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This New Year, You Will Be Obsessed With These New Workouts

This year, NLT has gone all out to make sure you stay be-YOU-tiful. But there’s something so breathtakingly beautiful about being be-YOU-tiful that we want to spread out the verve to the new year close on the heels. With new year shall flow in new goals, new resolutions and within them shall come enveloped new fitness routines, new workouts, new health trends and more.

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At NLT, we believe in staying ahead of the curve to remain your ‘curvy’ best, so why wait until the new year to get a handle on new workouts that are going to be on your obsessed-with list?  Take a lead with all the new workouts that shall keep the coming year brimming with new energy and lots of self-love. Don’t worry, we aren’t knocking out your all-time favorites, nor are we trashing the classics for up-and-comers, but we are definitely giving a thumbs up to some experimental workouts that shall rev up the fitness scene and get immensely popular. Yes, that’s our fitness forecast for the new year and we can say, with absolute confidence, it’s right on target.

Check out the trends we are rooting (and hooting) for:


With the rise of boutique boxing studios and the introduction of beginner courses in traditional boxing setups, boxing is going to see a bigger and better future in 2017. What’s more- there’s no need to rip yourself in the ring for reaping the benefits of this full-body workout as most studios are veered toward a no-contact style that still allows for a high intensity, optimal workout sans the rigors of the ring. Not that you need us to tell you about the increased visibility of boxing stars (Olympics and out) alongside celebs taking to this challenging fitness regime is adding to the growing popularity of the form. So, get those bags out and channel all your rage, women- for this anxiety-reducing, ultra-power packed, kickas* workout is here to stay. If you don’t feel like hopping out, get an at-home cardio boxing workout kit and get, set, go!

Megaformer (Lagree method)

My imagination is always running up and wild- like it’s on crack or something. But if Pilates was too, this is what it’d turn into! Megaformer is a high-intensity reformer workout that allows for your muscles to get such an immense burn session that they’d probably spew hateful vitriol at you for the next couple of days. The results, though, shall be fantastic and the ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ shall say it all. If you do need more convincing, though, the workout is rooted in Lagree method, christened after the form’s creator, Sebastien Lagree. It is not an easy workout and can rattle the best of the best, but it is precisely the nature of challenging workouts to carve out the best of YOU. And if A-listers like Bella Thorne and Lea Michele are regulars for the form, there’s no reason you won’t come back and thank us for it! Push yourself and try!

Dance cardio

For those of the dancing buds who like to shake it while slashin’it, The Fitness Marshall from last year has sure paved the path for more novel dance cardio workouts to spring on the scene. We already rolled out a list of some of our favorite challenging ones, last week and if the soaring popularity of the form is anything to go by, we predict more studios to crop up so people can dance off their calories, so working out truly and definitively becomes a ‘party!’

Mixed format

We haven’t been the first and we, definitely, aren’t the last to tell you about hybrid forms of fitness regimes enjoying their fair share of the spotlight. With Orange Theory, Speedplay, Barry’s Bootcamp and YAS all enjoying mass popularity, it is only a matter of time when 2017 sees more classes delivering hybrid forms that combine strength training and core with cardio and other entertaining formats to create something that shall make the ‘work’ in working out seem like a piece of cake. We already told you about Pound, Tone House and AKT in Motion and we only predict more new entrants on the thriving scene, in 2017.


ClassPass nixed the unlimited option this year and Instagram is already on a roll with wherever-whenever workouts- so, it wouldn’t be a surprise if more efficient and thoroughly enjoyable experimental and novel, innovative workout apps rise on the scene with a whole bevy of at-home or beyond workouts for those on the go. Sweat With Kayla, NTC and others are already enjoying their moment in the sun and we predict even greater success for these apps and improve versions in the coming year. New entrants like Aaptiv and Sworkit are following suit and building their game- and given the big, fat hype for ‘fit,’ we are exhorting one and all to bring their A-game! Let’s play..erm…work (out)..okay, both!

Live-stream classes

Would Netflix be able to stream a high intensity, body transforming workout in the coming year? We hope so. If not Netflix, then some fitness studio shall launch their own accessible channel to slash your couch-time that builds flab to rev up ‘workout time’ that makes you fab! Livestream workouts on social media or other fitness platforms from anywhere in the world and channel that in-class or at-the-gym energy to your solo sweat sesh to shift the game. We anticipate an en masse shift in the coming year and we are already seeing experts get on board. From Jillian Michaels and Karena and Katrina from FitFusion and Tone It Up respectively to YogaGlo and Ballet Beautiful, major players are upping the ante. Are you doing your bit to stay fit?

Tell us in the comments below. We’d love to hear of other new workouts that have made the cut to your list!

Featured image source: Pound

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This New Year, You Will Be Obsessed With These New Workouts
This new year, try these new workouts!
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