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11 Naughty Date Night Ideas To Rev Up Your Love Life

Regular date nights help keep your relationship alive. But you need naughty date night ideas to take it to a brand new level! It does not matter whether the two of you are in a long-term relationship, or if you have just started seeing each other, date nights are crucial!

One should never underestimate the need of spending quality time with their partner. Especially, if the two of you are always busy chasing ambitions or looking after your family. It is the time you consciously allot to each other that makes or breaks your relationship.

Let’s skim through the golden rules of a date night, shall we:

  • Leave your worries behind before heading out for a date night
  • Avoid all unpleasantness
  • Do not bring up issues that push your date over the edge
  • Do not behave like a sulky teenager
  • Do something interactive
  • Running errands together does not count (!!!)

Once you accept these golden rules of date night, you need to think of ways to make it more fun! Plan some stellar activities, ones that you have not tried before. Can’t think of any? In that case, you need these naughty date night ideas to spice up your love life!

P.S.: The list ain’t exhaustive! 😉

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1. Play strip poker


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Poker is fun. But what makes it naughty is adding a creative twist to it! It is simple: Whoever loses a round has to take off a particular item of clothing. I am sure the sound of it has already got your blood moving! To add an extra thrill, try a Durex Bedroom Fireworks set of pleasure to stimulate the naughty date night!

2. Get wicked at the movies!

The movie theater was built for the lovers to extend their fun outside the 4 walls of their home. If the two of you are married, it is time you indulge in some nostalgia by making out at the cinemas! Choose a movie that the two of you are least interested in (we don’t want any disturbance, do we?!). Find a perfect corner at the back of the hall for some steamy fun!

3. Pick each other up

It is time to pamper yourself by indulging in adult play time! Head over to a night club separately, and act like you don’t know each other. Guys, approach your lady by offering to buy her a drink. And ladies, give your guy a tough time! Try to create interesting back stories for the character you are playing.

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Then adding mystery to your night, book yourself a room at a hotel you have never been to. Whisking your significant other for a passionate night is a great way to rev things up. Try candles and wine, and transform the room into a love nest (for adults ;))!

4. Role play

role playing in the bedroom_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Since we have already got you hooked on backstories, we suggest you tailor one just for the date night! Create the characters for each other (that sounds fun, doesn’t it?!). Some roles that you can try immediately (like tonight!) are a CIA agent helping a CDC researcher find a cure for some stupid viral outbreak (give it some erotic name!). But how do we make it naughty? The only way to find the cure is by procreating!! Yea… I can see you smirk!

If you fancy a kidnap fantasy try that out. Or you can also go for a professor-student storyline. The more elaborate and cheesy the role play scenario, the more will be the fun!

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5. Dress up!

naughty nurse_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

Ladies, you need to invest some of your dollars on sexy lingerie. Give your baby a little sneak peek during dinner. Behaving like a seductress on the prowl can get your man really hot and absolutely not bothered about dinner!

Gentlemen, we want you to spend some of the cash on your briefs. When it comes to an underwear, less is more! Considering the same, you may even hang it lose, fella 😉 Let your lady love get a glimpse of the package that awaits her!

6. Dirty dancing!

Learn how to tango, with a twist! Or Salsa and some swing maybe! Instead of a boring dinner or movie date, spice up your evenings with dance classes! Though they will be sober in the day, you can practice them *wait for it* without any clothes on at home! Plus, when you are done learning, prepare to get all your friends jealous as heck, and that can be a turn on in itself!

7. Memento-style

Memento-style means to do the whole date night backwards! It is a really interesting (read: thrilling) way of revving up your love life. So begin with the end! Start by taking a bubble bath with your partner. Invest on rose petals and candles and bath salts for a sensual experience. Then move on to the bed and indulge yourselves in some wild moves between the sheets. Next, head over to an ice cream parlor and gobble down your favorite dessert. Then visit a breakfast diner for a gourmet meal!

8. Take a bath together!

couple in a bubble bath_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest 

Dial up the spice in your relationship by canoodling with each other in a bath tub. Draw yourselves a relaxing bath with bath salts and soothing body wash. Scented candles go without saying! Keep the soft towels handy. Turn on some easy instrumental music! For an extra splash of fun, add lube and a waterproof sex toy!

9. A not-so-ordinary day at home!

Get yourselves a masseuse for a couples massage at home. This will help the two of you spend few hours chilling together. Once your therapist exits, spend the rest of the day cooking, dining, wining and doing other things nude! Hit the carpet instead of the bed, and make love in front of the fireplace!

P.S.: Don’t forget to send the babies to your parents’ before getting down and dirty with ‘the baby’!

You already know how essential date nights are. Squeezing one or two in a month is tough but necessary. However, what is more important is that you indulge in naughty date night ideas to spice them up, taking care of the sexual health of your relationship! Hope these ideas help you nurture your love life and keep it youthful forever and always!

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Featured image: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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11 Naughty Date Night Ideas To Rev Up Your Love Life
Squeezing a couple of date nights a month is necessary. But indulging in naughty date night ideas will spice up your love life & keep you forever young!
Ruth Russell

Ruth Russell

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