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14 Unmistakable Signs He Is Marriage Material

When you and your partner have been together a long time, the next thought that comes to your mind is marriage. The big question of ‘when are they going to tie the knot?’ will be on yours and everyone else’s mind. It is easy for others to speculate and to keep asking you about it, but it’s up to the both of you to decide when that special day will be.

Marriage is a whole new ball game and it changes your life forever. So this decision has to be carefully thought out before taking the plunge! While making this major life decision, there are various things to keep in mind, a major one being if the man you are thinking of spending the rest of your life with is actually marriage material.

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Make sure you watch out for certain signs from him that will let you know if he’s marriage material or not, and we are here to help you do just that. Have a look below to see if your bae is showing any of these signs!

1. He respects you

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If your man is constantly bringing you down and belittling you, suffice to say that he doesn’t have a lot of respect for you. If he disrespects you now, there’s no way he’s changing after marriage (so don’t hold onto that hope of marriage changing him for the better). In fact, he might just get worse once you are wed. Take this into serious consideration before you make him your hubby! If he is one who values and respects you thoroughly, it’s a sure shot sign he is marriage material.

2. He’s not afraid of commitment

Commitment is something most men are not willing to give easily. Keep this in mind if it took you a long time to get him into a relationship in the beginning. If the big “M” word makes him sweaty and nervous because of his fear of commitment, I have news for you – you’re dealing with a “commitment phobic” and the idea of marriage might just send him running out the door. If a man is not afraid to commit to you for life, then he’s a keeper!

3. He has it all worked out  

Life can be a roller coaster ride, and if you are unable to find your seat and secure yourself with that safety belt, you are very likely to fall right off. If he has a good and steady job with good pay, is independent, and is reliable and smart, then you are set. He is totally marriage material. If he has financial problems which never seem to go away, he’s still living with mommy and daddy, and has been unemployed for a long time now, it’s a big NO on the marriage front.

4. He’s not a slob! 

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Nobody likes to live with someone who is messy and doesn’t take time out to keep their surroundings clean. Waking up in the middle of the afternoon with beer bottles and half-eaten pizza boxes all over the place is not a good sign. If doing his laundry and keeping the house and himself clean is not on his list of priorities, he might be a slacker who is not going to change even after marriage, no matter how much you nag.

5. He loves you for you!

“I promise to love you for better or for worse.” Saying these words ain’t gonna cut it; this is actually tested in reality by the way he accepts and treats you. If he always loves and appreciates you for the person you are (despite your many flaws!) and he still makes you feel good about yourself, he is definite marriage material. He seems to love you just the way you are and doesn’t try to make you change into something else to fit his needs. If you have a man like this in your life, marry him now!

6. He’s a good listener

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If your man is always willing to listen to all your woes and worries and the occasional gossip and fashion-related conversations, then he is one hell of a guy because men usually shut themselves off when women start taking (especially about clothes!). But if he really listens to you, and best of all, if he remembers what you say (this shows that he pays attention to you!), then he is definitely marriage material!

7. You can talk about anything!

Communication is key to a successful marriage! If you both can be open and honest with each other and talk about anything and everything under the sun, it shows that you have passed the good communication test with flying colors! If you can talk to him comfortably about anything and feel free to express your fears, concerns, and opinions without feeling judged or afraid you’ll lose him, then he’s meant to be your husband.

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8. Good support system 

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When things are going wrong, is it him you come home to? Is he the one who will always be there supporting you no matter what? Think hard while answering, and if your answer is a ‘yes,’ it’s safe to say that he is definitely marriage material! If he is a good support system for you, don’t ever let him go – he can be your best friend, your pillar of support, and your partner for life.

9. Conflict solvers

There are always going to be fights and disagreements, but it’s the way you handle and resolve these conflicts that is important. If you and your significant other can work through any problems in a composed manner without screaming, slamming doors, and throwing things at each other, it shows your abilities to handle conflict well. Now, this has to work two ways – if you are able to remain calm, but he ends up getting furious all the time and shouts and screams unnecessarily, the truth is his actions will only get worse after marriage. If he’s not putting in the effort to work on conflicts in a mature and healthy way, then he is not marriage material.

10. He accepts the crazy in you

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Okay, this is a big one: a guy who is husband material will stick around, despite him having seen your totally irrational or even downright bitchy side. And let’s not forget the drunken nights of bawling your eyes out or just going plain bonkers! He accepts this “dark side” of yours and even knowing what a pain in the butt you can be sometimes, he is still there right beside you.

11. Not attached at the hip

Yes, you are a part of his life, but he has a life beyond you too. His career, his friends, family, hobbies, and sports are important to him too, and he respects that you have a life of your own too. As a result, he doesn’t get all worked up if you want to go on a trip over the weekend with your girlfriends or because you don’t always invite him out to the bar with your co-workers after work. This makes him the perfect balanced guy you should be looking forward to marrying!

12. Rises above his ego

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Life is full of losses and disappointments, and when something negative comes his way, he doesn’t complain too much and go on and on about all the negative things that have happened to him. Instead, he admits his shortcomings and his faults, and comes up with ways to better himself and overcome his problems. He doesn’t let his ego get the best of him (a problem many men have), he admits his faults and sails through all the ups and downs of life.

13. Not a Mr. Know-it-all

He doesn’t always have to be right about everything! It is a fact that there are many guys out there who act as if they know everything. These guys are nothing but a nuisance! Your man doesn’t need to be a know-it-all. Yes, intelligence is needed, but fake over-smartness is not appreciated! If a guy admits he doesn’t have all the answers and is interested in learning and growing intellectually, he is worthy of marrying!

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14. Always makes you smile (even during the tough times)

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He knows exactly how to lift your spirits even if you had a tough day at work, had to battle a horrible traffic jam for an hour and a half, a fight with your best friend, or even your ever increasing waist line; no matter what the issue is that has you feeling down, his silly jokes, his classic funny dance move, or his hilarious impression of a politician just makes your face light up again!

Choosing a life partner is not easy, and careful consideration has to go into a lot of things.  At the end of the day, it’s your call; who you love and who you want to spend the rest of your life with – you will just know it – when you have found the one and he’s husband material, this list is just here to guide you and help you make one of the biggest choices of your life. I hope this cleared certain things up for you and all the best for finding a hubby!

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14 Sure Signs He Is Marriage Material
Taking the plunge from dating to marriage is a risky one. So be sure if your boyfriend is marriage material before taking that decision.
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