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25 Mushy Things To Say To Your Girlfriend After A Fight

In all my articles dealing with relationship advice, I have said that, fights and arguments are signs of a healthy relationship. However, at the end of it, one has to take the first step to mend the situation and say sorry. Apologizing doesn’t make you small. Rather, it makes you the bigger person and also ensures that your relationship survives! Guys, your women expect you to take the initiative, so why would you let them down?

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Here are 25 things to say to your girlfriend after a fight. Read, register, and deliver sincerely.

1. “Darling, please forgive me.”


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As simple as that. After a fight, one should never try to blame the other for whatever just happened. The more trifling the reason for the argument, the earlier should be your request for forgiveness. Just give her a call and tell her sorry in the most apologetic tone, and trust me, she will forget whatever happened.

2. “I love you and I cannot live without you.”

Yes, this is cheesy, but it is true, isn’t it? The only way to cool your furious babe is to make a confession of your love. Put your love on a platter and serve it to her. She will not rebuff your move because she feels the same way about you.

3. “Can we please get over this already?”

Caution: Use it only if it is a silly fight. Use it right when it’s happening and you figure out that the two of you are quarreling just for the sake of quarreling. Qualify this sentence with an “I am sorry” immediately. Make the latter heartfelt and not just matter-of-factly!

4. “Hey, how you doin’?”

This is cute and a reliable line if you want to reciprocate to her that you are now cool and prepared to dump the fight in the past. This suggests that you think it is time to move on. This line should only be used once a considerable amount of time has passed.

5. “Let’s talk it out.”

man comforting a woman_New_Love_Times

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Men hardly use this line after a fight, and when women use it, they just hit the panic button! This time round, we suggest you pleasantly surprise her by being the first one willing to sit her down and calmly discuss the issue. This is not only a great way to make up, but also will earn you brownie points for being the initiator!

6. “You are my best friend, the shoulder I can lean on when not strong.”

Apologies have to be well constructed (not faked though!). Before you let the words slip out, make sure that they are exactly what you want to communicate to her at this moment. You need to let your girlfriend know that you have been listening to her all through the argument. Your apology must demonstrate that, instead of showing that you did indeed tune her out at some point!

7. “If there are two words I can describe you with, they are, ‘my life’.”

While trying to find a solution to whatever just happened doesn’t sound romantic, it is very essential. It displays your willingness to improve your relationship, to work on it. Let her know that you are aware of how she feels.

8. “In all my times of trouble you have been there with me and I hurt you.”


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At this moment, your girlfriend is more hurt than angry. You need to understand that and respond accordingly. Try to reflect on all the beautiful moments the two of you have spent together. Show her the silver lining, so that she knows that there is a work around this argument too.

9. “My life is just flawless because I have you.”

Once you guys reconcile, don’t think the work is done. Most people make this mistake and comfortably slip back to being their same mean, rude, argumentative selves. You need to let her know that you are going to make a conscious effort to not repeat whatever happened the previous night.

10. “Whenever I open my eyes in the morning, I want to see you next to me.”

When trying to reunite, identify both your needs and hers. By doing this, you will be validating the respect that you have for your partner and also for yourself. You don’t want to make her feel guilty. You want her to know that you understand how she too wishes for you to be happy and not miserable.

11. “For the last 22 hours, 40 minutes and 19 seconds, I have missed you!”

A sincere apology is what we are looking for. If you don’t think you did anything wrong, don’t confess regret just for the heck of it. Remember, women don’t find dishonesty romantic! However, you can say that you are sorry about how the discussion shaped and that you could have put across your thoughts in a better way.

12. “If I had to choose between you and the world, I would pick you, a thousand times over.”

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Image source: Shutterstock

Dig deep into yourself and tell your girlfriend things that you haven’t told her before. You can tell her how you feel about her using titbits of info, may be the way she talks, she walks, or how she tilts her head when she smiles at you, how her eyes twinkle when she is telling you about something she loves doing. More specific, the better!

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13. “I love you to the moon and back; ‘til the time the last rose dies.”

Give her a dozen roses. Make sure 11 of them are real while the last one is plastic. Now repeat the quote again. I bet she will smile! Then go on to tell her how sorry you are for making her cry and that everything is going to be like before, that one silly argument cannot change the way you both feel about each other.

14. “You are mine. All rights reserved.”

How about leaving her a note, if she has told you that she doesn’t want to see you (Ouch!)?

When writing a note, you have a greater opportunity to pour your heart out, which will be restricted when you are speaking to her, because she might not want to listen to you. In your note, tell her how you, the missing piece, found your Big O, in her.

15. “It took me 25 years to find perfection. Now I am not letting you go.”

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Tell her that you love her like no other and that is something which will never change even if the sun were to rise in the west and set in the east from tomorrow. Say something like, “I looked at the stars tonight and counted each for the reason I love you. I ran out of stars just too soon!” This will melt her if nothing else does!

16. “Every day I love you. Please don’t ask me to stop.”

Just listening to her talk at the end of the day, coming home to her, makes life worth living, in spite of all the struggles, right? So ask her not to change that because then life would just be that, life, and not living!

17. “I let you down despite everything you have done for me. I don’t deserve you!”

Just say that and the next thing she will do is tell you all the reasons why she loves you and that though you screwed up a little, both of you can set your differences aside, work on the core, and build a beautiful relationship. And she will also tell you not to utter such stupid words again! 😉

18. “Loving you is like breathing. I wouldn’t survive otherwise.”  

Do you feel like all the minutes that you have lived without her are the minutes you have wasted? If yes, these could be your words: “To live away from one’s heart is something no one can do. Come home soon, darling!”

19. “I will wait for you but every moment without you, I will die a little inside.”

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You are missing her now that she has gone and wants some space. Let her know that you respect her decision and are willing to give her time. But also reciprocate to her how this decision is a punishment for you. Keep telling her how much you miss her and think of her and that it hurts.

20. “My life without you is like an old knife, dull!”

If humor is your thing, if that’s why she fell for you in the first place, use it while making up too. Ask her if she is a dictionary, because she is the only thing that adds meaning to your life. The stupider your jokes or puns, the higher the chances that she will crack up! :)

21. “You are my strength. With you by my side, I can conquer the world.”

One of the things to say to your girlfriend after a fight would be, “Hold my hand and we can win the world together. Hold on forever. Never let me go.”

22. “All you need is love.”

couple in love_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

The Beatles were wrong; love is not all we need but the only thing that there is to life. I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever and even after that.

23. “If I was supposed to die today, my last wish would be to see you smile.”

One of the nice things to say to your girlfriend after a fight includes, “I want to know that you are happy with me even though I behave like a jerk at times. Let me make things right, baby. Let me bring that beautiful smile back.”  

24. “I cannot die for you, because I want to live with you forever!”

Take her for a romantic movie immediately after she gives you a hint!

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25. “You make me want to be a better me.”

This always works! Give her all the credit, because she deserves it!

Now just words won’t work. Make sure you back them up with your actions too. :)

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25 Things To Say To Your Girlfriend After A Fight
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