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7 Simple Things To Do On Your Honeymoon That Will Ensure A Strong Marriage

Most people would agree that the initial days of a marriage, which includes the honeymoon, are extremely important to ensure its survival. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that this is the first time the two of you get to spend some time alone away from family and the general chaos that make up Indian weddings. To make the most of this lovely time, here are 7 things to do on your honeymoon to ensure that you have a strong foundation for your marriage.

 1. Talk into the night

couple in bed

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Your honeymoon is a time when you’re free from work worries, household chores, and family commitments. You are absolutely relaxed, so make the most of this time to dig deep into each other’s minds and memories. A lot of clues regarding your personalities are locked somewhere in your childhoods, and talking about your younger days will help a lot in understanding where both of you are coming from. It also displays trust; by exposing your inner most thoughts, you’re baring your soul to your soul mate.

2. Observe each other’s routines

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By spending entire days together with no other distractions, you get a good idea of the other person’s routines. You understand basic things like how they like to rest, how they start their day, whether they like to spend some time alone and also about how much space they need. This last one in particular is different for everyone and can prove to be a matter of conflict in the future. Understanding each other’s uniqueness at the start makes for a much more peaceful marriage.

3. Understand non-verbal cues

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With our world getting noisier and more complicated with social media and being connected all the time, we tend to lose out on subtler clues from our spouses, like that of body language. Making an effort to understand them during the honeymoon phase is a great idea, since you’re still getting to know each other and you don’t have the baggage of existing impressions. Being able to read your partner’s non-verbal cues is very helpful in dealing with stressful situations and helping one another in times of crisis.

4. Buy something for each other

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Getting a surprise gift from your spouse for no particular reason is still a very sweet thing to do, and no, it’s not out of fashion! On your honeymoon, wherever you are, get something nice for your spouse, preferably locally made, so that it’ll always remind them of that place and the lovely time you both had there. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but something that’ll reflect how you feel at this point in time. It’ll also come in handy in understanding each other’s gifting patterns for future reference!

5. Try each other’s favorite dish

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You’re both different people who’ve grown up in different environments and cultures and probably have different tastes in food. Food is considered to be a very physical thing, which is why so many bonding occasions take place over a meal. Trying out each other’s favorite cuisine or dish means that you are ready to broaden your horizons to include your spouse’s interests, and that you want to be involved in their life. Besides, most of our comfort foods have some kind of a memory associated with them, and reliving those moments adds to a feeling of intimacy between couples especially newlyweds.

6. Engage in a sport together

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Even if you’re not the adventurous, outdoorsy types, it is recommended to do some kind of a sport together while on your honeymoon. The scarier it is, the more of an adrenaline rush there is!! Having to depend on each other for your safety is a wonderful example of the trust and reliability that you’ll have to build during your marriage. If neither of you is keen on such sports, you can do something as simple as cycling or boating together. You’ll still need to be in sync with each other and watch each other’s backs.

7. Be honest

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Whatever you do, don’t be someone you aren’t. The worst thing you can do is give your partner the completely wrong impression about yourself, only to have it come crashing down later when you reveal your true colors. Don’t worry too much about impressing your partner; be yourself and let them fall in love with the real you. Be honest about your dreams and aspirations, your past, your likes and dislikes. Complete honesty and trust are the cornerstones for a stable marriage, and you should start right from the honeymoon.

A honeymoon has been rightly said to be a time to enjoy and relish, but by making a little more effort, you can use it to set the foundation for a strong and stable marriage. Yet, it is worth remembering that the effort shouldn’t end with the honeymoon! By making this a continuous process, both spouses can ensure a productive and mutually beneficial relationship. Like Andre Maurois said, “A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day.”

Happy honeymooning!

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7 simple things to do on your honeymoon that will ensure a strong marriage
A honeymoon is the time for a couple get to know each other, away from prying eyes. Here are 7 things you can do on your honeymoon for a strong marriage.
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Fabida Abdulla

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