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This new app, Marriage Material, helps you make the biggest decision of your life

Marriage is a big commitment which shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is one of the biggest decisions a person makes in their life, and should be entered only after careful thought and contemplation. How sure are you that the person you’re with is ‘the ONE’? How do you know if he/she will be with you till death parts you? No one can really answer these questions with one hundred percent accuracy and conviction.

Wrong. Apparently, a new app called Marriage Material which was launched on Monday, the 2nd of February, is all geared up to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life – whether you should marry your significant other and be partners for life, or if your relationship is headed for splitsville.

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The app’s page states,

“An app to assess the healthiness of your relationship by identifying your legitimate needs, evaluating your relationship compatibility based on those needs, and comparing your relationship to happy and healthy couples.”

The unique app’s creators say that it is meant for members of both genders who are in a serious relationship and want to explore the next level, or for any other couple who wants to compare their happiness or unhappiness level with other couples. The app’s FAQs section states,

“Our beta users ranged from single people to married people, and we found that for both sets of users, it helped increase self-awareness. For single people, it helped them identify pitfalls in their last relationship and areas for improvement, and for married people, it helped them identify the reasons why they got married in the first place.”

marriage material app page showing the various categories under quizzes

Marriage Material app page showing the various categories under quizzes

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And how does the app accomplish these tasks? Well, there are a number of quizzes that basically evaluate your relationship. The app is free to download and has two Just for Fun quizzes that help you get started. The rest of the quizzes that you need to answer to get clarifications to your relationship queries, you need to make in-app purchases of $0.99, which also include the ability to compare your score with the average scores of happy and unhappy couples. These average scores were arrived at by the app developers by evaluating dozens of couples, both happy and unhappy ones.

Another point to be noted here is that the app is totally anonymous. Unlike the usual apps which ask a user to signup using their mailids and/or link their social networking profile like Facebook, Marriage Material just collects just gender, sexual orientation, and zip code. As cited on the app page,

“The point is, be brutally honest when taking a quiz. You may see yourself and your relationship in a whole new way.”

marriage material app page showing one of the questions

Marriage Material app page showing one of the questions

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A user’s score is arrived at after he/she answers the quizzes in various categories that include Beauty, Intimacy, Lifestyle, Friends & Family, and Career & Education. And to come up with the final tally of score, a user is asked to rate each question in any of the above categories, on how much it matters to you – on a scale of ‘little to very.’ Accordingly, the questions that matter little to the user are weighted less, and the questions that matter the most and are very important, are given more weightage.

marriage material app page showing the result of one of the questions under sex

Marriage Material app page showing the result of one of the questions under sex

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A user can also contribute whole quizzes or questions to the app if a user thinks they have something significant to add.

Currently, only the iOS version is available on the iTunes store, with no mention of an Android version.

If the unique and slightly bizarre Marriage Material app hits the jackpot, they won’t have to look far for a spin-off app. 😛

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Marriage Material app helps you decide whether to get married or not
The new Marriage Material app has been designed to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Here's how it accomplishes it.
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