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If Items On A Date Night Could Talk…

It’s a wonderful evening; the night air is crisp and breezy with a few stars twinkling to create the perfect romantic setting for a date night. The table is set for two, in this quaint open air restaurant which is the talk of the town currently and the patrons seem to love it for the lively atmosphere, well……to make love come alive for sure!  

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Ms Chair: Do you think it’s going to be a first date?

Mr Chair (Usual grumpy mood, wear and tear has not been kind to him): Eh, I don’t know.

Ms Chair: You want to bet on it?

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Mr. Salt shaker (He and Pepper shaker are twins): Hey now! You know it must be something special else these candle dudes would never be out! The guy must have called in for the special setting.

Mr. Candle:Hmph.. I guess our time had to come sometime, hopefully it turns out special for the couple.

Ms Chair: Oooh! Do you think it’s a proposal night? I love being here for the proposals, it’s all so nice.

The human couple walks in, the beautiful lady is at her dressiest self while he seems to have put in some effort in cleaning up properly. He held his hand ever so slightly at her back and led her to the table. He pulled out the chair for her and then sat down himself.

Ms Chair: Awww! This guy is a keeper!

Mr Chair: Yeah right, remember the other time when that lady went on about feminism and stuff? She was rude but she seemed to want the guy to pull her chair too. Such double standards!

Ms Chair: Oh come on! It is nice when the guy does chivalrous stuff like that, this human lady looks so radiant. I bet he is going to propose to her tonight.

Mr Pepper Shaker: Look look! They are bringing the wine glass twins out, oh boy, it does look like a proposal night.

Meanwhile, the wine glasses are out and the guy was toasting to their relationship. *Clinking of glasses*

Mr. Wine Glass: Ouch! That hurt, am glad it happens only once. Hey you all at the table, how are things going? What are you betting on today? Proposal night?

Ms Chair: That’s what I think too!

Mr. Human: It’s a beautiful night tonight, isn’t it? Just like our first date three years back.

Ms. Human: I know, it really was such a memorable night, it seemed so natural to keep dating.

Mr Chair: This guy is off his rocker! What’s with all the sappy stuff man! Men don’t have any b***s nowadays. Hmph!

Mr. Salt Shaker: Ha ha ha! Stop being a grumpy old man, this is what humans do nowadays, well they always have. They are super nice when they want something, but yes, this human is certainly from a rare one. Not many guys who come here say nice stuff like this, which makes me believe he is here to propose.

Ms. Candle: Whatever man! Get us out of this misery, kill me soon! Get this over with!

Mr. Human: Shaina, you must be wondering what is with all this sudden gush of romance. I know I haven’t been giving you time lately but you are always on my mind.

Ms. Wine Glass: And so said every male human ever!

Ms. Human: Yes, I have been missing you a lot, but I am glad you made it tonight and thank you so much for this lovely dinner.

Ms. Chair: Poor girl! So understanding!

Mr. Chair: Who wouldn’t like this extravagant dinner?!!

In a swift motion, Mr. Human gets out of his chair and on his knee and flourishes a box and opens it to a ring.

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Mr. Human: I know, Shaina, that I have delayed the marriage conversation with you for so long, I certainly wasn’t ready for a discussion about the future. Then the USA trip happened and it changed everything for me, those three months I wasn’t myself. Yes, the time difference made it difficult for us to even have a normal conversation but I missed seeing you every day. Till I was alone for so long, I didn’t realize how much I had begun to depend on you. I really missed you Shaina and I never want to miss you again ever! I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Shaina, will you marry me and make the happiest man ever?

Shaina had tears of happiness welling in her eyes and was so surprised, she only kept on nodding.

Ms. Human: Yes yes yes!

Ms. Chair: I knew it! They are so cute, oh my god, this is so awesome!

Mr. Chair: They will be back with their friends, complaining about how awful their life is after marriage, you wait and watch!

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If Items On A Date Night Could Talk...
What would happen if we could see the date night unfold through the eyes of the chairs and wine glasses?
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