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20 Sad Signs You’re In A One-sided Relationship

Relationships aren’t always rosy and too many of us know what a broken heart feels like. In such cases, you may be in need of relationship advice. There are so many of us who are stuck in one-sided relationships as well. While we do understand that love has a way of coloring your life, but is it really ideal to stay in a one-sided relationship? Are you so eager to be with someone that you are willing to be with the wrong person? One-sided relationships bring nothing but pain and a bottomless pool of regrets. So, if you are looking for signs of a one-sided relationship, we bring you well thought out and researched pointers.

Use this checklist to examine whether your relationship is balanced or not. Sometimes, you are better off alone rather than being with someone who doesn’t deserve a heart like yours. The choice will always be yours.

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1. You spend a lot of time alone

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When you are in a relationship, you expect your partner to give you their time. It marks the transition from ‘I’ to ‘We’ and it is meant to be that way. If you are still alone most of the time and you don’t really know what is going on in your partner’s life, the odds are high that the relationship doesn’t mean much to them. Address this as soon as possible, and then decide if it’s right to move on.

2. Too rigid rules

A relationship asks you to be creative and you should cherish the good times. If you find yourself following too many rules and there are various restrictions in your relationship, this looks to be a one-sided relationship. If you find your relationship to be more of an ordeal than an enjoyable experience, this is another sign that it is not very balanced.

3. You are always pushing

If you always need to push your partner in a relationship and you are the one who always seems to be making the effort, this is a big sign of a one-sided relationship. You have to be sure that you both are equally involved in the relationship. Pushing a bit too hard can be frustrating for both people and it doesn’t set a great foundation for your relationship to prosper.

4. You need to fight for attention

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You shouldn’t need to constantly fight for attention in your own relationship. When you are in love with someone, they should treasure you. If there is not enough investment in the relationship, you will end up having to constantly fight for their attention. This isn’t the right way to go. This is bound to lead to more problems in future and will worsen matters for you.

5. You are taken for granted

Never let another person take you for granted. The moment you give your partner this kind of an advantage, they are going to use you in the wrong manner. Love isn’t meant to be taken too lightly. If you feel that your partner is taking you for granted because they think that no matter how they behave, you will always be a call away, it is time to change the dynamics. Don’t be the puppy that caves in regardless of the atrocities of the master.

6. No more dates

Is it hard to recall when you have last been on a date? Every relationship demands some time together and you should make it a point to go on dates to spend quality time together. If you are constantly convincing the other person to go out with you, the relationship is one-sided. So look out for ways to reignite the passion in your relationship because a relationship without quality time is headed for disaster.

7. Too casual

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A relationship shouldn’t be an extremely casual affair unless you both are on the same page. The moment you feel that the relationship doesn’t mean as much to the other person as it does to you and they are in it for a casual affair, you need to draw the line. A relationship should never be causal, unless both partners agree to it. True love is meant to be hot, passionate, and fiery; you will have to be sure that you can make things work. Talk to your partner and express your needs and what you want out of the relationship. If you still think they are taking things too lightly, this is surely not a healthy sign.

8. No compliments

Does your partner often fail to compliment you? How many times have you woken up to a ‘good morning’ text? Do you really feel happy when you are with your partner? If none of these things are happening, and they always seem to be too busy for you, it might be time to show them the door. Of course, it is valid the other way around as well. Never let someone give you the cold shoulder in a relationship.

9. You go days without talking

Are you always the one who initiates the conversation? Do you often find yourself ending a message or calling them up because they simply don’t care if you don’t take charge? If your partner doesn’t really care how many hours or even days they go without talking to you, the fact is loud and clear. You are a lot more invested in the relationship than they will ever be.

10. No public acknowledgement

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Tired of trying too hard to get noticed even in public? As someone who is in a relationship, it shouldn’t be hard for your partner to acknowledge your presence while in public and with friends. You don’t need to date someone who doesn’t have the spine to let the world know that you belong to them. If they are afraid of calling you their own when in a relationship, walk out.

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11. Actions don’t match up to words

While there is a lot of melody in words, it may be that their words and actions don’t match. In such cases, letting go of the person might look to be a better choice for you because in the end, it is actions that truly matter.

12. No cuddling

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While we do respect that cuddling, hugging, kissing, and getting intimate is all a matter of personal choice, if your partner stops doing any of these, it is a clear sign that their interest in you could be fading away. These are all little things that carry a lot of meaning. So know when and where to draw a line, and walk away if you feel you are being manipulated or not valued enough.

13. Secret relationship

There is no reason to keep your relationship a secret. Everyone is entitled to love and it isn’t a sin to be in love with someone. So, if your partner is adamant on keeping your relationship secret and doesn’t gives you justified reasons as to why, maybe it is time to talk about the matter and discuss it thoroughly. Some people have more than one secret relationship.

14. Petty matters, big fights

Do the two of you tend to fight even about the silliest and trivial matters? Are you the one who ends up seeking forgiveness in such cases? If this is the case, maybe your relationship lacks the right whiff of love. You need to make memories and not fight all the time.

15. Frustrated dating life

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Do you tend to be frustrated most of the time, or experiencing a lot more tears than smiles? When you are in a one-sided relationship, you are a lot more likely to spend most of your time curled up in bed and crying rather than going out and rejoicing.

16. No old mushy memories

When your relationship stops giving you the chance to create new memories and you both don’t even have the time to revisit the old ones, you should understand that the charm is washing away. Your partner should crave to be with you and wish to spend time together and make more memories.

17. Doesn’t make you feel special

If your partner never does anything to make you feel special, you are better off without them. The relationship is headed for doom, as you will constantly be left analyzing and questioning where things are going wrong in the relationship. These doubts will eat into your sanity.

18. Changing priorities

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One of the most striking signs of a one-sided relationship is when their priorities change, and you are no longer at the top of the list. This is evident if their plans stop involving you, and it becomes harder and harder to spend time together.

19. Lack of spice

A relationship isn’t an exercise, it is meant to be a lot of fun. Never lose your own identity in a relationship, and walk away if you feel like you are being taken for granted.

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20. Emotional unavailability

When your partner is emotionally unavailable, you know that things aren’t going well anymore. Never be with someone who can’t love you whole-heartedly, because in life, you should never settle for half-choices. Be someone’s entire book rather than just a chapter.

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20 Sad Signs You're In A One-sided Relationship
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