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10 Effective Tips On How To Comfort Your Girlfriend

Do you sometimes come back home to find that your girlfriend is extremely upset and sad? It happens to almost all of us, and if you are really seeking relationship advice, our belief is that you need to know how to comfort your girlfriend properly.

There are so many of us who often go through difficult phases and it is the support of the ones we love that helps us battle the tiring times. Life isn’t always easy and neither is love, but when you have the comfort of leaning on someone’s shoulder, it helps in battling through the darkest times with ease.

So, if you are a bit clueless as to what are the ideals to follow when comforting your girlfriend, congratulations for having landed at the right place. After having studied the psychology of women and the things that click and the things that won’t, our experts have curated a handy list.

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These are 10 brilliantly perfect ways on how to comfort your girlfriend, which are sure to bring her twinkling smile back to her face.

1. Talk to her

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There is no better alternative than talking to your girlfriend. A girl will always appreciate the time you take to listen to her and be by her side. When you take out time to talk to someone, it is a beautiful gesture that shows how much you care for the person. So, whenever you sense that she is sad or there is something perturbing her, just talk to her. She may take some time to open up, but you should let her come to you when she feels ready.

2. Understand the issues

You need to be understanding when she does open up to you. This is a very crucial aspect of your relationship. Sit down with her and try to understand her point of view. Maybe, she isn’t right, but you do not need to tell her that when she is feeling vulnerable. Simply stand by her side and talk about what is bugging her. Try to think about possible solutions to her problems together and then you are a lot more likely to get along and help her feel happy again.

3. Don’t judge

The last thing she wants from you is to feel like you are judging her. You need to know that by judging her, you are robbing her of her self-confidence. You should hear her side of the story, and even if you feel that she is at fault, you need to patiently wait for her mood to cool down. While you shouldn’t lead someone down the wrong path, you shouldn’t judge someone when they’re already feeling down. She seeks comfort and a shoulder to lean on. Let her pour her heart out and believe in her. With time, she will be able to see the wrong choices she made and you will be able to explain to her how to fix things.

4. Take her out on a date

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There are few things as endearing as a date. When you are looking to comfort your girlfriend and you want her to feel warm and fuzzy all over again, try taking her out for a fun and romantic night. Don’t even bring the topic up for the day and simply charm her with your romantic mood. Trust romance to be the savior, and by the time the day ends, you will find her smiling and opening her heart to you – love can be the solution!

5. Show her positivity

More often than not, people will need the right ray of positivity to help them when everything looks enveloped in darkness. You have to believe in the beauty of the moment. As a boyfriend, consider it your responsibility to show her light during times of darkness. Make her feel the zing of positivity, hope, and faith and let those be the pillars of strength that she needs. Talk to her about your own struggles and how you made it out of the mess. Let her know that some bad days don’t account for a bad life and we are stronger than our fears. Be her pillar of strength and paint the beautiful smile on your favorite face all over again.

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6. Recollect good memories

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The next thing you can do is to recollect all the good memories you both share. When your girlfriend is angry or upset, she might feel like it is the end of the world and there is nothing to soothe her. In such cases, the remembrance of your past is everything you need to cheer her up. You must have a lot of amazing pictures, or some heartfelt memories or moments that are close to your heart. Talk about all the good times you have shared and watch how she turns from melodramatic to cheerful.

7. Be her support zone

Every girlfriend wants someone who will support her through thick and thin. Life can often bring us down with its incessant struggles and problems. In such cases, it is upon you to be her support system. When you can be there for her when she sees absolutely nothing to hold on to, your relationship will grow even stronger. As a boyfriend, you don’t need to buy hugely expensive gifts for her. Sometimes, all she needs from you is that heart-to-heart talk in the middle of the night asking her if she is okay and refusing to hang up until she agrees to smile.

8. Pamper her

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You need to pamper her because pampering has a way of making girls feel beautiful. Take her to her favorite restaurant or treat her to her favorite ice cream. Simply sit down with her and watch the twinkling stars or give her a foot massage. You don’t always need to do fancy things because all she really needs from you is a little bit of pampering and she will be really glad to have found a gem of a boyfriend.

When your girlfriend is feeling blue, you need to pamper her enough so she can once again feel the blush of love and have the same zest for life that made you fall in love with her. As long as you love her, this one shouldn’t be hard. Love has a way of melting the toughest of hearts and making us go an extra mile to sort out the mess.

9. Don’t be a preacher

It is easy to preach, isn’t it? When she is down and depressed, never make the mistake of preaching to her. Yes, you are comfortable in each other’s company and you can tell her everything that is on your mind, but, put yourself in her shoes and ask – will it be the right thing to do? Does she really need your preaching? We do encourage you to show her how to separate the right from the wrong, but not when she is already upset. So, take all those big lessons that are so easy to preach and keep them aside. Romance her and make her feel alright. Once she is back in the groove, let her know where she went wrong, but do it adorably with a kiss.

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10. Physical comfort

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Of course, this one wins hands down. The human body aches for physical touch and it has the power to soothe a soul. So, comfort her physically. Kiss her, hug her, cuddle her, and make love to her. Let your actions speak louder than words and show her that no matter how hard this journey may get, you will stick by her and do what is desired of you. Sometimes, it is this expression of love which ends up being the finest way of showing that you care and you always will.

These are 10 of the best pointers on how to comfort your girlfriend which will surely help you calm her. You too should try them out and let us know which of these turned to be the most effective. Give her a hug right now; she deserves it and so do you!

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Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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