obsessed with hot women and what qualifies them as hot, women in general have lost faith in finding their version of eye candy. Now that I have supplied you with a comprehensive list of hot Indian male models who are conveniently present on Instagram, you can show me your gratitude in the comment section!

Featured image source: Instagram

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18 Hot Indian Male Models You Should Follow On Instagram Right Now
If you have been desperately searching for dependable eye-candy, here are some of the best hot Indian male models you can follow on Instagram.
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