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Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Treat Dengue Fever At Home

Dengue is one of the most dreaded tropical diseases, which affects close to 500 million people every year. Even though there is a definite medical treatment for the condition, you should also take into consideration the several home remedies for dengue, which can help you get better faster and more effectively.


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Dengue is transmitted through mosquitoes, which carry the virus and transfer the virus into the blood stream when they bite you. Even though this disease is not particularly fatal, if not treated properly, it could very well turn out to be, which is why you need to know all possible treatment methods that are available.

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You need to carefully understand the symptoms of dengue fever, so that you can identify the problem as soon as possible and you can treat it without delay. The most common symptoms of dengue is:

  • High fever
  • Body aches
  • Muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Skin rashes
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

If you are seeing one or more of these symptoms being manifested without showing any signs of improving or reducing after a couple of days, it is advisable that you get your blood tested just to be safe. If you are diagnosed with dengue, immediately get yourself admitted to a hospital and ask for professional medical help.

While you are taking the medicines that have been prescribed to you, you can also check out these highly effective home remedies for dengue, which can help you get rid of the condition sooner than is expected.

1. Water

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Let us start with the basics.

One of the things that happen when you suffer from dengue is the loss of water from the body. The body tends to lose water in order to keep up with the fever and the other symptoms that manifest themselves, which is why you run the risk of getting dehydrated.

When you drink sufficient amounts of water, your immunity improves, and so does the ability that your system has to flush out the toxins and virus, even if it ion a very preliminary level. When you are suffering from dengue, make sure you consume enough amounts of water, and preferably, higher amounts than normal.

2. Coriander leaves

Coriander or cilantro is considered one of the most effective herbal remedies for dengue and dengue fever.

It is rich in several nutrients, including essential antibodies which travel through your body, getting rid of the virus and the bacteria which may be causing your problem to aggravate. Cilantro is also a great way to replenish the water loss that your body inevitably undergoes when you are suffering from dengue.

You can make coriander juice by crushing coriander leaves and straining them. You can also consume coriander with your food on a regular basis, so that your body gets enough of these good herbs.

3. Neem leaves

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Neem leaves, which are also known as Indian lilac, is another widely known natural remedy for problems like dengue and dengue fever, because of the natural goodness that these leaves possess.

Neem leaves are not only anti-inflammatory in nature, they also contain compounds which increase the white blood cells and the platelets count in the body. Both of these together work towards increasing the immunity of the body, which can in turn contribute in killing the dengue-causing virus from the body, so that you are restores to good health.

Soak a handful of neem leaves in water overnight and drink this water overnight. You can also boil them in water and drink the resultant tea. You can also add a teaspoon of neem paste to a glass of water with a little honey and consume this to help your dengue get better faster.

4. Papaya leaves

Every sing part of the papaya tree is nutrition in its own way. When you are dealing with dengue however, the leaves of the papaya tree become relevant.

Papaya leaves are rich in Vitamin C and other essential compounds which helps in building the immune system an d fight the virus effectively, so that the recovery process if faster. It also helps fight some of the most common symptoms of dengue including the fever and the rashes, and is responsible for the reduction of oxidative stress, which helps in flushing out the toxins from your system.

Papaya leaves are best consumed in their pure form. Wash and grind 3-4 papaya leaves and strain the pulp to release the fresh juice. You can then drink this 4-5 times daily for it to take effect on your body immediately.

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5. Bananas


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Bananas are an all round source of energy and good health, because it is rich in almost all the nutrients that your body needs when it is at its weakest. This is the case when you are suffering from dengue, which is why the consumption of bananas can help you recover faster.

Bananas contain nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fiber, proteins and carbohydrates, which restores health to your body, and helps you stay active and fit. When you are suffering from dengue fever, your body tends to lose water, and you become excessively weak. Eating one banana every day can help your body regain its strength faster, and respond more actively to the medication that you are being given.

6. Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds are some of the best natural ingredients that you should have around your house in case of emergencies, because they contain some of the best natural properties, applicable for a lot of physical problems.

Fenugreek seeds not only increase your immunity, but they also act as a natural sedative, so that your body has enough rest and energy to respond to the medication and regain strength sooner than you otherwise would have.

The best way to consume fenugreek seeds is by soaking them in water overnight, and drinking the water after you have strained out the seeds. You can also add a paste of fenugreek seeds to a glass of water and drink it on a daily basis on an empty stomach, to combat dengue.

7. Orange juice

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Orange juice is one of the best natural sources of nutrients like Vitamin C and antioxidants, which performs two functions simultaneously- it helps in getting rid of the toxic material in your body by flushing it out, and at the same builds immunity, so that any chance of a relapse is eliminated.

Drinking orange juice every day, at least two to three times a day, also gives you energy, and is also a great source of fluids, which your body needs when you are suffering from dengue.

The anti-inflammatory nature of orange juice protects your from the full onslaught of the symptoms of the disease, including rashes, fever, nausea and vomiting.

8. Coconut water

If you think drinking plain water is not a sufficient solace to your troubled and tired mind when you are suffering from dengue, then you can go for the better alternative, which is coconut water. Coconut water is just like water, except it is much more nutritious and tastes amazing.

Because dengue is a tropical disease, it is easier to treat it with coconut water, which is widely available in tropical areas. It not only hydrates your body like nothing else, but also renders it with the nutrients required to fight against the virus which is causing your condition to worsen.

You can either drink fresh or packaged coconut water three to four times every day, to watch your condition improve drastically within a couple of weeks of consumption.

9. Pomegranate juice

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Pomegranate juice is one of the more underrated remedies for dengue. It contains a number of good nutrients which not only helps your body fight the symptoms of dengue fever, but it also has properties, which treats the problem at its root, thereby helping you get rid of the condition once and for all.

Pomegranate juice has been found to directly affect the red and white blood cells in your body. It also increase the platelet count, so that your immunity increases drastically, and your body can respond more thoroughly to the medicines that you are being administered directly.

Drink a tall glass of pomegranate juice several times a day, so that you can fight dengue effectively.

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10. Basil

One of the most widely recommended home remedies for dengue includes the use of basil, which one of the most nutritious herbs.

Basil has anti-inflammatory properties, but more importantly, it is anti-viral and anti-bacterial in nature, which helps eliminate the microbes from your system at a cellular level. It is also a restorative herb, so that you regain your energy when you are recuperating from dengue after the medicines have taken effect.

Now that you are equipped with the best natural remedies for dengue, you should consult your doctor and find the way to get better as soon and as effectively as possible.

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