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11 Secrets Every Boyfriend Keeps From His Girlfriend

Are you one of those girlfriends who smell something fishy even if your doting boyfriend is all clean? Don’t be shy, welcome to my league. If my beloved boyfriend hasn’t done anything for six hours straight, I am sure he is out there planning something mammoth simply for the pleasure of messing with my mind.

Yes, girls we are all skeptical of our boys, but guess what- they’re no saints either. They’ve a hell lot of hushed secrets hidden underneath the sleeves. Thanks to all my *yo bro* connections, I am here to let you know the 11 secrets every boyfriend is likely to keep from you.

Let’s break into their barriers, shall we, girls?

1. Prefers pizza joints to your home cooked food

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How many times has he told you that he absolutely adores your home cooked meal? Unless you’re a Vikas Khanna, the odds are high he loves the pizza joint more and secretly eats there every night. <maybe, with a hot girl too> 😛

2. Ex – Vex – Sex

Yeah, a guy will always be a guy. He may secretly still think of the ex and either how she vexed him or ahem, sex-ed (?) him! Sorry, girls.

3. I don’t mind waiting

This is an absolute LIE! He FRIGGIN’LUTELY minds waiting the EXTRA ‘10 minutes’ that painfully stretch to an hour. He secretly curses you and even considers leaving without you.

4. HATES shopping trips

boyfriend secrets_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

No, he doesn’t likes tagging along to all those girly outlets where you try your pinky pouts and ask him which one looks good. He secretly curses you for the embarrassment.

5. No honey coating please

Heck, what’s with the shona, baby, rashogolla, sweety (I like bae though :P). I mean, not only does he wish you kick these anomalies to the curb but wants you to dial up the ‘macho-ish’ naming! How about hulk? *secretly hates every frigging nickname you lovingly give*

6. You’re FAT

boyfriend secrets_New_Love_Times

Image source: genius

Every time you ask him, “baby, am I looking fat,’ he secretly wishes he had the guts to tell you that you are FAT- if not in body size, in the ‘being a fat dud’ department! Why else would you pester him with the same question a zillion times!

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7. Bro night out

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Image source: Tumblr

He will make any excuse to go hang with his bros- coz ‘bros before hoes’ is still a REAL thing for him and forever will be. Of course, he isn’t going to admit to that- in front of you!

8. Games night = Office work

When he tells you that he is hard-pressed for time because of office overload, he is secretly having a games night. Be thankful that it will be just him and the boys.

9. Seriously single

Yes, he can secretly tell a hundred girls that he is still single because hello, who is out there to find out. No flashy sindoor as an Id card for being married.

10. The occasional flirt

boyfriend secrets_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Yes, he will secretly flirt with other women because men will be men. It’s in the genes and ahem, the jeans. FML

11. I love you

boyfriend secrets_New_Love_Times

Image source: photobucket

No matter the secrets he tucks away from your prying eyes, if there is one secret you need to know; it is that the jerk still loves you. He secretly adores all your habits and even your stalking skills and the way your eyes  speak of love all the time.

Guys, am I right or am I right? 😉

Girls, now help your boyfriends out, after all we love showing how good we are at getting the secrets unlocked. 😉

You’re welcome. :)

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