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8 Best Home Remedies for Gallbladder Pain

One of the most common causes of gallbladder pain is gallstones. Let us discuss the causes, symptoms and risk factors of gallstones first, and then we will focus on the home remedies for gallbladder pain.

When to see a doctor

You need to see the doctor in case of complications, such as,

  • Pain in the abdomen that does not let you sit still
  • Yellowing of your skin
  • Yellowing of the white part of your eyes
  • Extremely high fever along with chills

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According to Mayo clinic, the causes of gallstones are,

“It’s not clear what causes gallstones to form. Doctors think gallstones may result when:

  • Your bile contains too much cholesterol.Normally, your bile contains enough chemicals to dissolve the cholesterol excreted by your liver. But if your liver excretes more cholesterol than your bile can dissolve, the excess cholesterol may form into crystals and eventually into stones.

  • Your bile contains too much bilirubin.Bilirubin is a chemical that’s produced when your body breaks down red blood cells. Certain conditions cause your liver to make too much bilirubin, including liver cirrhosis, biliary tract infections and certain blood disorders. The excess bilirubin contributes to gallstone formation.

  • Your gallbladder doesn’t empty correctly.If your gallbladder doesn’t empty completely or often enough, bile may become very concentrated, contributing to the formation of gallstones”


The most common symptoms of gallbladder pain include,

  • Intense pain in the abdomen, in the upper right portion
  • Intense pain in the area just below your chest pain
  • Back pain
  • Pain in the shoulder blades
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Home remedies for gallbladder pain

Here are the top 8 home remedies that will help treat gallbladder pain.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

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The first remedy on our list is apple cider vinegar. It treats gallbladder pain effectively because it stops our liver from secreting cholesterol. This automatically stops the formation of gallstones, thus lowering the pain in the gallbladder. Also, the vinegar dissolves most gallstones, thus alleviating the pain.

For the remedy, you need to mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of apple juice. Whenever you have a gallbladder attack, drink this solution. Within just 15 minutes, you will notice that the pain has disappeared.

The other option is to heat a glass of water. Allow it to cool until it is lukewarm. Now add a tablespoon and a half of apple cider vinegar, and half a tablespoon of lemon juice to this water. Mix well and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Within 3 weeks’ time, your gallstones will be dissolves, and you will feel no pain.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great remedy for gallbladder pain as much like apple cider vinegar it to stops the liver from producing cholesterol. Lemon juice goes a step ahead; it also ensures faster recovery. If your gallbladder pain is associated with stones, then lemon juice is the best way to get rid of it.

Lemon juice contains vitamin C that makes the cholesterol produced by the liver soluble in water, making its elimination from the body through excretion easier.

For the remedy, you can drink a glass of lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach. To prepare it, squeeze the juice of 4 fresh lemons. You should follow this treatment with a glass of water.

3. Peppermint


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License 

How does peppermint help with gallbladder pain? It begins by stimulating the bile and other juices produced by the liver. The terpene in peppermint then effectively dissolves the gallstones, and helps get rid of them from the system.

Peppermint is also therapeutic in nature. It relaxes the spasms and reduces the pain in the gallbladder.

For the remedy, you need to boil a cup of water, and to it, add a teaspoon of peppermint leaves. Make sure the leaves are well dried. Now remove this container from the heat. Cover it, to allow the peppermint to steep for at least 5 minutes. Now strain the tea and add some honey to sweeten it.

You should drink this tea two times a day for 2 months to notice positive results. For the best results, drink the tea between meals.

4. Vegetable Juice

If there is extreme pain in your gallbladder, then you might like to try some vegetable juice. You need to eat healthy, as fried and fatty foods worsen the pain caused by gallstones.

