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10 genuine reasons why women get turned off by nice guys

When a man hears a woman address him as a ‘nice guy,’ his love radar immediately starts signaling ‘Danger!’ because he knows that being a nice guy significantly decreases his chances of getting out of the friend zone.

But why does a nice guy have such a bad reputation? Shouldn’t it actually work the other way around? Unfortunately for the nice guys, it’s no secret that they face more rejections than their bad counterparts. Which makes us wonder: why did Bridget have to choose the charming but obvious bad boy Daniel Cleaver over dependable nice guy, Mark Darcy in the movie ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’? Or, to be more generic, why do women get turned off by nice guys?

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1. Less confidence

less confidence

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Women love a man who is confident, without being chauvinistic. Nice guys often come across as people who don’t have strong opinions of their own and who care too much about what others think. This is a major put off for women, who’d rather be with someone who is sure of himself.

2. Having an agenda

having an agenda

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While this isn’t true for all of them, several nice guys are nice only for a purpose – they expect the woman to have sex with them. The whole ‘nice guy’ thing is just an act, and will last only till his purpose is served. Many women know this and they find an attempt at a relationship with a hidden agenda like this repulsive. But the genuine nice guys are often bunched together with these opportunistic nice guys, ruining their chances with the woman.

3. Less excitement

less excitement

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In most cases, nice equals boring, and no one wants to purposely get involved in a relationship that’ll be mediocre at best. Everyone craves excitement and there are too many stories of couples who break up because they’ve lost the spark. Women try to avoid scenarios like these by staying away from the guys responsible for them.

4. Too good to last

too good to be true

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Ever hear the saying, ‘If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t’? That’s true of what women think about a nice guy too. A person who appears too perfectly nice is unlikely to be that way 24×7, 365 days a year. One day or the other, women expect the glass to crack and the man’s true nature to come through, and most don’t want to be around to see that day.

5. Possessiveness


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Most nice guys are aware of their ‘niceness,’ which complicates things a little. This gives them a slight air of superiority over guys who they think aren’t nice like them and they feel the need to protect the women of their dreams from the supposed sleazeballs. A woman can find this quite patronizing and can be put off instantly by such behavior.

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10 reasons why women get turned off by nice guys
Nice guys have their own set of turn-offs. Here are 10 genuine reasons why women get turned off by nice guys.
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Fabida Abdulla

Fabida Abdulla

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