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9 Natural And Safe Home Remedies For Watery Eyes

Has it ever happened that your eyes start to water and you can barely see or concentrate on anything other than your watering eyes? If it has, then you are in luck, because today we are discussing the home remedies for watery eyes, which can help you get rid of the condition in no time.

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There are several reasons why you eyes may start to water. The causes range from simple objects in your eyes like eyelashes and dust, to something more serious like allergies and infections. When your eyes start to water, you may also experience itching. However, when your eyes are itching, you can’t really stick your finger in your eyeball and scratch the itch away, can you?

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There are a number of natural and safe ways in which you can get rid of your watering eyes at home, which we shall be discussing today. However, before you check out these home remedies for watery eyes, make sure you consult with your doctor, or try to figure out the cause of the problem. If it is a bacterial infection, then you might need additional medication. You might also be experiencing this condition because of strain on your eyes because of myopia or other problems related to vision.

Once you have your condition diagnosed and treated, you can check out these highly effective home remedies, which can solve your problem in no time.

1. Cold milk


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Cold milk is one of the most recommended home remedies that you can check out when trying to treat your watery eyes problem. Cold milk has a number of good bacteria, which can get rid of a bacterial infection which might be the root cause of your watery eyes problem.

You can’t really wash your eyes with cold milk, because that would create a great big mess. The best way to utilize cold milk is by dipping a muslin cloth or cheese cloth in cold milk and holding it to your eyes for some time till your eyes feel better. You can see a reduction in your condition within a couple of days of regular use.

2. Cold/hot compress

One common home remedy that you can use to cure your watery eye problem, is by using a cold compress or a hot compress. The most common reason why people’s eyes start watering is because of something which is blocking their tear ducts, or something which can get into your eyes.

When you apply a hot compress or a cold compress, the difference in temperature helps clear out the obstruction from inside your eyes and helps the tears flow freely and completely, so that the tears don’t come at periodic intervals and you can work and go about your day peacefully. If you have also been experiencing redness and swelling, then the compresses can help you get rid of that as well.

3. Tea bags

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A wonderful natural remedy for watery eyes is the use of teabags. Teabags contain a compound called tannins, which can reduce redness and swelling, if those are the symptoms that you have been experiencing along with your watering eyes. Teabags are also a much more soothing remedy that using slices of meat to soothe your irritable eyes.

Teabags also act as warm compresses and cold compresses and the good properties of tea add an extra boost to the general health of your eyes. This can allow you to avoid the problem in the future. Soak peppermint, spearmint or even chamomile teabags in warm water and hold them to your eyes when they are warm to the touch. You can also let them cool down and use them as a cold compress.

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4. Chamomile

Chamomile is a natural and herbal remedy which can help you get rid of your watering eyes. These are naturally occurring flowers which you can also get in the form of essential oil, dried powder or in teabags.

Chamomile also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which can help your tear ducts function as they should, by clearing out any foreign object or sand which might be blocking them and drying your eyes out.

You can either use a chamomile teabag as a cold compress, or boil a handful of chamomile flowers or add chamomile oil to water. Use this water as an eye-wash every time your eyes start to water, and you will not have to deal with the problem in the future.

5. Cucumber

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Cucumber is used in spas, and in various other home remedies related to the eyes. Cucumbers are 90% water, and help hydrate your eyes. You might be wondering why you need to add more water to your eyes when they are already so watery. One of the reasons why your eyes start to water is because they aren’t hydrated enough, which can lead to your tear ducts producing extra water which leak from your eyes.

Using cucumbers soothes the nerves and blood vessels in your eyes, and cools down any irritation and kills the bacteria. All these factors together contribute in reducing the condition altogether.

6. Castor oil

According to the medicinal practices of ancient India and China, castor oil is one of the most beneficial natural oils which can help you with all sorts of problems. Castor oil, when used in its purest form, has the ability to increase the production of lipids in your eyes, and moisturizes them, so that they don’t dry out. It also gets rid of any inflammation, bacterial inflammation, or any other cause of infection which might be causing your problem to aggravate.

There are two ways in which you can use castor oil. You can take a clean dropper and apply a couple of drops of castor oil to your eyes before you go to bed. Alternatively, you can also apply castor oil to your upper and lower eye line before you go to bed, so that during the course of the night, the castor oil can spread over your eyeballs.

7. Rosewater

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Rosewater can be used as an effective remedy if your eyes have been watering too much. It is a healing and soothing remedy, which also has the ability to improve your vision, soothe your eyes in case of strain and get rid of conditions like eye bags and dark circles.

The best way you could use rosewater is either by washing your eyes with it every day, several times a day. You can also dip a couple of soft cotton balls in water and place it on your eyes every time they start to water, so that you have an instant, and highly soothing and refreshing remedy on hand.

8. Salt water

Washing your eyes with salt water when they start to water is one of the most common remedies people have been using to cure their condition. Salt water has some of the best properties which you can use to cute this condition. For starters, it has the ability to draw out the bacteria from your eyes, and it allows you to recover faster. Salt water also draws out any other causes of irritation from your eyes.

The best way to use salt water is by washing your eyes with water at least three to four times a day. You can also dip a cotton ball in salt water and place it on your eyes for half an hour, till your eyes start feeling better.

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9. Green tea

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Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and a number of other good compounds which can help you recover from the problem of watery eyes. It has the ability to flush out the toxins from within your eyes, whether it is visible, or in a microscopic level.

Green tea also maintains the right level of moisture in your eyes, so that they don’t become too dry and start watering involuntarily. The best thing you can do it place green tea bags on your eyes, to present your eyes from watering. You can alternatively wash your eyes with warm green tea without any added sugars or other things.

These are some of the most common and most successful home remedies for watery eyes which you can try out. Several people have tried and tested these home remedies and found relief afterwards.

Before you can start these home remedies however, it is always better to get your condition diagnosed. Knowing exactly what caused the problem is a solution in itself because you know exactly how to treat your condition, whether it is at home, or medically. However, rest assured, the condition is harmless, and with the help of these simple and natural home remedies, you can get better in no time at all!

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9 Natural And Safe Home Remedies For Watery Eyes
If you have been experiencing an excessive outflow of water from your eyes, then you might need to check out these home remedies for watery eyes.
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