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#ExpertSpeak How Your Sleep Position Impacts Your Health

It is no news that sleep is a crucial component of our health and well-being. But very few know that sleep and a lack thereof can also affect one’s mood, personality and appearance. While one may think that ample sleep may correct any deviations from the ‘normal,’ it is important to understand that one’s sleep position also affects one’s overall state of health and happiness. But is there a best sleeping position that works for all? Or is it a generic thing?

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Chris Idzikowski, a director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in London and author of several books on the subject, including Learn To Sleep Well, corroborates the same and offers insightful advice on what your sleep position means and how it affects your well being.

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Curled up on one side

The most common sleep position, this one is prevalent in people who act tough on the outside but are sensitive on the inside. Sleeping in this fetal position on your left side can create trouble for vital organs, including the liver and stomach and therefore, a rightward inclination is advisable. However, spending prolonged periods of time on the right side with knees pulled high and chin buried deep into the chest can create back pain or joint pain. The curved posture can also create problems in breathing. It is advisable to vacillate between this rightward position and a straight sleeping position by lying on the back.

On your stomach

If you are among those who prefer to sleep on their stomach, with their arms wrapped about their pillows and head turned to one side, you may have good digestion and can avert snoring. However, the position can lay undue pressure on joints and muscles, creating pain and can aggravate spinal problems. Psychological research evinces that the people sleeping in this position tend to be sociable but are mostly averse to criticism of any kind. It is advisable for people sleeping in this position to alternate between this and the rightward side-curl position.

Lying on your back with both arms at your side

Deemed to be the sleep position of the quiet, reserved kinds, this position can create snoring issues. Lying on your back can make the base of your tongue and soft palate stick to the backwall of the throat, creating rhythmic vibrations and shallow, irregular breathing. However, sleeping on one’s back allows one to maintain a neutral spine position. It is also good for the neck, prevents acid reflux from the stomach, thereby preventing regurgitation or nausea. From a beauty vantage point, this is an ideal position for sleeping as no surface rubs against your face to create fine lines or wrinkles.

On your side with both arms in front

Those that tend to sleep in this position are steadfast, analytical yet suspicious of change and cynical of new things. Second best in ranking to prevent acid reflux, this sleep position also keeps your spine in neutral position and prevents snoring. However, this position allows for wrinkles and fine lines to make their way on their face, due to the constant rub against the pillow. It also creates breast sagging as they are left to rub against the surface of the bed. It is advisable to try lying on one’s back to avoid the downsides of this sleeping position.

Lying on your side with both arms by the sides

For those who tend to sleep straight in this position, this position is great to alleviate back pain and relieve any spinal problems. However, this position is known to be used by easy-going social birdies who easily place their trust in people, sometimes to a fault. It is advisable to try lying on your back with your arms down by your side and alternate between sides, at frequent intervals.

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Lying on your back with both arms up

People who sleep this way tend to suffer from breathing irregularities. It is advisable to move your arms downward by your sides.

What is the best sleeping position according to you? Tell us in the comments below and we will tell you what it means.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Best Sleeping Position: How You Sleep Has An Impact On Your Health
While sleep is crucial to one's health, one’s sleep position also affects one’s overall state of health & happiness. What is the best sleeping position then?
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