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10 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Keep Your Man Interested In You

So, you got into a relationship. The first few months were amazing, and now you both know each other pretty well. Now, the spark might be wearing off and you want to find ways to keep the relationship interesting. This is one of those big questions that women often end up asking themselves, and in the effort to do everything that it takes, they end up doing so many things that turn the guy off.

Here is the small guide to read on how to keep a guy interested. You are going to love us for this, and it might also help you keep your relationship spicy and exciting.

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1. Give him genuine compliments only!

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Every guy likes to be appreciated for his looks or his other traits. But complimenting him all the time is going to make him think that you are faking it just to please him. Do not fall under that category and ensure that you give him genuine compliments only.

You can strengthen your relationship when you have the right words at the right time. Understand that lying just to make him happy is not going to work. But you will also have to keep in mind that not giving him any compliments is not going to take you anywhere, either. He might lose interest in you because you are not appreciating everything he does for you.

2. Do not change yourself for him.

He fell in love with the person that you are, and changing that for his sake is only going to make him uninterested. Even if you have good intentions, you might make him feel uncomfortable.

When he starts to feel guilty for changing you, he is not going to be interested in you. He might like the little quarrels that you have when you can’t decide on which movie you two want to watch together, and you simply agreeing to the movie that he wants to watch is only going to tone down the spice in the relationship.

3. Be spontaneous about what you do.

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This could be something you do between the sheets, or a holiday that you two have not planned. Men like a certain level of spontaneity and spunk in the woman that they are dating. He is always going to be looking out for your reactions and the way that you deal with unexpected things.

When you are always about plans and to-do lists, you need to understand that you are nothing but the nagging mother who tried to plan his day and wanted to ensure that he was not being a bad boy. Spice it up with whatever it is you are doing; you can afford to improvise a bit when the two of you are together.

4. Keep his friends interested.


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Yes, we know that you are dating him and not his friends, but they are a very critical part of his life. You should not be surprised if you find him choosing them over you at times. It is really important that your man’s friends like you and are interested in hanging out with you. You should be friendly and approachable toward his group of friends.

This is one of the major answers to the eternal question of how to keep a guy interested. He might feel like he wants to show you off around them. As long as you succeed at befriending his group, he is not going to lose interest in you because his friends are always going to have good things to say about you, and there is a wider scope for memorable experiences that you can all have together.

5. Quit the drama, or at least reduce it by many folds.

Women (at least some of them) tend to be more dramatic than men – it’s not sexist, it’s a fact of life. They are the ones throwing tantrums and trying to get attention all the time. If you are trying to figure out how to keep him interested in you, be different than other girls that he has met and stop behaving like that. Keep the relationship easy and interesting by avoiding all the unnecessary fights and quarrels.

He is going to be all the more interested in you because the conversations that you two have are going to be intellectual and overall stimulating. Also, doing the mock drama can be fun, where both of you know that there is no serious intention and no fight, but you two are just playing around with each other.

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6. Try to take interest in his hobbies.

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Here is the first thing we mentioned – while trying to figure out how to keep a guy interested, you need not lose sight of your own goals or change yourself. But when you are interested in a guy, you should try to take an interest in the things and people he likes. Try to understand what his hobbies are and try giving them a shot yourself. There is nothing wrong in trying something out and then rejecting it if you don’t end up liking it.

When you have tried it out and you do not like it, do not disrespect it. Just be polite about it. He will know that you care enough by trying out what he likes to do. This can also prove to be a great exercise for you as there is a potential hobby that you can discover.

7. Keep him intrigued.

We are not asking you to hide anything from your man, but no one is going to say no to surprises. Don’t be the mystery woman that he cannot figure out and understand, but be that lady who has multiple sides to her and is not easy to catch and impress.

But here, we are not asking you to fake it. Never pretend to be something that you are not just to bring in the element of mystery. Do not show yourself completely to your man. It could be a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to surprises, whether it’s something in bed, or an emotional side that he has not explored before.

8. Be witty and have a sense of humor.

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If you are successful in making a guy laugh, he is going to stay interested in you. He is always going to look forward to spending time with you and you two are going to have good laughs and memories together. After a point, you two have established how interested you are in each other, but the humor needs to remain to retain that interest.

If you lose this sense of humor, you are going to be that dull and boring girlfriend who he comes back home to, and also loves dearly. But is he going to be interested in the conversations that the two of you have? No. Not really.

9. Look good when you have to.

You are dating the guy, so he has seen you at your best and worst. But you should maintain your efforts to look good for him. He is going to feel nice, and will also get the message that you are still interested in him and want him to be happy.

When he knows that you are interested in him, there is a good chance that he is going to reciprocate the same levels of interest. Also, who doesn’t like a girl who looks hot for a date and ensures that the man can show her off when he wants?

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10. Do not be clingy and irritating.

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Your relationship with this man is a part of your life; it is not your whole life. Understand that there is much more to you as an individual and you should focus on other areas of your life as well. Have other things to do and understand that he has other things to do as well.

When you make all your plans based on him, he might start to feel stuck or trapped. You need to ensure that you are not the one hounding and irritating him to that extent.

Well, these are the little things that you can do to keep your man interested in you. Understand that they are all a part and parcel of a relationship and there are many ways to keep each other interested and your relationship exciting. These are some ‘unspoken relationship rules,’ but if followed, they will enrich your relationship even more.

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10 Simple Tips On How To Keep A Guy Interested
So you've been in a relationship, but wonder how to hold his attention? Here are 10 simple yet effective tips on how to keep a guy interested.
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