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8 Innovative Gifts For Wives Under INR 5000

Yes, we love our jewelry and yes, we love our shoes even more, but we can always tell when an extravagant gift has been bought at the last minute. So, if you think it takes every note in your bank account to please us, you could not have been more wrong. There is not one husband across the globe who does not give that ohh-so-subtle smile at the two word joke “Happily Married,” but the truth is, if you can’t live with us, you ‘very much’ can’t do without us either! And the gifts-once-in-a-while clause is part of the package! (Shoes are, however, expected more often!)

Okay, okay, I am going to be a little kind now. I know that picking a gift is not easy. And if you are picking one for your wify (occasion or no occasion), it is akin to running a marathon. Not that those love paranthas tucked away in your tummy tyres are any help with the marathon either! So, to help those poor husbands who would much rather be called ‘Your Royal Highness’ but have to make do with ‘Suno,’ I have compiled a list of some unique gift ideas for their loving wives. And all of them are super-light on the wallet too!

1. Coupon love

love coupons

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Okay, I hear you. But this is not one of those cheesy love coupons bought at the local store. Make a few coupons (maybe a week or a month’s worth of them) that are closely related to your relationship. For example, if you are the husband who annoys the Mrs. with untidy bathroom counters, wet towels on the bed or worse, socks on the couch (breathing through my mouth now!), make coupons for a week or a month’s worth of clean bathroom counters and no towels and socks thrown about. If the expiration date turns out to be sooner than the one promised, pen a penalty at the back, say a fully-funded-no-whining shopping spree or breakfast in bed. She will love you for these. What’s more, you might be seeing a rolled eye and a mischievous smile when you try to remove the socks off the couch back on the sly, but no nagging! Win-win! J

2. Treat your queen

her royal highness

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You married a princess and therefore, you ought to keep her like a queen. Steal a day from her routine wify-mamma-cook-workaholic role and gift her the dream. Mete out the royal treatment for a day by crowning her with a handmade coronet of gems, beads or flowers. Compile a list of her wishes and spend the entire day at her beck and call, fulfilling each and every one of them. Instead of succumbing to the standard treatment that such plans fall a victim to, plan your day around a love theme. Pick her favorite fairy-tale or period movie/epic and plan the romantic activities around the theme. The only rule – since she is the queen, she rules! While words may fail her, the glint in her eyes shall speak volumes about how much she will love this!

3. Flowers forever

flower letter b

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

I know what you are thinking! But by now, you should have guessed that my gift ideas aren’t really what they look on the outside. So, once again, NO! This is not a bouquet idea. Far from it. Pick out a few bunches of artificial blooms at the local store. Be careful to pick the blossoms she likes and in the hues that shall complement your wife’s taste as well as the interior of your room. Build life-size flower letters of your initials on a cardboard, and put it up above your bed’s headboard. You could even put in a heart filled with artificial roses in between. A really thoughtful DIY project, the gift shall entwine your names together, forever.

4. Scrabble splatter

scrabble tile love note

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You might have to rob a scrabble tile bank for this one! Raid your own supply, borrow from friends, buy a dozen game boards and you might still be short! The idea is to use the scrabble tiles to craft a love message for your wife. What’s new about that, you ask. The fact that you shall craft the message in the shape of a heart over a customized scrabble board wallpaper and put it up on one of the walls in your home. When she returns after a drab day from work, she might not believe her eyes! And when she is done reading, you might want to bless me! J

5. Chocolaty kisses


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Make a chocolate box, with layers of her favorite chocolates. Tag each chocolate layer with a special kiss type. Tell your wife that she’d be able to devour all the contents of the box, when she seals the deal with the kiss of each layer. For example, you could let the Eskimo kiss take away the opening credits! Yum, isn’t it?

6. Love lock & Key

heart shaped lock

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

If you are quite the artisan and can work wonders with the toolbox, then this gift idea is for you. Fashion a wooden heart-shaped lock that shall open up like a bud. Construct smaller compartments within the lock and fill each compartment with tiny scrolls of love. Shut it tight and decorate it with fine carving, stones, paint or signets of some kind. Put the key in another exquisite box and surprise your wife with this novel creation. Since she is the only one who holds the key to your heart, let her unlock the box to find love – lots of it!

7. Scoop the book

pull out photo album

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Make/buy a hollow book and build a pull-out photo album within it. You may have the hollow space done in several shapes and then, design your pull-out photo strip in a similar shape. You shall need the hollow book, your photos, and some editing software to design and print your photos on the strip. After the strip is ready, you’d have to glue one end to the bottom of the hollow space and then fold your way upwards, where you can punch in a hole and tie a small piece of ribbon to facilitate the pulling-out process. This process works best for regular shapes. While the book shall go up on your wife’s permanent collection, you’ll climb up the favorite ladder, too!

8. Love compass


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Buy some compasses and build puzzles around the directional clues. The idea can be used to lead your wife to a special present tucked away in some secret corner of your home or to an exclusive date night planned for the two of you. If that is too simple for you, you may turn the concept into a game. You may have a present accompany each decoding step. Do it with body butters, body oils, lavender scrubs, aromatic candles, foot soaks, eye pillows, homemade soaps, some blossoms and who knows, you might be in for a treat too!

So, husbands, try this anti-flower, anti-chocolate, and anti-jewelry (anti-shoe is just too hard to say, can’t do it!) ideas and let us know how it all works out! We never tire of hearing about LOVE! J

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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8 innovative gifts for wives under INR 5000
You don't need a reason to gift your wife. So, here are 8 innovative gifts for wives to make them love you even more!
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