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If Dates Were Actually Interviews

Dates and work interviews can be similar on so many levels, you are out to make a great impression on the other person, and you are looking forward to strike a long term relationship if all goes well. The worst case scenario is you make a blunder and you can see your dream job or partner slip away! Clammy hands and adrenaline rushes are common to both but dates have the element of fun and informality which make them bearable but what if it was not so? This is what we believe would happen if dates were actually interviews-

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Female Interviewer: Hello, please take a seat.

Male Interviewee: Thank you. (Nervous as hell)

FI: How are you today? It’s lovely outside isn’t it?

MI: Yeah, it’s a beautiful day for a long ride.

FI: Ah! You are fond of long rides, is it?

MI: Yes, that’s one of my favorite hobbies, I love driving!

FI: That’s good to know. I enjoy driving too; we should go out on a drive sometime.

MI: Sure, why not.

FI: So tell me a bit about your background and past romantic experiences.

MI: I have a fair bit of experience in being a boyfriend. I was born and brought up in Guwahati and moved to Bangalore few years back for my college education. I studied at Christ University; you could say that’s where I learnt the ropes and gained most of my experience. I started working after graduation and got into my first serious role as a boyfriend and it ended a few months back and I have been looking out since then.

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FI: Hmm, alright. So you have been looking out for 4 months now? That’s what your profile on the app mentioned.

MI: Yes, that is true.

FI: Do you always look out for opportunities on the app?

MI: No, I prefer the traditional way of meeting someone in person though it’s become so difficult to ask someone out in person.

FI: Why is that? Are you intimidated by women? Do you consider yourself shy or are you plain lazy?

MI: No, you seem to have misunderstood me. I meant it’s difficult to find right people at the right time. I am here now; I have no qualms in being forthright. (Trying to be enthusiastic and smiling throughout)

FI: Okay tell me about your previous experience. You mentioned it was very serious, what happened there, why did it end?

MI: I wouldn’t like to get into the details.

FI: I understand but this is important for us to go ahead, there might be signs there which I need to evaluate in order to see if you suit for the role.

MI: Umm okay. We were quite steady, the relationship was two years old and we were happy. But her parents came into the picture and they wanted us to get married immediately. I am not sure; maybe I would have married her. But I am 24! I don’t want to marry right away, I have a lot of traveling to do and a very busy career ahead of me.

FI: Let me interrupt you right here, do you believe that once you get married you don’t pay attention to career or that you will never go traveling again?

Mi: No! I don’t think so, but it just seemed too early in our relationship and at this phase in my life. I am not afraid of commitment but it was asking for too much too soon.

FI: Hmm alright. I understand, I myself am not too keen on settling down though I am not interested in casual flings.

MI: That sounds perfect!

FI: Tell me, what is an ideal date for you?

MI: I love eating out and am looking forward to trying out new restaurants. So a new place for a meal, followed by a movie maybe. I am a big movie buff and I also review them on my blog, so it’s kind of a work thing for me too. After that, maybe head out for a drive or whatever the other person wants to do.

FI: That sounds nice. Do you like to party?

MI: I do, once in awhile but not too often. I prefer heading to concerts and special events.

FI: Great, I think we should continue this conversation on a drive now. What say? Before that do you want to ask me anything?

MI: Nothing, let’s head out on that drive (Grinning like a fool 😀 )

FI: <thinking to herself> Test drive…

Featured image source: workopolis

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If Dates Were Actually Interviews
When dates turn into interviews... nah uh... it's the other way round...
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