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10 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

They say that being caring, loving, nurturing, and understanding come naturally to a woman. Whether they do or not, they are not the only feelings and qualities you need to be the best companion you can be for your boyfriend. With a little adjustment, the ‘perfect girlfriend’ title is not too difficult to achieve. Really, you can do it. Just figure out what is perfect to your man. Some men like it when their girl is delicate and lives like a Barbie doll, and there are others who like the tough, strong girls who do not really need them if they break a fingernail.

Yet, there are a few things that all men are going to appreciate in their better halves. So ladies, stop scratching your head and take a tip out of these essentials on how to be the perfect girlfriend.

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1. Love and respect him equally

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Yes, my sister, as much as men crave love, they also want to be respected. They need to know that you not only love him, but that his words and actions hold value to you. Consider his suggestions and give them thought before completely discarding them. It is going to make him feel better.

For example, he could be a renowned photographer in the fashion industry, or just a struggling photographer who has barely stepped foot on the field. You need to respect his job, his career, and his decisions, aside from just loving and supporting him. He might not say it out loud, but he definitely needs it. Since you are one of the closest people in his life, it would be best for him if it comes from you.

2. Try to get along with his friends

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Before you came along in his life, he had friends. They are important to him. He loves them and hangs out with them on a regular basis. As another very important part of his life, you need to at least try to get along with them. Try to gel with his group just like he gels with yours and make friends with them.

In the event that you do not like his friends and nothing can change your opinion, do not openly complain about them. Be civil with them when you meet them and try to passively avoid meeting them on a regular basis. This will make it easier for the two of you to get through with the social part of the relationship, and he is never going to complain about your opinion of his friends.

3. Do not be needy and clingy

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You went many years without him when you didn’t know him. You can always deal with your problems on your own, even now. You do not need him to comfort and coddle you all the time. We do understand that you need him sometimes, but keep it to yourself unless you absolutely need him around.

If you start to make him run home from work every second day just because you need attention or because you need to talk, you are going to be burdening him with your troubles and issues. You do not want to do that, just as you would not like him to do that to you either. He is going to like it if you take care of your things to a large extent and expect him to help out only if really necessary. Don’t be a mess that he needs to clean up; just be that person who is good to go most of the time, but needs a hug once in a while.

4. Do not nag and complain all the time

nagging girlfriend

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We repeat: strive to become the perfect girlfriend, not the perfect mother. If he doesn’t want to keep his room clean and doesn’t want you to clean it either, then let it be. It is his room after all. If you just cannot stand it, then come to a common ground. Clean it enough for you to be comfortable and him to not be uncomfortable.

A nagging girlfriend repels the boys. He is going to start looking for excuses to not meet you and will avoid conversations with you. You definitely do not want that, do you? Try to also find better ways to get him to do something rather than nagging, like offering him a sensual massage for completing a task.

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5. Look good for him

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Don’t wear your jeans and a loose t-shirt to date night. If he has made the effort to take you out, then why can’t you doll up? Whenever you go out with him or decide to get hot between the sheets, we urge you to look presentable and pleasant. He wants to be proud of his girlfriend and it is important that you make an effort.

This doesn’t mean that you put on layers and layers of makeup. But how about neat hair, a pressed top, clear skin, and a groomed and clean body? Is that too much to ask? And not to mention the fact that this will make you feel good as well, even if you don’t want to do it for him exclusively. If you are the kind who just cannot do that and practically lives in her home shorts, then surprise him on important occasions.

6. Up your skills in bed

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As much as we hate to admit it, your man is going to be a lot crazier about you if you take him to paradise while making love. Explore his body and discover what works for him and what he doesn’t like, then act accordingly. Don’t always make it about you in bed, you should also sometimes take control and show him what you’ve got.

If you are already doing that, try to make it fun. Use toys, games, role play, and many other thoughtful ideas that make having sex sweet and fun. Most men like adventurous women and want to experiment in bed, and if you give him that experience, you sure have more brownie points on the perfect girlfriend front.

7. Do not control him, just let him be

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Here is the simple rule: The more you let him be, the more control you will have. This is undoubtedly the golden rule. If you try to always keep an eye on him and know where he is, what he is doing with who, and why, he is going to get fed up and will definitely want to break free from the relationship. He asked you to be his girlfriend, not a snoop following his every move.

We understand that you are curious, but you will have to learn how to deal with it. We strongly recommend that you do not annoy your boy with never-ending messages and calls when he is in the middle of something. Perfect girlfriends never do that!

8. Do not take him for granted

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Do not stop paying as much attention to him as you did at the start of the relationship, and start to take him for granted. You need to continue to appreciate all the little things just like you used to in the beginning of the relationship. Do not let go of the smitten teenage girl you became when the two of you had just started dating. This is important for you to feel young and alive in the relationship.

If you can do that, the two of you are going to fall in love with each other over and over again and feel motivated to work harder to keep the flame burning.

9. Love yourself, have a life and your own passions

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No man likes his lady to kill her hobbies, passions, and her own self for the sake of the relationship. While he wants you all for himself, he also wants you to have a life and be happy with it. Keep doing everything you used to do before you got into the relationship, and do not give up on anything important to you.

This is going to make him understand that his presence in your life hasn’t hindered anything that makes you happy. This also gives him the time and space to do his thing. Establishing personal space in a relationship is essential, and when the two of you manage to figure that out, you are definitely getting close to being the ideal girlfriend that you want to be.

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10. Commitment, trust, and honesty are essential

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Most boys as we know them are not really fond of unnecessary drama in their lives. They like to keep it simple and easy. This means that if you start to lie to him and cheat on him, you are definitely going to tick him off on different levels. Remain faithful and make him feel secure about your presence in his life.

You also need to trust him when he says he is faithful and not try to play mind games with him. If you keep it all simple, clear, and transparent, the relationship can go places.

Now that you have patiently read through the list and know how to be the perfect girlfriend for your significant other, there’s nothing stopping you from being one. Good luck, ladies!

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