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10 surprisingly easy ways to spice up your relationship

Romance may fill your life with all the colors of a rainbow. When you are in a relationship, no matter how long you have been together, the romance should be as fresh as the onset of spring. The flame of love should always be lit up and ‘Love’s sad satiety’ should never befall your love. Surprisingly there are some extremely simple ways by which you can spice up your relationship with your partner and let the romance continue forever.

1. A surprise kiss or hug

couple kissing

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Amidst the stressful and busy lives that have become commonplace today, you hardly get quality time to express love – however small that expression might be. However, if you give your partner a kiss or a hug when they least expect it, that can go miles in pepping up your relationship amid all the stress, tension, busy work schedules and deadlines.

2. Compliments aplenty

Since you are the most important person in your partner’s life, compliments showered by you would make their day. Also, who doesn’t like compliments? So notice the subtle changes that your partner makes in dress or hairstyle or make up, and don’t shy away from showering compliments. However, do not give a compliment just for the sake of it because no compliment is better than a fake one.

3. Pampering

man feeding strawberries to woman

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We all secretly wish to be pampered by our partner. It creates a congenial setting for romance. So plan a surprise dinner party for your partner or just place a red rose with a love note on their table or bring home movie tickets for a surprise movie show.

4. Music and dance

couple dancing

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Romantic melodies will definitely loosen up your partner. Play some soulful music or peppy, energetic tunes, depending on your partner’s preference. Music elevates the mood better than anything else. Dance with your partner in your living room, and who knows, it might lead to more intimate moments later on.

5. Weekend trips

couple on a vacation

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In the middle of all the responsibilities you shoulder, you find ourselves waiting for weekends all through the hectic week. Although it’s the best time to catch up on some much needed sleep, sacrifice it and take a trip. Revitalize your love life by going for a weekend retreat to some solitary romantic location where you both can relax and enjoy a love-filled weekend in each other’s company. It doesn’t have to be touristy, but something even off the beaten path, where you could spend quality time with your beloved.

6. Surprise gifts

woman giving a gift to man

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You can bring surprise gifts for your partner to bring a pleasant smile on their face. If you are in a mind to turn your partner on – to kill two birds in one stone – you can even gift something like lingerie, intimate toys, etc.,

7. Get set and wet for a passionate love life

couple in bed

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Having a bath keeps you fresh and energetic. Before going to bed, take a bath and come out wet. That will initiate a crackling chemistry that will result in really passionate times physically. You could also take a bath with your partner and start the passionate night in the tub and end it in the bed!

8. Make frequent phone calls

You may not be able to spend 24 hours a day with your partner as there are constraints like work and travel. Call or text your partner frequently and send warm, loving messages or naughty texts to ensure that you haven’t forgotten the passionate night you both spent and you look forward to such nights for all the days to come. This is an important aspect of communication that maintains warmth in your relationship.

9. Exercise together

couple exercising together

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Health is a very important aspect of your physical relationship and needs to be taken care of. Exercise with your partner as this is exciting and a lot of fun. This way you can ensure that your health, with an added benefit of seeing your partner rock the sweaty sexy siren!

10. Leave cute love notes

love note

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Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and you can stay in touch with your partner at any time of the day at the mere click of a button. But there is something romantic and sweet in the old-fashioned love letters and love notes that is missing in today’s instant communication forms. Surprise your partner by leaving heartfelt love notes where they won’t miss it – taped to the bathroom mirror, or on top of the coffee maker, or even in their briefcase. They will be surprised for sure, but finding the love note will keep you in their thoughts for the rest of the day, till they get to see you in person.

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10 surprisingly easy ways to spice up your relationship
Busy lives sometimes puts romance and passion on the back burner. Here are 10 surprisingly easy ways to spice up your relationship.
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