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If Your Dates Never Lead To Anything More, Here Are 6 Things You Can Do To Get Lucky In Love

If you think why some people can get dates easily and convert those encounters to something more without any trouble, then this is your lucky day. You are about to unravel the mystery of the dating game and stop being unlucky in love.

Here are six essential things that you need to do in order to convert those initial dates into something more meaningful and lasting.

1. Be the game    

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You don’t have to do everything in a predetermined way. Stop following the crowd and stand out in order to create your signature statement. You can never be lucky in love if you keep running in a rat race. You have to be a little mysterious in order to attract your date. There should be something about you that should turn the other person on, making them meet you over and over again. This can’t be achieved by being a part of the same game that everyone plays. Instead, you have to be the game!

2. Stay positive

If you stay optimistic, then you will create a positive aura around you that will attract more like-minded people like you. You can get a few bad dates and the road might get a little bumpy at times, but you can’t let those small things change your state of mind.

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3. Take a leap of faith

You need to understand that everything happens for good and that there is a better plan for you. You might have to take a few risks and gamble it all, but it would be worth it in the end. Increase your odds by meeting more people and never hesitate to follow-up. Ask your friends to set you up with their friends. Rejecting would be the worst-case scenario, right? So what! You will move and find someone better!

4. Focus on the similarities

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When you are meeting your date, instead of discussing the burning issue that might make the two of you take opposite stands; try to focus on your similarities. It will make them realize that you two are really similar and would be great together. Try to know more about their interest and passion and use it in your favor. Learn more about the things they like, so that you can impress them like a pro!

5. Create those “chance” encounters

Nobody gets lucky in love just like that – you need to make it happen. Try to meet them in the most unexpected manner or let them believe that you share a common thing (like having a favorite movie, book, etc.). As unbelievable as it may sound, we all are a little fascinated about serendipity. Make them believe that your union is written in the stars and that you are a part of some magical tale. This added spice will certainly make you convert your dates into something real.

6. Attract happiness


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Happy people are often considered the best lot for a reason. It is as simple as that. If you stay happy and feel confident, you surely attract more people towards you. Gradually, you will start believing in yourself and will get lucky in love in no time. Your date would love your attitude and how they are able to forget everything else when they are around you. Ultimately, everyone wants to be happy, right? Give them a reason to smile and they will certainly be yours!

When I think of it again, there is no such thing as luck. We create our own fate and if you are truly optimistic, you can certainly change the game and from being unlucky – you can be the luckiest one in love!

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6 Vital Things You CAN Do To Get Lucky In Love
It is easy to get lucky in love!
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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