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10 Valid Reasons Why Looking For A Job Is The Informal Equivalent Of Dating

What do I mean when I say that looking for a job is equivalent to dating? It is the same grueling process of anticipation, nausea and anxiousness. Be it checking your phone 10 times a day for a response to boasting about yourself without sounding stuck up, it is the SAME thing. Ah… the emotions we go through.

Dating = Looking for a job. And vice versa.

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Image source: careythetorch

Don’t believe me? These pointers will convince you.

1. You are always ready for it. One call and you will go for it.

Job: “Can you be here for the job interview at 6:30 am?”

“Sure thing!” *arrives 30 minutes early, just in case*

Dating: “You want me to come over to your place at 2:45 am? Oh ok, cool, wasn’t doing anything important anyway! Ha-ha, see you!”

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2. It is nerve wracking to decide on an outfit.

Job: “Should I dress formally? Should I wear heels with this dress? Or should I dress very conservatively? What if they don’t like my make-up and reject me?”

Dating: “Should I wear the mini skirt? Should I just wear a maxi dress? Is my makeup too loud?”

3. Your profile shows the best of you.

Job: You change your LinkedIn profile picture of you intently at work and boast about skills you don’t even have. And don’t even ask about the personal profile!

Dating: Tinder shows the best possible version of you. “My face looks good in this, but the other picture has more cleavage… um… cleavage it is!”

4. You develop serious self doubt.

Job: “What if I am not good enough?”

Dating: “What if they don’t like me? What if they stand me up?”

5. You get messages which low-key mean “F*ck off”

Job: “We are currently not looking for candidates with your qualifications. Thanks for dropping in your resume!”

Dating: “Um, I am not looking for anything serious right now, you know…”

6. Getting rejected results in people telling you, “Hang in there, the right one is just around the corner!”

You: “Can you guys not?! I ain’t getting any younger!”

7. You try to make yourself feel better after getting rejected.

Job: “Oh well, it was anyway a shitty job. Like, sure the pay was great but did you see the assistant’s face? Imagine if you had actually gotten the job and had to see her face EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s actually a good thing you didn’t get it.”

Dating: “Sure, he was great looking and had a great sense of humor… I just didn’t like the way he dressed. So it’s probably for the best. Whoa, I just saved myself a few fights!”

8. You get nauseous at the thought of a new one.

Job: “What? An interview? BRB, throwing up”

Dating: “Uh, a date? I am SO nervous. Should I cancel? ☹”

9. You will do anything to get one.

Job: “It requires wearing only formals? Proper with shoes and socks? No problem! I wear only formals anyway!”

Dating: “You are really broke but want to go on a date? Don’t worry, I got you covered!”

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10. You tell everyone if you land one.

Job: You change your Facebook info to “Works at Blah Blah” the day you start working. You update your LinkedIn and post a picture saying “#WorkBlues ☹” even though it is your first day at work.

Dating: You don’t make your relationship public immediately but in a week’s time your Facebook profile picture changes with a caption ‘For life <3’ which in reality means ‘HAHA I HAVE A BF/GF S*CK IT LOSERS!’

Well, hang in there, I guess?

Featured image source: careythetorch

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10 Reasons Looking For A Job Is The Informal Equivalent Of Dating
Because you wouldn't believe the number of ways you can prove LHS (looking for a job) = RHS (dating). ;)
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