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21 Things All People Working Weekends Will Relate To

Just get on the joy ride I’ve got for you and I can bet my hat you’re going relate to the ‘nasty’ in these thoughts one way or another, after all, you are working like always- working weekends cuts it, bro- so enjoy!

1. When all the city is shouting hallelujah – finally it’s the WEEKEND!!!

working weekends_New_Love_Times

Image source: forevertwentysomething

You’re like – What? What is it? Does it matter? Well, whatever, who cares what day it is, after all Friday is not going to finish up my load, huh! (envy and tears and frustration and anger)

2. It’s the time for the over-the-regular-hours of sweet sleep (just not for you!)

So what if hitting snooze over a million times, you just gotta show up at work? That’s life for you!

3. When they say caffeine is the key to staying wide awake – they’re lying!

Always is indeed a tricky word and it simply sucks when the weekend overtime doesn’t count in it. Coz no matter how much coffee you drink, your eyes just won’t open up.

4. The dreadful ‘Hey, Wassup’ calls from friends and family

They: Wassup dude
You: Work! Work! Work!
Why can’t people get that some of us just don’t have lives?
Nothing’s up and nothing can be! (*Sad sniff*)

Yes- that too, dirty minds!

5. Calendars and time tables mean nothing to you

working weekends_New_Love_Times

Image source: rebloggy

Let alone losing track of time, working weekends can make you lose the count of days as well – it’s like a massive hangover of WORK!

6. The weekend specials mean nothing to you

If missing on the prime time wasn’t enough, isn’t it just Christmas when the work kills your hope for the weekend specials as well!

7. Even the food chains know where you live (ha!)

What could be worse than this! Ouch, it hurts- physically!

8. When everybody’s out partying and you’ve got only you to comfort you

working weekends_New_Love_Times

Image source: reactiongifs

It’s going to be over soon, just hang in there – is the sentence you use to comfort yourself, coz who else will!

9. The social networking scenario

Writing about ‘how working weekends sucks’ beats your speed of completing the presentation!

10. It gets harder and harder to get your loved ones off your back – when are you coming home? It’s our anniversary this weekend!  

And you’re like – ‘where do I hide, where’s my cave, even a hole would do!’

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11. The awful time when it starts feeling like home in the office!

When your cabin starts feeling more comfy than the bed at home, you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

12. …when you’re staying in the office all week long!

working weekends_New_Love_Times

Image source: thedailycrate

No more bothering about how you’re looking or what you’re wearing – the extra hours are going to ruin it all for you anyway…

13. Cursing the wish to grow up too soon

Oh, you’ll trade anything to go back to being the sucker for mamma’s food and dad’s chiding, won’t you?

14. When you see a stranger in an accidental glimpse in the mirror

Working all week long – that was bound to happen wasn’t it?

15. Abracadabra!!!

When you simply can’t take it anymore and do nothing but wait for the right magical spell to make time fly!

16. And the stare game starts

As soon as the time to get back home comes nearer, you can’t just help glancing at the clock every three seconds and it seems like time’s standing still!

17. When the clock is playing a conspiracy

working weekends_New_Love_Times

Image source: sharegif

No matter how hard you stare, the hour hand will take an eternity to hit 6 if it wants to!

18. And the reminders starts from the boss

It has to be tonight, no delays, no extensions – it’s going down bi*ch! #BurnInHell

19. Your boss is hell bent on the deadline

working weekends_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

And the reminders of completing the work turn into threats!

20. The adrenaline boost

And what you couldn’t do all week long magically gets completed in the last hour, when the reward is a night off! At last, relief!

21. But, then Monday calls!

working weekends_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

So, you were just about to think that this all is finally over for good, but Monday rings the doorbell before you know it – it’s raining hell!

Featured image source: Rottenecards

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21 Things All People Working Weekends Will Relate To
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