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10 Intelligent Ways To Ensure All Your Fights Lead To A More Healthy Relationship

Being in a relationship with someone is an experience in itself. Sometimes, we share the deepest of secrets with our partner while there are times when we fight for hours. It is all a part of the deal and one should enjoy every bit of it. Though, it is of utmost importance that you don’t let those fights turn ugly. Our words can sometimes cause the kind of damage that not even time or our love can heal. When you are fighting with your significant other, be sure to surpass that phase and come out of it being stronger than ever.

It is a good thing to have arguments with your partner, as it will test your relationship. The best part is about overcoming all these hurdles and resolving even the most sensitive of issues to have a healthy relationship. Do you ever wonder why we don’t fight with strangers or anyone except our loved ones? The answer is pretty clear. We only argue with our close friends and family. We fight with our significant other because we care about them so much.

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Arguments can be a way of showing love towards your partner. Though, when you are fighting with your partner, never cross the line and always reach a conclusion. We have come up with some tactful ways that will help you make the best out of all those fights. Your love for them matters more than those few seconds of rage or the satisfaction of having an upper hand in the relationship, right? Follow these foolproof ways to make sure your fight would always result into something fruitful and that it would lead to a healthy relationship.

1. Avoid an unpleasant situation

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No matter with whom you are fighting, there is always a line that should never be crossed. If you think there is something about which your partner is extremely particular, then it is always recommended to avoid it. It could trigger the fight or escalate it to a whole new level. Sometimes, our words can hurt more than our actions. Always be sure of what you are saying and never let the heat of the moment ruin your relationship.

Fighting fair is definitely a part of it, but conveying your notions in the right way is even more important. After dating someone for so long, you get to know about the things they prefer or the situations they like to avoid. Convey your ideas in such a way that it won’t cause any damage to their sense of self-esteem.

2. Speak your mind

Even when you are angry at your significant other, never be dishonest with them. Yes, you might get away with a fight after speaking a lie, but it might cause unspeakable damage to your relationship in the long run. The truth always has a way of coming out and it might create more complications between the two of you.

At the same time, don’t keep a secret from them as well. Honesty is the backbone of every healthy relationship and you should trust your partner with your life. Don’t try to play any mind games with them. Don’t hide your emotions or try to overlook the obvious. If you are being bothered by something, let your partner know about it, instead of keeping it with you for the days to come. This will let you gain their trust and they would start appreciating your honesty.

3. Don’t hold a grudge

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Too many times, people don’t really come out of a bad fight. It might sound strange, but even in a relationship, we try to take revenge on our partner. You can’t be pissed at your partner for an irrelevant thing your whole life. There shouldn’t be any reason to hold a grudge or even an unpleasant sentiment for them.

Try to talk to your partner and communicate with them in the right way. If you think, you can’t change it and the relationship matters more than a respective thing, then let go of it. Try to move on from a fight and don’t let it ruin your whole relationship. There is a fine line between love and hate. If you keep holding on to your rage, then you would slip into the other side without any realization.

4. Admit your mistakes

If you know you have said or done something wrong to hurt your partner, then you should always apologize. There is nothing wrong with admitting your mistakes. In fact, it would let your partner know you care. Don’t be afraid of your flaws. No one is perfect and chances are that your partner would start embracing your flaws instead of despising them.

The most dreadful of battles in our history could have been avoided with a sincere apology. Never underestimate the power of an honest confession as it can mend a broken relationship in no time.

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5. Don’t think of having an upper hand in the relationship

A relationship is a game of equals and you certainly can’t think of having an upper hand over your partner. If you have this idea of always putting your partner down, then you can never have a healthy relationship with them. When you are fighting, don’t think of winning. It is not a battle.

There is no harm in compromising a little or walking a few extra miles to make sure your partner is happy. After all, it is their happiness that should matter the most to you.

6. Identify the issue or the cause of the problem

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Instead of proving your partner wrong, always look for the cause of the problem. If you can’t identify the root of all those fights, then there won’t be any benefit of having those numerous arguments with your partner. Are you pissed because your partner doesn’t give you your own space? Do you think it is all about your drinking habit? Are you not happy with the way they treat you in front of their friends?

These are the kind of issues that mostly ignites a fight. The immediate cause could be the most irrelevant thing in this world, but deep within, we all fight with our loved ones due to a rooted cause. Try to figure out the major issue that the two of you are facing instead of beating around the bush.

7. Meet each other halfway

Sometimes we fight on the most irreverent things, but there are times when we argue with our partner regarding a few sensitive issues. Resolving such topics can be a task in itself. You can’t expect your partner to bend or compromise for you. If you think you can change for them, then there is no need to have a second thought.

Though, if you can’t fulfill their demands, try to meet each other halfway. Instead of fighting, calm your senses. Try to talk to them in a peaceful way and point out the pros and cons. You should always be more pragmatic about it. This will help you surpass the issue and have a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

8. Avoid silence

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Too often, we believe in giving our partner the dreadful silence that never results into something productive. Yes, if you think you are angry and might hurt your significant other by saying something wrong, then it is better to stay quiet. But you can’t maintain that silence for hours (or even days). Take the assistance of silence to prevent the heat of the moment, but not to prove your point.

9. Reach a conclusion

You can’t put an end to a fight without coming up with a conclusion. Since you have already met each other the halfway and are ready to make a few compromises, reaching a conclusion won’t be a tough thing.

Think of the bigger picture when you are making your mind. Always make sure how your decision is going to affect your relationship. Keep your personal as well as professional life in mind. Sometimes, we become vulnerable and make the kind of regretful decisions that ruins our life. Don’t make the same mistake and be sure to take a mature step.

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10. Implement it

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It is not just about coming up with a solution. An equal emphasis should be laid on implementing it as well. If you had a fight with your partner regarding your punctuality, then make sure that you are never late again. If you have decided to give up a bad habit of yours, ensure that don’t fall back into the same loop. You can’t have a healthy relationship with your partner if you are not able to implement that much-needed change in your life. Either don’t agree with it or don’t disappoint them again by not implementing it.

Relationships can be a little fragile at times. Even a small fight can cause the kind of damage that no apology can amend. We all fight with our significant other, but it is all about moving ahead of those differences and reaching a conclusion. If you would keep fighting over the same issue, then you certainly can’t have a healthy relationship with them. Try to implement these thoughtful suggestions and be sure to have a long-lasting and nurturing relationship.

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10 Ways To Ensure All Your Fights Lead To A Healthy Relationship
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