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16 Things People Who Work From Home Are Tired Of Hearing

Working in traditional venues called ‘an office’ has been ingrained in such a manner into some people that they cannot comprehend the possibility of working from home! Whether it is the inability to crawl out of the conventional trapping or a deliberate endeavor, hard to say. Inevitably, people who work from home get to hear some really silly comments.  


Image source: Tumblr

Check to see if you have faced the music too:

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1. You must have all the free time!

Certainly, I am also developing a detailed PoA on how to manage your time as well!!

2. You don’t need to dress up. You lucky b*stard!


Image source: FOX

Oh yes! I am usually typing away furiously on my keyboard in my birthday suit until the aunty from next door tells me to let my dangling assets inside some clothing!

3. You are staying at home. So can you pick up my stuff from the grocery?


Image source: Giphy

Yeah sure!  Do you want me to cook some inedible swill of it too? No, I can do it- your remark SO deserves that!

4. Get a life of your own!

Oh, I am sorry when are you coming back to excavate me from my grave, eh?

5. Freelancing is free, right?

May be, but you sure as hell cannot afford it with your pay check… <eyeroll>

6. What do you do all day?


Image source: Tumblr

Oh- nothing. I am pretty much running meetings with clients, compiling my work schedule, struggling to write great pieces and meeting those darned deadlines until you get home and  tell me how I need to get a REAL job!

7. You must be able get so much done of house chores

Hello, I am doing what you do in some cubicle and under some other boss! And I do it better!

8. Come for a coffee tomorrow at 3

Did you think I had nothing to do. Oh, right- that’s what you think I did- nothing! How about I come for that coffee and pour it all over you, huh?

9. When will you start to do a real job?


Image source: Tumblr

When will you get a real brain?

10. Wish you could watch TV and relax for some time

Ahh, I can buddy. I hope you can after working wonky work hours and the overtime and the month-end and then, some b*tchy commuting!

11. What about a steady paycheck?

I may have more employers employing me at a time, which actually sums up to more than one paycheck a month. #InYourFace

12. You are alone all day!

Yes, at least I do not get bugged by the annoying employees who have more interest in your PC than theirs.

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13. Can you give me a FREE sample

Why not ! I’m a  FREE kickboxing expert too.  

14. You miss grand office parties

Yes, I do. It is just the way you miss the weekend parties when your office demands you to be at their prescribed location!

15. But there is no security!

Oh, and your boss gave you a written confirmation about always retracting his decision when he’d fire you, right?

16. There is no scope of promotion:


Image source: Tumblr

Oh thanks for the concern. Hope you get promoted to the position of CEO as soon as you set foot in your office again!

Okay, now I need coffee!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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16 Things People Who Work From Home Are Tired Of Hearing
Work from home IS work, okay. Okay? Okay???? OKAY. Okay then.
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