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Is Your Success Destroying Your Chances of A Healthy Relationship?

You’re extremely picky because you can be. You have everything to offer and therefore you want the best! Why is it, then, that when you meet a man on your level and you focus on getting him on board for a relationship, it never seems to work in your favor?

Do you sometimes feel like giving up? Maybe you dive back into what you do best, like your career, the usual networking, and all of the things in which you excel.

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What if I told you that with some simple shifts in your vibe, your romantic life could flow like the other seamless aspects of your life?

Let me tell you a secret that may seem counter-intuitive: The strategies that we use every day to succeed in our careers will lead to failure in our relationships. This is because our career-oriented selves are propelled by a masculine energy, and if we want to start having solid connections with men, it is crucial that we tap into our natural feminine energy.

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Often, as women, we are forced to remain locked into our masculine energy in order to succeed in the work force and in day to day life; this is the same energy we are using to thrive in our stressful business roles and our morning commutes.

This type of daily masculine energy works in the competitive world of our careers, but it can make it difficult or even impossible to build a deep connection with a masculine man.

Functioning in our masculine energy looks like this:

Taking action, making decisions, doing, thinking, analyzing, leading, giving, and pleasing.

Can you think of examples of when your behaviors are masculine around your man or potential men?

When we do these things around men, we are giving off the same kind of energy that they have a tendency to give off. Men are naturally attracted to women who have feminine energy. They will not be able to maintain their attraction to a woman who is giving off too much masculine energy and engaging in behaviors that bring out this vibe.

As a tom boy, during my youth, the thought of lace and frills and the color *gasp* pink, made me turn my nose up. I worshiped my older brother and had spent twenty-nine years trying to be like him. But that didn’t get me where I wanted to be in terms of my relationship.

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Put it this way: If I could learn to tap into my feminine energy in a way that would work for me, I know you can too.

By tapping into my feminine energy’s potential, I was able to transform myself and my love life and start connecting with men on much deeper levels.

Here are some ways that you can shift into your feminine energy from a decidedly masculine one. These shifts will help you get instant results in your level of attractiveness:

1. Allow him to lead

Let him be the one to work toward furthering the relationship from moment one. Let him choose the location of your dates. Allow him to choose the table or where you will sit. Try not to control the conversation. Lean back and let him work to get to know you. Don’t try so hard to show that you are witty or funny. Let him work to impress you. Do not follow up and ask for dates and reach out to see how he is doing. He will contact you if and when he wants to.

2. Be present in the moment

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You must lose your “agenda” and be okay with where you are in your life and yourself. Otherwise he will sense this and it will block the connection. Stay present in the moment and listen deeply to what he has to say without thinking about what you will say next. Appreciate the details of life and find joy in the moments.

3. Create an inviting vibe

When he is in front of you, consciously allow the tension to leave your muscles and your body to loosen up. Take in some air and allow it to go deep into your belly. This will help loosen you up and completely shift your vibe around him. A tense environment blocks the connection. He can feel your level of tension through the air! Let your inner light shine with warm eyes and a warm smile. Stay out of heavy work-related topics, which bring you back to your masculine energy thoughts. This will keep your vibe light and airy.

4. Don’t try to control your thoughts and feelings

Instead, learn how to express them authentically: Be vulnerable and remove your hard protective shell. Many people are inauthentic on dates and try to control the other person’s perception of them. This only serves to block intimacy and prevents you from meeting a person who is truly the right match. Authenticity is magnetic to a man.

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5. Be open to receiving efforts from him

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Allow him to open your door and choose the table. Let him pull your chair out for you. Let him ask you what you want and allow him to place the order with the waiter or bartender. Allow him to treat you to something. Let him get a cab for you or walk you home. Lean back and get into the position to receive from him.

If you want to attract a masculine energy man who wants to do things to please you, who wants to make decisions and take action, you need to modify your behaviors to get into the position to receive these things from a man. He will subconsciously lose attraction for you if you are overly controlling and not allowing him to take the lead.

He wants to do these things for you.

Don’t steal his thunder! Give yourself a chance at a healthy relationship!

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Are You Destroying Your Chances Of A Healthy Relationship Unknowingly?
Beware! You just might be destroying your chances of a healthy relationship by giving off masculine energy when he's looking for your feminine energy!
Megan Weks

Megan Weks

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