According to NCBI,

“Increase intake of fat, refined carbohydrates and decrease in fiber content is a potent risk factor for development of gallstones. Calcium intake seems to be inversely associated with gallstone prevalence. Dietary calcium decreases cholesterol saturation of gallbladder bile by preventing the reabsorption of secondary bile acids in the colon. Vitamin C influences 7α hydroxylase activity in the bile and it was shown that ascorbic acid might reduce lithogenic risk in adults. Coffee consumption seems to be inversely correlated with gallstone prevalence, due to an increased enterohepatic circulation of bile acids. Coffee components stimulate cholecystokinin release, enhance gallbladder motility, inhibit gallbladder fluid absorption, decrease cholesterol crystallization in bile and perhaps increase intestinal motility.”

Therefore, eating healthy is key. To prepare the vegetable juice, you will need beetroot, cucumber, and some carrots. While the beetroot will cleanse your liver, thus strengthening your gallbladder, the cucumber, owing to the water in it, will detoxify your system thoroughly. Since carrots are a great source of vitamin C, it helps build up the immune system.

You need to drink the juice twice a day for at least a month to achieve the desired results.

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5. Psyllium

This natural treatment for gallbladder pain involves psyllium, which is an excellent source of soluble fiber, which in turn, binds the cholesterol in the bile preventing formation of gallstones, in the first place.

Psyllium also improves bowel movement, which ensures the gallbladder system foes not become congested. It prevents the risk of constipation, a symptom associated with gallbladder pain.

For the remedy, you need to take a glass of water, and to it, add a tablespoon of psyllium powder. Drink this solution twice a day until the vain vanishes. Remember, you need to drink a lot of water when you are taking psyllium in order to digest it.

6. Dandelion

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Dandelion is the next remedy on our list of natural treatments that help against gallbladder pain. The compound taraxacin in dandelion helps increase the secretion of bile from the liver, thus detoxifying and metabolizing the fat in the liver. This prevents the formation of stones in the bladder, and improves the bladder’s function.

For the remedy, you need to put half a tablespoon of dried dandelion root in a cup of hot water. Now cover this cover to let the root steep. Strain the tea and add some honey to sweeten it.

You need to drink this tea twice a day for two weeks for best results. If you are diabetic, then you should dodge this remedy.

7. Castor Oil

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License 

Castor oil is a great remedy for gallbladder pain because it is therapeutic in nature. It is anti-inflammatory, and thus, neutralizes the burning sensation in the bladder. Using the oil as a pack can help enhance both the immune system as well as the lymphatic systems.

For the remedy, you will need to place a cup of cold-pressed, pure castor oil in a pan and heat it. Take a cheesecloth and soak it in this warm oil. After squeezing out the extra oil, place the cloth on the right side of your stomach. You need to cover it using a plastic sheet. You now need to put a hot water bag over this plastic sheet and relax for about an hour.

This treatment should be followed thrice a week.

8. Pears

According to,

“A study at the University of Kiel in Germany and published in “The British Journal of Nutrition” in March 1998 found that consuming pectin such as that found in pear juice does not prevent gallstones from forming and has very minimal effect on metabolizing cholesterol. The study consisted of feeding hamsters’ foods high in cholesterol and then feeding them high amounts of pectin to see if the pectin would prevent gallstones from forming. The pectin was not effective at preventing or getting rid of gallstones in the hamsters.”

Pears also help treat other symptoms associated with gallbladder pain.

For the remedy drink a glass of pear juice every day. You can some honey for taste, and dilute the natural juice with lots of water. You can also eat a bowl of cooked pears once every week.

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If despite these remedies your condition does not improve, then you need to visit a doctor immediately. You can also take these remedies in addition to the medicines prescribed by doctor.

That is all we have on today’s post on home remedies for gallbladder pain. Was this helpful? Will you be recommending it to others too? If you have some remedies that you would like to share with us, then please do so in the comment section below.

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See you again tomorrow!

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8 Best Home Remedies for Gallbladder Pain
Let us discuss the causes, symptoms and risk factors of gallbladder pain first, and then we will focus on the home remedies for gallbladder pain.
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