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14 Natural Home Remedies For Boils That Are Really Effective

One of the most common problems that people have to face is the problem of boils. Before we can read about the several home remedies for boils that we have compiled for you today, here are some facts about this condition that can help you understand your problem better.

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Boils are a kind of skin disease, where the hair follicles get affected by a deep bacterial infection. Boils can become a pretty serious condition, without you realizing it, and can even lead to fever and excessive pain in the area in which you develop the boil. These usually start out as small inflammations which are red and itchy, and can turn into large aberrations on your skin, with pus filled sacs marking the spot, which is essentially the boil. The common causes for this include:

  • Burns
  • Insect bites
  • Diabetes
  • Malnutrition
  • Chemotherapy
  • Wearing tight clothes (which causes friction)
  • Alcoholism
  • Weak immune system
  • Exposure to extreme temperature
  • Side effects of certain medication, etc.

The most obvious symptom for boils is of course the appearance of the boil itself, apart from that, you may also notice redness and swelling in the area, fever and weakness. This is also indicative of the appearance of a larger boil.

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Even though there are ointments and surgery and other things that you can resort to, to get your boil removed, there are other ways to deal with it, which don’t include any intrusion or chemicals. Here are some of the best and all-natural home remedies for boils, which can help you get rid of the condition in no time.

1. Tea tree oil

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This oil is the best way to combat any kind of bacterial break out in the body, including pimples, acne, and of course, boils and carbuncles. It has antibacterial properties which get rid of the bacteria, and antiseptic properties, which helps it heal after the bacteria has gone.

All you need to do is simply apply tea tree oil with a ball of cotton to the affected area, to soothe your condition, and help it heal much faster than it otherwise would have.

2. Warm compress

Instead of painful and gross ways of drawing out the pus from your boils, you could try using a warm compress, which changes the temperature of the boil, so that the bacteria, which is causing the condition perishes immediately. The pressure and the warmth together help in drawing out the pus, and curing your condition.

For added effect, you can also add some salt to the water, which can aid the process of curing your boils and carbuncles.

3. Neem (Indian lilac)

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Neem or Indian lilac has a host of good properties, which can cure your boil, even if you don’t use medication. It is anti bacterial and anti septic in nature, and can draw out the bacteria, no matter how deep-rooted your condition is. Neem also has soothing properties, which can reduce the pain and swelling which usually accompanies boils.

Make a paste of neem leaves and water and apply it to the area which has been affected. You will see your condition improve and heal within one week of use.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is a miracle natural ingredient which has the ability to cure almost all problems in the body which is caused by bacteria. They have excellent anti-bacterial properties and is also anti-inflammatory in nature, which allows your boil to reduce in size considerable once you start using it.

Make a paste of turmeric and water. You can use ground or raw turmeric for the purpose. You can either consume it, or apply it topically for optimum effect.

5. Castor oil

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One of the best remedies for boils includes the use of castor oil, which is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature. Castor oil also reduces the inflammation, and whether it is a sting, a burn or bacteria that has resulted in your condition, it has the ability to draw the cause right out of your system.

The best way to use castor oil is by swabbing it on the affected area with a clean cotton ball. Repeat this 5-6 times a day for the best effect.

6. Onions

Onions have some of the best anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the swelling and redness, which characterized a boil. The fumes from onions also kill the bacteria on a long-term basis, allowing your body to heal without the risk of a relapse.

Extract onion juice and wash your boil with it. You can also apply onion paste to the area, or even drink onion juice dissolved in water.

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7. Apple cider vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is something you should always have around the house, because of its good properties. It is especially useful because of its anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties and can also help in reducing the inflammation in your condition.

Simply wash the area with a solution which is composed of one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water and watch your condition improve in no time.

8. Milk

Milk has some lesser known healing properties, which are ideal for curing the symptoms of a boil. Not only does it draw out the pus from your boil, but also makes the redness and swelling reduce considerably and helps in eradicating pain and any scars that night occur once your boil has deflated and the skin has been removed.

You can boil some milk with a little salt and wash the area with it. You can also add some vinegar to the milk to make a thick paste, which you can use as an effective home remedy.

9. Garlic

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Garlic has a number of antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which helps in getting rid of the bacteria which might be causing your problem. Using garlic frequently can also help keep the size and extent of the boil in control, so that your condition doesn’t worsen with time.

Crush 4-5 garlic cloves to make a fine paste, which you can apply to the affected area. Do this 2-3 times a day to see a drastic change in your condition within a few days of regular use.

10. Potato

Potatoes are loaded with important nutrients such as Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, flavonoids, etc. All of these not only helps strengthen your immune system, but it also prevents your skin from scarring after the condition has healed, because of its skin lightening properties.

Grate a potato and extract the water that it released by squeezing the pulp. Apply this water with a cotton ball on the affected area at least two to three times a day to see a positive difference in a couple of days of use.

11. Eggs

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Another lesser known, but highly effective home remedy for boils includes the use of eggs. The white part of the egg is loaded with nutrients which help in reducing the symptoms of a boil to a great extent.

Simply boil an egg for a couple of minutes and extract the white part from it. Beat the white part so that it forms a pulp and apply this to the affected area. Cover it till it dries up a little and wash it off with a solution of warm salt solution.

12. Cornmeal

If you are wondering how cornmeal can help treat your boil, then you would be surprised by how effective it actually it. It is an amazing absorbent, which draws out the pus and the bacteria from your boil and restores your skin to its natural state. It is also loaded with nutrients which help your skin heal faster.

Simply had a cup of cornmeal to some boiling water to make a thick paste and apply this to the affected area. This will help reduce the size and seriousness of your boil within 4-5 days of use.

13. Cumin seeds

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Cumin seeds can reduce the swelling and redness, and the antiseptic properties that are present in these seeds are also effective in curing the problem long-term, so that you don’t have to deal with boils any time in the near future, allowing you a long and stress free recovery.

Crush about 50grams of cumin seeds with a little water to make a paste which you can then apply to the affected area. This will cure your problem within one week if you use this remedy regularly.

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14. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is another wonderful herbal remedy that you can use to help heal your condition. The strong antibacterial properties and absorbent nature of this essential oil can kill the bacteria and draw out the pus. However, make sure you don’t apply this directly to your skin, as it is quite strong.

You can mix a couple of drops of this oil with a little slippery elm or crushed parsley and apply it on the affected area, to heal your boils.

These home remedies for boils, as you can see, are completely natural and non-intrusive, so that you don’t have to worry about medication, surgery and their whole host of side effects, when trying to recover from this painful problem!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License

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