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7 simple yet important things a wife craves from her husband

In the book, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,’ the author John Gray, talks about how men and women have different ‘love languages’. Although they speak the same tongue, what one person says and what the other person hears are entirely different, since they decode the other person’s words in their own language. This eye-opening book throws light on the way that men and women are different, and how this difference can affect smooth communication between them.

Women are more sensitive in general, and are better at reading another person’s dating body language and non-verbal cues. They are also more likely to offer something before being asked. This is perfectly fine, but creates problems when they expect the same from their partners. Men, on the other hand, are terrible at non-verbal cues and expect to be told if something is needed. Women think that having to ask is in itself a sign that the man doesn’t love her. This results in a fight that could have been avoided.

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Although a wife needs a lot of things from her husband, we have distilled that to these 7 things a wife craves, that seem simple, yet are very important to her.

1. “I Love You”

i love you

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Your wife was probably used to hearing this soon after you were married, but now you rarely say this, and even when you do, it’s more as a matter of habit. Yes, women want to be loved, but they also want to be desired. It’s no use saying things like, ‘You know I love you, right?” Your woman wants to hear it explicitly and sincerely.

2. Being a good listener

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This is probably every wife’s complaint about her husband, ‘He doesn’t listen!’ When a wife starts off on a monologue about something that’s bothering her, she’s most likely just giving vent to her feelings. She just needs someone to agree with her and listen to everything, without trying to fix it, unless she specifically asks for a solution. Also, a husband needs to understand that there is a big difference between hearing and listening to his wife talk.

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3. Encouraging her dreams

couple spending time together

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Your wife has dreams and aspirations, just as you do. Chances are, they’ve gotten buried under the monotony of daily life and household responsibilities. Help her revive her dreams and encourage her to reach for the stars. This kind of support from her husband is every woman’s dream.

4. Making her health important

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Women generally take care of the whole family’s health, but her health often gets ignored in the process. Every woman likes to be pampered once in a while, so book surprise spa sessions for her. Ensure that she gets her regular medical checkups done, even if she resists. It will make her feel cared for.

5. Sharing chores

man helping with the dishes

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Ah, housework! Probably at the top of every woman’s most hated things to do. If you’re working outside the home and your wife is a homemaker, she’s quite likely to get fed up with all the chores that don’t seem to end. You have to understand that housework is drudgery and not really stimulating – which makes it a hard and thankless job. Take on some chores without being asked and do it willingly. Showing that you are both partners in maintaining your home will earn you a lot of respect.

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6. Appreciating her

couple on a date

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Several women complain that their husbands don’t appreciate them. The fact is that, most men don’t even notice things even if they are right under their noses, so expecting a man to guess his wife’s effort, and then appreciate her for it is asking for too much! Compliment her whenever she’s made some change, like a new hairdo or something new around the house, or a new dish that she’s cooked for you. Congratulate her on her work achievements and celebrate them just as she would do for you.

7. Standing up for her

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You and your wife are a team for life. You are supposed to stick together through thick and thin, and have each other’s backs during tough times. So if the situation arises, you have to stand up for your wife – if you don’t, who else will? She expects you to, and having to ask for it is humiliating. She deserves your support and respect, just the way you expect it from her.

More than anything, a woman needs her husband to be by her side always; to raise a toast when she’s promoted, to give her a massage when she’s tired, and to wipe away her tears when she’s upset. She’s ready to do all this for you, and she rightly deserves the same in return. When there is mutual understanding of each other’s needs, both said and unsaid, then the relationship can be one full of love, understanding, and happiness.

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7 things a wife craves from her husband
A wife likes to know that her husband loves and respects her. Men just need to know how to show it. Here are 7 things a wife craves from her husband.
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Fabida Abdulla

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