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Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Being In A Live-in Relationship

Live-in relationships are generally thought to be the next stage in a moderately serious relationship. There are many who think long and hard before committing to something like this, and others who simply take a leap of faith. Like anything, live-in relationships come with their own pros and cons. Here are a few:

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1. Companionship can be an amazing experience, especially when you become as intimate with your partner as your own family. You’ll have someone holding a candle in the dark for you, in the worst of times; or at least, that comes under list of expectations before you begin a live-in relationship. Companionship is one of those funny things that you think you won’t need, but there’ll come a time when you’ll crave warmth and affection, and this happens to the most self-dependent of us.

2. Live-in relationships are popular because they’re more convenient and provide a rational alternative to marriage. Many use it as a trial phase if they intend to marry someone, thereby significantly mitigating any risks that might arise from haste. So, while I can’t speak for people who don’t look forward to marry anyone, those who do would find a live-in relationship quite helpful. Divorces are all too common these days, and anything decreasing the chances of that will be the preferred relationship route.

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3. Live-in relationships change you as a person, many a times. You know what it feels like to genuinely care about someone other than you, and how you stick with them through thick and thin. You understand what it feels like to have someone care about the most mundane details of your life. Besides, you slowly begin to accept your partner for who they are, after they’ve revealed all their flaws to you. You become more comfortable around them, to the point that they’re the only person you can say everything to. You drop any remnants of pretense from before, and you slowly get incredibly attached to them (if that’s what you want). Ultimately, a live-in relationship will tell you more about yourself and your own limits, be it your tendency to make compromises or if companionship is just the right deal for you. Live-in relationships immensely influence one’s psychology, mostly for the better.


1. There’s a high chance that your expectations will be let down, and quite terribly let down at that. While live-in relationships are generally used as a precursor to a prospective marriage, thereby minimizing risks, there are many who don’t use it the way it should be. Suffice it to say, it’s easy to get attached, and ignore any and all flaws in your relationship. The results aren’t shocking; many who try a live-in relationship do end up marrying their partners, while ignoring any blatant flaws. I wouldn’t say this is only the fault of a live-in relationship, as much as it is a flaw of the human condition. In conclusion, live-in relationships aren’t for everyone, and especially not for the overwhelmingly large section of people who get easily attached and are willing to throw away practicality for the sake of attachment. Live-in relationships aren’t idiot proof.

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2. While I dislike the idea of marriage myself, most people who try a live-in relationship do want to get married sometime in the future. With regard to this, the biggest disadvantage of a live-in relationship is one of its biggest selling points, lack of commitment. Live-in relationships lack the respect and depth of marriage, so for people who do want to get married, and hold positive opinions about marriage (unlike me), a live-in relationship might not be what you want. You can still stay together without getting married and be extremely attached to each other where there’s no question of a lack of commitment, but that won’t be a proper live-in relationship; because you’ve already made up your mind.

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3. One of the bigger ‘cons’ of a live-in relationship is the societal censure. Many people just pretend to be a married couple just to avoid unnecessary questions and social rejection. This societal censure results in a neglect in necessary legislation, which is why so many countries don’t have appropriate laws addressing live-in relationships.

It’s important to have a long and hard talk with your partner before even thinking of this, because you’ll be putting a lot of effort into it. It’s easy to get attached, so you don’t want an untimely breakup, especially when you and your partner aren’t even on the same page. But the key is to not overthink, or be way too serious. Just be happy and have fun while it lasts.

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Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Being In A Live-in Relationship
Because a live-in relationship, like any other, comes with its own set of good and bad!
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