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Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally With These Natural Home Remedies

Before we start, I need to tell you that these home remedies for hypothyroidism should only be used as additional therapies. You MUST visit a doctor for proper consultation. After the condition is diagnosed, you can start the treatment, immediately.

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According to the American Thyroid Association,

“Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism means that the thyroid gland can’t make enough thyroid hormone to keep the body running normally. People are hypothyroid if they have too little thyroid hormone in the blood. Common causes are autoimmune disease, surgical removal of the thyroid, and radiation treatment.”

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Causes of hypothyroidism

The most common causes of hypothyroidism are,

  • Autoimmune thyroiditis like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and atrophic thyroiditis
  • Surgical removal of the thyroid gland or a part of it
  • Radiation treatment used to treat Graves’ disease among others
  • One might be born with hypothyroidism; this is called congenital hypothyroidism
  • Thyroiditis
  • Iodine imbalance in the body
  • Damage of the pituitary gland
  • Disorders that cause damage to the thyroid gland
  • Medicines such as amiodarone, lithium, interferon alpha, and interleukin-2

Symptoms of hypothyroidism

Some of the most common symptoms that are associated with hypothyroidism are,

  • Muscle cramping
  • Dry skin
  • Puffy face
  • Hoarse voice
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Depression
  • Brittle fingernails and hair
  • Fatigue
  • Increased sensitivity to cold
  • Constipation

When you go to the doctor for a hypothyroidism diagnosis, you should tell him or her about the following, say experts at American Thyroid Association:

  • about changes in your health that suggest that your body is slowing down;
  • if you’ve ever had thyroid surgery;
  • if you’ve ever had radiation to your neck to treat cancer;
  • if you’re taking any of the medicines that can cause hypothyroidism— amiodarone, lithium, interferon alpha, interleukin-2, and maybe thalidomide;
  • whether any of your family members have thyroid disease.

Along with the medications that the doctor recommends, you can try these natural remedies to control your condition.

Home remedies for hypothyroidism

Find below ten home remedies that can help you fight hypothyroidism.

1. Coconut Oil

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Rich in medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil helps improve the functioning of the thyroid gland. The oil also stimulates our metabolism, thereby increasing our energy level.

Coconut oil raises our basal body temperature. Now, this is very important for people who are suffering from an underactive thyroid gland.


  • Replace your regular cooking oil with coconut oil. Extra virgin coconut oil works wonders on the thyroid gland.
  • Alternatively, you can add 4 teaspoons of extra-virgin organic coconut oil to your milk and drink it early in the morning, or with your breakfast. You need to do this, every day.
  • Another option to include coconut oil in your diet is to add it to the smoothies you drink.

2. Kelp

A brown seaweed, Kelp is rich in iodine, in addition to other minerals. Kelp is useful for people who suffer iodine deficiency induced hypothyroidism.

In case you are suffering from autoimmune thyroid problems, you SHOULD NOT take kelp, as it can worsen your condition.

Before taking kelp supplements, you should consult your doctor. He or she will let you know if kelp is suitable for you or not. If it is suitable, they will give you the correct dosage, depending on your condition.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hypothyroidism can be treated with apple cider vinegar. Also, the vinegar helps detoxify the body and restores the acid-base balance in the body.

Apple cider vinegar is also known to enhance the process of weight loss. It regulates our hormone secretion and gives a boost to the energy metabolism in the body.

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, among other health problems.


  • Heat a glass of water.
  • To this, add four teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar.
  • Now mix some honey in the diluted apple cider vinegar.
  • You should drink this solution, once every day, for best results.

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4. Fish Oils

Fish oils increase the thyroid hormone uptake, which makes them an essential home remedy to fight hypothyroidism. Since these oils are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, they also help soothe the thyroid gland by fighting inflammation and increasing immunity.

The general dosage for fish oil supplements is up to 3 grams, a day. However, if you are taking blood thinners, you should consult a doctor first and then take the dosage that he or she suggests you.

5. Vitamin D

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Autoimmune diseases like thyroid ailments are usually associated with Vitamin D deficiency. One of the best known ways of generating vitamin D in the body is to expose yourself to the rays of the early morning sun.


  • Every day, expose your body to the early morning rays of the sun. You should do this for 15 minutes, at least. This is also very good for maintaining the healthy and proper functioning of the immune system. It also improves calcium metabolism.
  • If you are suffering from hypothyroidism, you should make it your habit to get up early and go outside for a walk or a jog. This way, in addition to the early sun rays, you also get fresh air and your body gets the physical exercise it needs.

6. Guggul

Guggul is extracted from gum resin of Commuphora Mukul, an Indian tree. According to researchers, the active compounds known as guggulsterones that guggul produces is very good for the treatment of hypothyroidism. This is because the compounds stimulate thyroid hormone production.

Also, guggul is anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and lowers the cholesterol level in the body.

You should take this herb in the form of a supplement. However, do so only after consulting a doctor. It is generally taken in the doses of 25 mg, thrice every day.

When you take guggul supplements, make sure you get your T3 and T4 thyroid hormone levels monitored. This is because guggul stimulates the conversion of T4 into T3 which is a more active form of T4.

A word of caution: There is a chance that guggul interferes with estrogen, birth control pills, and beta blockers. If you are taking any f these medictaions, DO NOT take guggul supplements.

7. Evening Primrose Oil

Another great remedy for hypothyroidism is the evening primrose oil. Primrose oil is rich in gamma linoleic acids or GLAs, which gives it great anti-inflammatory properties and helps increase levels of your thyroid hormone production.

Also, evening primrose oil helps relieve other problems that are usually associated with hypothyroidism, such as hair loss and heavy menstrual flow.


  • You should take evening primrose oil 2 to 8 grams a day. This is the general recommendation, however. We suggest you consult a doctor to find the right dosage for yourself.

8. Ginger

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Ginger is an amazing source of zinc, potassium and magnesium, which make it a necessary home remedy for hypothyroidism. Also, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the thyroid gland and improve its functioning.


  • Add fresh ginger roots slices to your soups and other regular dishes.
  • You can also drink two to three cups of ginger tea a day to increase your ginger intake. To prepare this tea, boil a cup of water. Add some fresh ginger slices to this. Let it steep for about 5 minutes. Now, add honey and sip on the tea.

9. Siberian Ginseng

A very important stimulant of the adrenal and thymus gland, the Siberian Ginseng supports the working of the thyroid gland. It improves the production of the thyroid hormone, thus helping fight the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Siberian Ginseng also helps against fatigue, a symptom that is closely associated with the condition of hypothyroidism.


  • You need to consume 100 to 200 mg of Siberian ginseng extract, two times a day.
  • You can take these supplements once before breakfast, and once before lunch.
  • Talk to your doctor, before you start the supplement routine.

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10. B Vitamins

When one is dealing with hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid gland, they need to increase their vitamin B intake. You need to take vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12 supplements. These will help you get rid of the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism.

Vitamin B helps in restoring the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Therefore, add whole grains and fortifies cereals to your daily diet. You should increase the amount of fresh vegetables and sea vegetables that you take on a regular basis.

Try to avoid cruciferous veggies, such as broccoli and kale as they can worsen your condition. This is because of the goitrogens in these vegetables. Goitrogens intervene with the functioning of the thyroid gland and interfere with other remedies that you consume to cure hypothyroidism.

That is a wrap on home remedies for hypothyroidism. Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you have some home remedies up your sleeves, do share them with us in the comments below.

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With These Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism, Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally
Besides the medications your doctor recommends, you can try these home remedies for hypothyroidism, to control your condition.
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