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Want More Dates? Read Books, Says A New Survey By MyBae Dating App

I’ve been in love with reading for as long as I can remember. Books are my haven, my best friends, my true soul mate, if I can call it that. And if I can find a life partner who is as much of a bibliophile as me, then I’ll be on cloud nine! Alas, the men I’ve met haven’t even picked up a book in the last several years, let alone finished one in a day, ever!

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However, I’m not the only one who finds people who read sexy and attractive. UK-based MyBae dating app conducted a survey of its users, which threw up some interesting results. It found that users whose profiles are filled with reading tags were more likely to find a match than those who didn’t.

“Out of all our matches, 21% had related reading tags in common. This is much stronger than the average of 15% for all other matches that similar matches with music, films, or TV,” says MyBae. Apparently, other users also spent ‘longer in general’ on profiles of people that had reading tags.

MyBae’s Daniel Sobey-Harker wrote,

“Users that featured book-specific tags such as  #TheGirlOnTheTrain, #GameOfThronesBooks or #TheLastMan and used at least two book-related tags had a dramatically increased chance of matching with someone.”

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Speculating as to why people with book-related tags were getting more matches on MyBae dating app, Daniel wrote,

“… could be either that people who listed their interests to a detailed degree took more care with their profile… or that reading books physically changes you into a sexier version of yourself. I’ll be going with the latter.”

Further, according to the survey, the sexiest genres in order of preference were romance, psychological thriller, and travel. It was also revealed that among the top 100 tags, 19% of them were reading-related, with six of the top tags being #Reading, #Books, #GameOfThronesBooks, #Fiction, #Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books, and #Non-Fiction.

Whether or not you choose to believe that reading physically transforms you into a sexier version of yourself, there’s nothing better than discovering a shared love of an author, a series, or a genre with a potential love interest. Books and reading are the best topics of discussion according to me.

Anyway, now that you have proof that reading-related tags will net you that date, go ahead and geek yourself out on your profile by including all of your favorite authors, books, and genres. Good luck finding your true love amidst the dusty tomes of fiction or non-fiction, or both! 😉

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Reading More Books = More Dates, Says MyBae Dating App Survey
Are you looking for a date? Do you read? How are these two related, you ask? A new survey by MyBae dating app suggests reading books = more dates!
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Chaitra Ramalingegowda

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