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10 relationship mistakes that most men make

A relationship needs two people to work at it for it to be successful. And it is constant work; one cannot expect to be good for one day and its effect to last for an entire year. You have to be better than yesterday and only then can a relationship last. Often, men and their insensitivity towards their female counterparts are considered to be the prime reasons for failure of a relationship. It is true to some extent.

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Women are gentle creatures. Contrary to the fact, they like little gestures from their partner to keep them happy. And small but continuous mistakes of men can prove to be an absolute deal breaker. Here are 10 mistakes that are ‘nothing’ for men, but ‘everything’ for women, when it comes to being in a relationship.

1. Forgetting to be there

forgetting to be there

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The chemical reactions that go through a woman’s body, which also make her features attractive to you, is responsible for all their emotions. And that is why most of their decisions are made through a cloud of these feelings. Usually women say that they do not need a man to support them, but they do like to have one in their corner. So, when in a party she is talking about this new band that you guys went to see, and you know she has got all the information wrong, don’t say a word until you are alone. If you interrupt her and correct her in the presence of others, you will never hear the end of it. When I say be there, it doesn’t always mean that you have to be physically present. But give her the assurance that you are on her team, and everything will be fine.

2. Not try to understand her

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This is a big one. Women often don’t know why they want something, or for what reason they are angry or sad. Asking their men to understand them is not fair by any means. But that doesn’t mean that you should watch a game while she is in the kitchen angrily and noisily putting the dishes away. Or turn your back on her when she is sobbing next to you in bed. You wouldn’t understand that why a small remark at work has upset her so much, and she will not be able to convey how she has had to prove herself at every step. All she needs from you is to hear her out without any judgments. Being considerate is the key to keeping her happy.

3. You are intimidated by her

intimidated by her

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This is one mistake men have been making since society recognized a man and a woman as a unit. You like to have control over things around you, and she is the one person who is absolutely unpredictable. You never know how she is going to react to something, and that scares you. To make matters worse, you even convey it to her either expressly or through your body language. Let her flow the way she wants, and enjoy it with her. Its part of her nature and nobody can change it.

4. I love my car, more

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When in a relationship, women like to be the top priority for their men. Once it is established, she will happily agree to your spending an evening with your friends or your mom, as long as you come back to her. But the moment your 3D television, or that sound system, a bike or your car replaces her, you are in trouble. And, well, let’s agree on this, why shouldn’t you be? Just think of it in this way. You are a part of her life, most important one at that, but she spends more time with her bag or shoe collection, how does that make you feel? Enough said, huh?

5. What feelings?

what feelings

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We have already discussed how women are an assortment of emotions, and you, or anyone for that matter, is not equipped to understand it. And that invariably also means that any attempt of ‘correcting’ it will be futile, and could be met with violent reaction! If something upsets her, try not to fix things, because you will just be making your case worse. Give her time to reel in it, and let her decide what she wants to do.

6. To trust or not to trust

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Women tend to accept ‘being in a relationship’ earlier than men, and sometimes men just let them believe it, to avoid conflict. The trust factor in this case is either present or hasn’t been made at all. Letting her believe that you are committed to the relationship, while you are still contemplating whether she is the one for you, is the biggest mistake you can make. You are either in or you are out, whatever it is, she should be the first one to know.

7. Have a spine

have a spine

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Women like to test their men, and this happens often and throughout the life of a relationship. Although she needs you to listen to her, she also likes to be told at times as to what she is supposed to do. Simply put, she neither wants to make all the decisions, nor does she want to be told what to do at all times. She just wants to be involved in every decision, and would not mind if you, once in a while, have a spine to tell her what needs to be done.

8. I have so much to do

i don't care

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How busy a man’s life is! You have to go to work and earn your livelihood, listen to the jibber-jabber of other people, maintain a healthy relationship with your colleagues, keep an eye on the stock market and sports world, and plan your finances so that you can buy that new gadget, and so on. Where is she in all your plans? Stop being so self-involved, and give her the time she needs. Do some research on the Internet; you will find lots of tips/suggestions on how to maintain work – life balance.

9. Give her some credit

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Women are known for being great multi-taskers. They manage your home, your family, their own work, kids, and pets (if any), and also keep an eye on your needs. They do not do it because they want to be recognized for it, they do it because they like to. The next time, your girl, who is an awesome cook, makes something especially for you, compliment her. She buys a nice birthday gift for your father, thank her. These may be very small things, but they surely can have a great impact on your relationship.

10. What’s her role?

what's her role

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One of the biggest (and far worse) mistakes men make in their relationship is recognition of someone’s importance. You are too busy making your career or going down the path you like that you forget to make room for her. There is only so much that you can take care of and you need to decide where she stands in your life. There is no point dragging her relentlessly if you are not ready to give her up or accept her. And no woman will want to be with you if you take too long to contemplate to decide if you want her in your life or not.

After going through this list of relationship mistakes, you might think that these are all small, trivial things that don’t matter much. But boy, are you wrong! Be present in your relationship with your partner and acknowledge and let her know where she stands in your life – as a true partner.

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10 relationship mistakes that most men make
Most men are oblivious about their partners and how their brains work. Here's a look at some of the relationship mistakes that most men make.
Surobhi Banerjee

Surobhi Banerjee

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