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Do NOT Panic: 7 Important Things To Consider When You Get A Pregnancy Scare

It’s a beautiful day and suddenly it strikes you that Aunt Flo didn’t make a visit lately. You grab your period app or that faithful calendar to check up when your last period was, and HORROR. You have missed your period!! Before you start panicking in a pregnancy scare, check when you have last been sexually active to rule out any miscalculation. If you are still worried then go through this checklist before freaking out –

1. If you are stressed

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Pick any ailment or disorder and it’s likely that one of the causes is stress! Yes, stress is the big bad wolf trying to cause ruckus to your body. You may be stressing over a crucial project at work or going through a tough phase in your personal life, that stress is likely to cause your body to get into protective mode and stop your period. Unexpected stressful events may trigger your hypothalamus which is the part of your brain which controls your period to stop building up your uterine lining, causing amenorrhea. And you know what’s worse? Causing more stress by worrying about your periods!

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2. If you are dieting or losing weight

Regular exercise does wonders for your body and is also known to regulate periods, however anything in excess is bad and so is exercise. Too much exercise will put pressure on your glands and make your body act weird. Added to it, if all of this has caused extreme weight loss then it again it could be a cause for your missed period. Take a break from all your exercise or cut down on the intensity opting for walks, swimming or yoga that should relax you to get your period.

3. If you went off birth control

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In many cases women take birth control to regulate their period cycles, however if you have completely gone off birth control pills then your body may be reacting to this change. Birth control pills are essentially drugs which alter your regular body mechanism and when they are making their way out of the body, things will change. This condition is called post pill amenorrhea and may cause you to miss out one or two periods, although if it’s longer then it’s best you speak to your doctor.

4. If this has happened before

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Everyone talks of the 28 day cycle as the cardinal truth however each woman has her own unique cycle. Many women have irregular cycles because of various factors and conditions, this may cause their periods to delay or advance. If this has happened a few times then before then it’s wise to check on those causes before pressing the panic button. Although irregular periods need to be checked as they may indicate an underlying health condition.

5. If your eating habits are haywire

Those cakes and chips you have been gulping down might have as well caused you to miss your period! Yes, any eating habits out of your regular schedule can play havoc with your period cycle. If you have eaten anything allergic or loading yourself up with unhealthy foods which have caused sudden weight gain that may mess up your period. Make sure you eat healthy and nutritious foods.

6. If you have any medical conditions

Our bodies are like well oiled machinery and anything out of ordinary can put the whole thing out of gear. In women the effect of anything wrong with your body is first likely to affect your period, hence your missed period could indicate that you need to check up what’s wrong with your body. Get an appointment with your OB/GYN pronto and get a check on how your body is functioning.

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7. If you find no red flags

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Well, if none of the other things make any sense and your doctor says everything is perfectly fine then maybe it’s just your body messing up with you! If you are healthy and not pregnant, then it’s perfectly fine. As much advancement as medicine has made, the human body is still a mystery and you will probably never know what caused your missed period.

Relax, get some exercise and healthy food, and just to be sure, a pregnancy test, or three. You might never know if the pregnancy scare you deemed real scared you for naught!. :)

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