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9 Easy, Peasy Ways Of Staying Healthy At Work

It’s easy to load up on calories when you are glued to your cubicle all day. Staying healthy at work, especially for those of us with the 9-to-5 jobs, is a Herculean feat. There’s a constant stream of coffee and tea zapping and revving your energy in waves, cookies and other munchkins magically making their way to the desk and of course, the office parties bringing in a whole flood of fat! Not to forget, the dozen tempting options right outside of work make ‘eating out’ a daily possibility and when office buds are heading out, you don’t say ‘no,’ do ya? If at all, you manage to do the impossible and stay back, the sedentary work style makes you bloated and more often than not, the infectious sluggishness banishes any concept of ‘healthiness.’

So, then how do you plan on staying healthy at work? How do you count the calories and keep track of your progress, social ties and of course, work?

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We have some answers- and they are all EASY to follow:

1. Keep water on you at all times

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It is no revelation that a hydrated system keep you alert at all times. If you are not the kind to down eight to ten glasses a day, it will be very easy to forget the water all day until a throbbing headache reminds you of its importance. So, set yourself a little over two liters challenge- keep that jug filled and on your desk before you drown in files and you will find it emptying quicker than you thought, feel energized and alert more than ever and shall go through longer periods without slumping or feeling the need to snack! Win-win, isn’t it?

2. Bake your snacks

Avoiding the cookie jar is key. Bake your own healthy snacks and take them to work. Think roasted chickpeas with paprika that will give you a protein dash or healthy granola bars and protein balls, with added nuts for those with a sweet tooth. The energy boost is tremendous and you won’t regret any bite of it!

3. Opt for matcha, ditch the coffee

woman drinking coffee_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

If coffee is your life savior at work, maybe it’s time you met its match. Matcha. It’s still got your daily dose of caffeine but it is loaded in antioxidants, so leaves you more fresh and alert sans the slumps that coffee cravings leave you with. If lattes float your boat, there’s matcha lattes that are as creamy and delicious and come with a whole bevy of health benefits that coffee can’t ‘match’ up to! Also, goodbye coffee breath! Sweet, eh?

4. Take breaks to just walk around the cubicle

No, this isn’t an invitation to procrastinate. But getting up from your desk at intermittent intervals to take a walk is a good idea. Do it every hour, if you can- take the stairs, make those matcha trips, make use of the water cooler at the far end or simply, take the long route to the washroom. Walking helps keep your circulation active and it shall keep you more alert through the day.

5. Work out before you head to work

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For most of us with wonky work hours, it is easier to head to the gym after work. But we all know how that goes. One thing goes amiss at work and suddenly, we are zapped of all energy to carry our limp, listless bodies to the gym! It’s easy to lose track and skip, even if the kit is a-waiting in the car. The solution is pretty simple- work up the workout to mornings, it will leave you more energized and alert for work and you shall have no space for morning caffeine cups, slumps or a missed workout! Easy, peasy!

6. Carry your own lunch

It’s so easy to give in to the temptation of ‘eating out’ with a myriad options or having something delivered right to the office or sneaking in a bite or two from the canteen. But rein in your urges and pack your own food. You know there are a lot of healthy and ‘tasty’ recipes out there that can give you the same satisfaction as eating out, minus the guilt afterward. So, you are smart enough to do the math. You know which option wins!

7. Find your twin- your office health bud

Finding someone in the office who shares your affinity for health goals can be great motivation. It’s easy to stick to your goals if there’s someone who can exhort you to work out, make your own lunch, split grocery items or even share snack time with interesting recipes! Spurring each other on when it helps to keep in shape is a great way of staying healthy at work- because it works, like a charm!

8. Reinvent lunch

woman walking_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You can reclaim lunch breaks and give it your own unique spin. No, we don’t mean shopping sprees at Zara. Just run the block, opt for a 30-minute Zumba session or simply, take a walk in a nearby park. Not only is it going to bolster your metabolism and amp your energy levels, but you may return to your desk with a work solution you didn’t have before lunch!

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9. Start an office fun club

Once you’ve got the mojo going, pass the torch. Inspire others to stay in shape by starting a fun club for health goals. You can make games of exercises- think skipping competitions, musical chairs or more. Start with small, easy things to keep people engaged and once people are iffy, throw in more challenges and up the ante. After all, there are no limits when it comes to staying healthy, right?

Do you have any novel ideas for staying healthy at work? Tell us in the comments below.

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