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Hello, Happy Mornings: 7 Breakfast Mistakes You MUST Avoid

When you wish to start your day high on energy, you know that breakfast is the key you can count on. Apart for satiating your hunger, breakfast is responsible for replenishing the energy stock of your body for the day ahead. But, just having any breakfast doesn’t do the trick! Yes, because of our lack of awareness, most of the time we fail to do justice with the health and nutrition quotient of our first meal.  This slight carelessness on your part can cost you dearly, but we won’t let that happen. So, here are seven of the breakfast mistakes that need your immediate attention. Just get ready to mend these little slip-ups and promise yourself the happiest mornings.

1. Skipping breakfast completely

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This is one of the most commonly seen and the most harmful of all the breakfast blunders that you can do. After a good eight to ten hours break from your last meal, your body just needs the energy to work in the morning, making your breakfast indispensable to your health and fitness.

Fixing it – Make a nutrition rule – no work before the breakfast at all!

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2. Enjoying sugar rich meals with more taste than energy

That’s a mistake that every other one of us makes – the bowl full of cereals you enjoy in the morning just might not be the healthiest diet you think it to be. High sugar makes you feel full real soon but as these carbs burn of quickly, your body is left energy less in no time.

Fixing it – satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy options like honey in foods that are good for you.

3. Settling for a glass of juice

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Though, it seems like you are drinking in all the goodness of the fruits, but the juice is mostly the sugar and you’re missing on all the fiber and the richness of vitamins that your body needs.

Fixing it – It is always better to trade the juice with a glass full of water and a whole fruit along with it.

4. Having your breakfast in a hurry

When you are busy or running late on schedule, understanding how important breakfast is, you settle eating something if not all of it. But you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not the breakfast but the intake of all the nutrients that’s important, which you’re sure to fail at when in rush.

Fixing it – Waking up a few minutes early can give you the extra time to fix a good breakfast.

5. Starting the day with a high fat breakfast

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They  make your energy levels rise instantly, but only for them to drop real soon. High fat foods slow down your digestion, concentration, and even cause cramping.

Fixing it – go for complex carbohydrates for meeting your energy needs.

6. Missing out on the very essential protein

Protein is what most of our body is made up of.  Right from recharging your energy to repairing and powering the cells in your body, a protein rich diet is must for you. Having high protein foods in breakfast can help you go on with the day without craving for food and energy every other hour.

Fixing it – eggs, bacon, yogurt, cheese – keep a stock of quick and delicious sources of protein.

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7. Eating a baby sized meal just for breakfast’s sake

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Calories, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, minerals, sugar, protein, vitamin – when there’s so much that you need to get in your system for a healthy and happy day ahead, a breakfast for breakfast’s sake won’t do it.

Fixing it – Create a diet chart and make sure that the first meal of your day has got all the energy supplies and that you take them all in as well.

How many of these breakfast mistakes were you making? No, don’t wear that frown yet- with these solutions on your finger tips, it is going to be a healthy and happy morning for you from now on, cheers!

Featured image source: authoritynutrition

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Hello, Happy Mornings: 7 Breakfast Mistakes You MUST Avoid
Steer clear of these breakfast mistakes for happy mornings and wonderful days and a good night's sleep!
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