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15 Not-So-Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Your Best Friend Forever

How do you know for sure whether you and your partner are meant to be? Look for the signs your partner is your best friend. The popular notion is that your significant other can never take the place of your best friend. however, if you are lucky enough to have both a soul mate and a best friend rolled into one, there is very little that could go wrong with your relationship, and it is very likely that you are going to last forever. If you are still in doubt and you don’t know for sure, check out these clear signs your partner is your best friend, to know if you are one of those rare, lucky couples.

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1. You tell each other everything

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Telling each other everything isn’t even something you do consciously. Just like it is natural for you to tell your best friend everything, your partner know every single little detail and every weird habit and every embarrassing story about you. When your friends ask you not to tell someone something, you know that your partner doesn’t count, and vice-versa. Also, there is no one else in the whole world you would trust with so much top secret information.

2. Your fights don’t last long because you can’t wait to talk to them

Even if you fight, your fights get resolved pretty quickly probably because you can’t go that long without talking to them. Also, when you are fighting, and you are pissed with them, you want to complain about them to someone but there is no one else you would rather crib to than your partner, so fights have to end fast so that you can get back to complaining about other people together.

3. You order food for each other

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When you know you can trust your partner to order food for you, you have reached peak comfort level, and you have truly become each other’s best friend. You know that even without telling them, they will order whatever you are craving, and make sure your food is without those disgusting bell peppers or black olives. You automatically pick nasty stuff out of each other’s food, and when it comes to deciding where to go, you never have trouble deciding.

4. They are your go-to person for all problems

Everyone has this one person in their lives that they go to for all their problems, because they trust their advice, and whatever they hear makes sense to them. If this person for you is your S.O. then you have got yourself a best friend in them. Whether it is professional advice, career advice or even relationship advice, they have always got your back, and you know that there is no one else you would rather go to.

5. There are no awkward silences in your love

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Awkward silences are a thing, and everyone has felt them. You feel the need to fill the silence with conversation or meaningless sounds when the lack of sounds makes you and the person you are with, uncomfortable and awkward as hell. However, this only happens with people you aren’t really that close to. If you feel completely at ease with your partner, and there is no need to fill gaps in conversations with more conversation, and you can just chill with each other in perfect, comfortable silence, you know you have found yourself a best friend and a keeper.

6. On the couch with your partner > night out with your friends

When people are usually stressed out, despite having a significant other they tend to take the day off for a boy’s night or a girl’s night or go out with their best friend or spend time with their family. If you would rather not do all this and just cuddle with your partner on your couch, then it is definitely one of those signs your partner is your best friend. You would rather spend all your time with them than go out to relax, because there is no greater relaxation than being in their presence.

7. You send each other ugly selfies

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If you trust each other to send each other ugly and ridiculous selfies, you know you have found yourself the one, who is also your best friend. Ugly selfies exchange is a thing that best friends do exclusively, and if you are okay with sending them to your partner without worrying about your appearance while trusting them completely to keep this dark side of you a secret, then your partner is definitely your best friend forever.

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8. You don’t freak out when you see the crazy side come out

Everyone has a crazy side, and only the few people you truly trust in your life, and the people who truly know you will not mind or freak out or flee when they see you become your psycho self. If your partner has seen you lose your cool multiple times, and catered to your fried cookie dough and mini marshmallow cravings without complaint and see you go completely crazy without judging or ditching you, then they are truly you best friend.

9. Your PDA includes high-fives and chest bumps

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Even though there is a lot of kissing and hugging and piggy backing each other in public, your preferred form of PDA is high-fiving each other and giving each other fist bumps and chest bumps. Although, these spontaneous expressions of love usually arise when either of you have won a doughnut eating competition. The fact that you treat each other like best friend only goes to show that you really are best friends.

10. Your inside joke game is on point

Legend has it that a lot of people have tried deciphering what you mean when you do your secret handshake, or what the true meaning is of the secret language that the two of you have created, or the source of  the names that you give each other, but even the smartest have failed. If you and your partner have a whole universe of jokes and terms that people wouldn’t understand even if they tried, you two are definitely best friends.

11. You are not afraid to embarrass each other

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Your entire relationship is a series of pranks on each other to see who wins at the end of your life. You pull out all the stops to embarrass your partner and vice versa. You don’t even mind when you are on the receiving end, because there is no concept of embarrassment in front of your partner. You have seen other being naked, being disgusting and in every possible form, and there is nothing left to feel embarrassed about anymore.

12. You defend each other’s honour really fiercely

Even if you are allowed to embarrass each other, no one else is. If someone is found messing with your partner, or if someone tried to make fun of you or say mean thing, you will rush to each other’s defence like it was the 10th century. If you and your partner defend each other more fiercely than you would defend yourself, you are definitely each other’s best friends.

13. You like the same things

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Whether it is liking the same kind of trash meaningless movies, or gaming, or collecting conjoined foot loops, you two of have gotten your hobbies figured out. Even if your partner didn’t initially like the same things as you, spending so much time together and liking each other way too much has convinced you and your partner that you do indeed like the same things, and you don’t mind spending hours doing it together.

14. You don’t date, you hang out

Even though most couples you know tend to dress up and go out and eat expensive food, you are too busy hanging out with each other on your couch or in your room to actually get out of bed and go on dates. Also, even if you do go on dates, you don’t call them dates, and instead, have a weird adventure when you discover the worst dumplings in your city.

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15. Picking out gifts is a piece of cake

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 The best thing about being best friends with your partner is that you don’t have to think about getting the right presents for them, because you know them inside out. You know that your partner has been lusting after that five-point extension cord for a month now, so whether it is Christmas, birthdays or the anniversary of your first sleepover, you know exactly what to get them. The best part is, they know what to get you too.

If you are looking for signs that your partner is your best friend, then you just need to look closely at your relationship. If your life is basically a rom-com where you constantly laugh and go on adventures and eat a lot in each other’s clothes, then you have found yourself a best friend that you can also have sex with, so never let them go.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License

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15 Signs Your Partner Is Your Best Friend Forever
If you are wondering whether you and your partner are meant to be, look for the signs your partner is your best friend!
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