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8 secret sexual fantasies of every girl

Finally, the time to get down and dirty!! 😉

No, I am not a freak! In fact, the real ‘freaks’ out there are the women who ‘hush hush’ it and act the ‘prude.’ And for all you know the very same ‘lady’ on the street might actually be the ‘freak’ between the sheets because she just cannot have enough of your screams when she uses the clamps she bought anonymously!! So, I might as well ‘talk’ of the wild whispers that stir my passions.

In a world where breaking free of the fetters that guard sexuality is almost an impossible task (Do I even need to remind you of the government officials’ statements!), ‘fantasies’ are tickets to freedom. And what could be better than to let those ‘secret fantasies’ take shape here coz let’s face it – the journey from the ‘G-spot of the mind’ to the actual ‘G-spot’ isn’t just going to happen! (Men are such disasters at reading thoughts, you know! :P)

Find the top eight ‘freaky d**ky’ secret sexual fantasies of girls revealed here:

1. Ooh, quickies!

couple in bed

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Quickies are my personal favorite. And while it is never ever stressed enough – in fact, never spoken out loud either, we are always playing a personal porno clip in our head about being taken down unawares on the kitchen floor, at a dive bar, or even the bus! While it is true that the cuddling, talking, and of course, foreplay is all very good for us and has us going good too, the other ‘truth’ is that we can never have enough quickies. I mean which girl does not like her guy sneaking into the kitchen to hike that little skirt up and well, ummm..give it right then and there! We like the whips and chains pulled out for the ‘quick’ get-in-get-out action, provided it is done in the right brain-f**ck way! After all a ‘bang-her-brains-out’ feat is not easy and definitely not mastered ‘quick-ly.’ 😉

2. Groping the group


Image source

While threesomes are pretty much the fantasy of every guy and girl out there, group sex and orgies are a surefire turn-on!! Erotic sparks flying all over the room, hands all over you, spanking, switching it (him/her) up, and getting hot and heavy with quite a few is as sizzling as it gets!! 😉

3. Dominatrix


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

This is a win-win for both parties. Guys dig the cowgirl position, and girls love it too. Of course, there are other ways to dominate. How about role-play – play the queen and have him as your slave, ride him coz he is the helpless guy you met on the bus, have him don the garb of the hot bartender who eyes you from behind the counter! You never know you might have more than your favorite tipple to get you soaring up ’n’ high!! 😉 There is a reason they say ‘we, women, want it all!!’ As much as we like you taking the charge, we like to take the reins too!

Bonus tip: Try turning the tables suddenly and feel the sizzling sex fill your insides with roaring ecstatic pleasure! 😉

4. Forcin’ ITTTTTT

man undressing a woman

Image source: Shutterstock

While this one may have you doubting its veracity, women do fantasize about a handsome hunk walking in through the doors and ravishing her. There is something incredibly hottttttttt about a man who rips our shirt, pulls apart our lingerie with his ohh-so-perfect teeth, and then devours us, as if savoring every bite! Of course, this is no license for RAPE!! This holds only for the men we have given the insider pass to! Although, dear boyfriends and husbands, you too should take care that you do not rip off our expensive lingerie or else we might snip off your disco stick! 😛 😉

5. Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

While this may sound a bit glam-sham for real life, women love to have a little ‘reel’ mixed up with their ‘real.’ Talk to them of lap dancing, pole dancing or just being the ‘insatiable s**t’ in bed, and they’ll get between the sheets faster than you’d undress. Of course, dancing is not always meant for a dance floor! Enough said! 😉

6. Exhibitionism

man kissing a woman's neck

Image source: Shutterstock

Yes, we’d love to walk away into the arms of the waves, kicking off each item of clothing we are wearing one by one. And yes, that IS your cue to follow! We love the thrill of doing it out in the open. Of course, we don’t want to be caught (and now you are thinking how on earth can that be made possible – well, your problem dude! It is our fantasy, so try to come with a win-win solution) but we do love the idea, and immensely so! <I hope my guy is reading!> 😉

7. Strippin’ n rippin’

woman taking down her bra strap

Image source: Shutterstock

Yes, we give you those murderous glares when you ask us permission for going to that strip joint. But ask us for a personal show and we shall happily oblige! Of course, we need to down more than a few tequila shots, but boy, would we be flinging clothes off like you’ve never seen before! Don’t believe me, get us a bottle and put us on the table top! Also, keep a few notes handy to stick down our G-strings! What, just saying! 😉

8. No strings attached

couple in bed (10)

Image source: Shutterstock

Probably the one that would fetch the most eye-rolls and rightfully so! After all, the thrill of catching the eye of a dreamy, steamy stranger and grabbing him by the tie to the nearest ‘sex spot’ in sight is unparalleled. Plus, the added excitement of never seeing them again and not even exchanging names! How hott is that! 😉

So there it is – fantasies that prove women are THAT naughty! Don’t believe me? Give them their ‘play-thing’ and let ’em play!! 😉

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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8 secret sexual fantasies of every girl
Every girl weaves fantasies in her head - general and sexual. Here are 8 such secret sexual fantasies revealed for your pleasure.
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Sejal Parikh

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