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The Top 17 Relationship Rules You NEED To Have A Healthy Relationship

Being with someone might seem like one of the most effortless things in this world, but it isn’t that easy after all. Love requires us to make an effort in order to replenish its source. You might have to walk an extra mile to make it work with your partner. These relationship rules might seem way too simple, but if implemented wisely, they can help you attain a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

If you think you are already with the right guy or girl and would like to make it work in the long run, start by focusing on every aspect of your life. Give them the whole of you and make an effort to be accepted by them. It should happen in the most natural way.

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Follow these simple yet thoughtful relationship rules and attain a healthy relationship with your partner.

1. Always mean what you say

Don’t be one of those people who can never live up to their words. To someone else, your words might mean everything!

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Say “I love you” only when you mean it. Too many times, we say it only to reciprocate your partner’s feelings. If you don’t feel the same way, then let them know it in a subtle way. Yes, it would hurt them a little, but it might save the two of you from taking a disastrous move.

If you have made a promise to your partner, always fulfill it. Nothing hurts like broken promises. Either you should not say the things you can’t do or mean everything you say. Talk less and mean it. Each and every word of it.

2. For better or worse

Because when you love someone, you love them for who they are. You are willing to be with them through thick and thin, better or worse, no matter what.

Just because you are not married, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to live up to these golden words. Too many times, people overlook them. One of the most significant relationship rules is to support your partner, irrespective of the circumstances. They could be going through a rough patch and your support can inspire them a lot.

If they want, then give them a shoulder to cry on. Just because they are having a bad phase, doesn’t mean you can put an end to your relationship. In fact, you should do the opposite of it by being their strength.

3. Don’t go to bed angry

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We all fight with our partner, but you should never let that argument be more important than your relationship. Even if you have fought with your partner on the most dreadful of topics, always try to clear the air before calling it a night.

This might become a habit and you would waste your time arguing about those irrelevant issues. Gradually, you will let silence ruin your relationship by simply avoiding a discussion with your partner.

Silence can sometimes ruin a healthy relationship. Don’t let it haunt you for several nights. Hold your partner tight and let it all out.

4. Make your partner your best friend

Before you accept them as an integral part of your life, be their friends. Let them know your secrets and trust them with your life.

You should be able to have a perfect bond with your partner. Make them your friend and you would certainly learn to trust them without any trouble.

5. Don’t pick an irrelevant fight

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If you know a topic is not worth fighting for, then you should simply avoid it. You should avoid instigating your partner or agitating them, if you know they are already having a bad day.

There is nothing wrong in meeting your partner halfway sometimes. We all need to compromise a little in our relationship. Yes, we all fight with our significant other, but it is certainly not a wise move.

Before you have any argument with your partner, take a step back and contemplate a little – a few battles in this world are just not worth fighting for.

6. Trust your partner with your life

Without trust, you won’t be able to create a strong foundation of your relationship. If you don’t trust your partner, then you certainly can’t take a leap of faith.

Instead of asking them questions about every move they make, start trusting them. They are with you for a reason, right?  Never let them second guess their judgment by questioning their intentions or breaking their trust.

7. Be honest

There is this thing about truth – it has a way of coming out. If you are dishonest with your partner, you can get away with something for a while, but it might end disastrously in the future.

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You can never keep them in the dark about anything at all. Even if it concerns your family or work, if it is about your body or mind, or is regarding your deepest fears – you should always discuss it with your partner.

8. Try to read between the lines

When it comes to love, we don’t always express our opinion in words. Sometimes, a single look or even our silence can speak a thousand words.

When you love someone, try to listen to the words they never say. Read between the lines and focus on every insignificant action of theirs, as it might be a hint in its own way.

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9. Maintain your individuality

Your partner loves you for who you are. The moment you stop being yourself, you will not only get distant from your partner, but would lose a part of you in that process as well.

You have taken years to be who you are. Never lose that. When you are in a relationship, you might face a few unforeseen circumstances. Life can throw a curveball to you and might take it all away from you. Welcome the change, but never lose yourself with it.

10. Never take each other for granted

Unlike things, people can’t be replaced. The moment you start taking your significant other for granted, they would become one of those things that can easily be replaced.

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Needless to say, this would be one such thing that you might regret forever. This is what makes it one of the most significant relationship rules to follow. Never think you can find someone else, or someone better to replace your significant other. Cherish what you have and never let it go.

11. Compliment your partner

Too often, we get so strangled with our life that we forget to appreciate the sheer beauty of it. The next time you see your partner, let them know how beautiful they are.

It could be the color of their eyes or the way they laugh. There must be something about them that must have swept you off your feet. Never underestimate the power of a good compliment as it can help you put an end to a bad fight. Additionally, it would let your partner know how much you appreciate them.

12. Never argue in public

By arguing in public, you won’t show others how bad your partner is. Instead, you would let them know how impatient you are.

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We have always been told to keep our affairs private for a reason. If you are having a personal issue with your partner, always wait for the right time and place. Never make it a public affair as it might have a negative impact on your relationship.

13. Forgive quickly

Because life is just too short to focus on all those negative things! Don’t hold your anger. Let it go and cherish what you have.

Remember every word and action of your partner, but never let exaggerate a fight. Forgive quickly, but don’t forget things so easily as well.

14. Focus on those little things!

Love is not about those larger than life gestures. It is about focusing on all those little things, which makes it all so magical.

Focus on all those little things. Let your partner know how particular you are when it comes to love. From the way they like their tea to their favorite quote – you should know it all.

15. Grow with your partner

Love is not an event – it is a process. The beauty of it is not about finding the one. Instead, it is about growing old with the same person by your side with every passing day.

Make it one day at a time and be sure to grow yourself with your partner. Don’t grow out of love! Try to welcome the change and fall in love with each other all over again.

16. Be in love forever

It’s either forever or nothing. It is not true love, if it can’t last an eternity.

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Believe in your fairy tale romance, even when you have to struggle for years to get it. Don’t settle for anything less that you deserve. Be with your partner forever – and even after that.

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17. Stay. Stay. Stay.

Anyone can walk away from a relationship. It takes courage to be with the one you love, without any condition.

Don’t leave just because you had a bad fight with your partner. Think about your future. There is nothing in this world that can substitute true love. Never make the mistake of leaving your partner, until and unless you are sure that it’s not going to work.

The next time you are having a second thought, try to consider these relationship rules. They might not help you find your moral compass and lead you towards true north, but they will always inspire you to do what’s right. They will help you go where you really belong. They will help you find love and a place called home.

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17 Relationship Rules You NEED To Have A Healthy Relationship
Follow these simple yet thoughtful relationship rules and attain a healthy relationship with your partner.
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