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Which Of These Parenting Styles Do You Have?

A trip to a kid’s park will reveal to you the various parenting styles that this society has produced, and even if you think you and your parenting style (or your parents and their parenting styles) are absolutely different from the lot of them, then you should know that there is a type that everyone belongs to.

Here are some examples of the parenting styles we’ve bumped into:

1. The overly attached parent

parenting styles_New_Love_times

Image source: Tumblr

These parents are the ones who love their kids a lot. Probably too much. So much so that they sometimes forget that kids grow up and need their own space, which is why they can get overprotective and clingy.

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2. The military people pretending to be parents

These parents keep a check on their kids in the strictest manner possible by thinking their kids are perpetually inadequate, which is why they do their homework for them, do their best to eliminate all competition and start preparing their kids for NASA from kindergarten. Also, no one likes you.

3. The diligent parents

These parents care for their kids a lot and believe that geniuses are made, not born, which is why they put their kids in all sorts of classes and tutorials as soon as they learn how to walk and say “mama,” because they believe the sooner their kids know stuff, the smarter they’ll be.

4. The hoverers

parenting styles_New_Love_times

Image source: Tumblr

Whether it is ensuring that their kids get special treatment in class, or bribing the soccer coach to make help them win because “encouragement”, the hoverers are parents who would rather do everything for their kid instead of letting them do it themselves, because they “care too much.”

5. The forever-pleased parents

Some parents like to applaud their kids and bestow infinite love on them, no matter what they do, or how much they screw up. Although the kids of such parents definitely don’t feel any neglect or dearth of love, they tend to take their parents for granted and know that they can get away with anything.

6. The child slaves


Image source: Giphy

These parents usually have kids on whom movies like Problem Child were based on and all the decisions and rules in the house are dictated by the kid, whether they are 5 or 15. Although this means that the parents themselves have a gentle nature, it basically means your kid is brat.

7. The born-free kind

Some parents like to let their kids have their own lives….before such radical independence is recommended. This might not always be a bad thing especially because it teaches kids self reliance, but so much independence might also land them (or you) in jail.

8. The Buddhas

A lot of parents complain about their kids being slow and inadequate or not smart enough, but not the Buddhas. They let their kids learn at their own pace, and encourage them without pressure or competition. Your kid might not be a genius, but they are at peace and happy. Love to you, Buddha parents.

9. The parents who are not ready to be parents

parenting styles_New_Love_times

Image source: rebloggy

How do you understand whether you are one of these? The solution to everything related to your child is wine. These parents would rather attend their friend’s barbecue than attend their kid’s recital because there are one those every year, right? You are just waiting for your kid to grow old enough to have wine with you.

10. The level-pro parents

These parents are used to having a kid, because they are probably on their third or fourth already, and they are not too worried about what their kid is up to and their obsession with their kids has reached sane levels, unlike the hoverers.

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11. The good parents

parenting styles_New_Love_times

Image source: Tumblr

The only disadvantage of being a good parent is it requires hard work, which most parents seem to have forgotten, is what parenting is all about. You teach your kid how to be good by setting a good example, reprimand them when necessary, set the right limits, and help them live their dreams. Also, unexpected benefit- your kids will love you back, forever.

Featured image source: Giphy

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Which Of These Parenting Styles Do You Have?
You wouldn't believe the types of parenting styles there are!
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