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11 Awesome Reasons You Should Be Dating the Spontaneous Girl

Life is tough with deadlines that have to be met at work, bosses who are ready to come down on you hard if you make the slightest error, messy breakups that rip your heart right out and the usual mundane woes of a common (wo)man—so, why not add some magic to the mundane by injecting some spontaneity into it?

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On that note, what could be better than having someone in your life who can help bring it in, like a spontaneous girl who can help brighten up your life, huh? Girls who are spontaneous can bring in a whole lot of fun, adventure and excitement into your life ensuring there is never a dull moment in your life!

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Here are the various reasons for dating a spontaneous girl and we’ll have you convinced…

1. Surprise surprise!  

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Spontaneity is often equated with the element of surprise because nothing planned ever got ‘woohoo-s,’ right? Everything just goes with the flow—one minute you’re cuddling on the couch watching telly on a Friday night; the next minute she has you on your feet packing your bags to head to the nearest weekend getaway spot, so, you are on the run to catch the night bus out of town or you are fuelling up your car for a nice long drive to get there- either which way, she’s always full of surprises!

2. Say bye bye to stress

Being with a girl who is spontaneous will always help in managing your stress as the energy surrounding her will always be vibrant and full of life; she will be brimming with  positive vibes and you won’t help but smile when you see her happy-go-lucky attitude!

3. Your in-the-doldrums excuses will be out the door

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That monotonous stagnant zone that you get into where the best part of your day becomes having a glass of OJ with your cereal in the morning will soon turn around with a spontaneous girl in your life who will make sure you do something new in the spur of the moment and nah, ah, she won’t have your excuses!

4. Looking at the world through a child’s eyes

We were all kids once- not bound by our beliefs, free to think and feel anything and do what we wanted too; curious and ever-excited— but now that we are older and know a lot more, we pull back from the flood of further more! The only way to develop new insights is by trying new things regularly, much like a child who thrusts himself into the unknown and this is exactly what she will help you do.

5. Get rid of your fears

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Maybe you are afraid of heights, but she might wanna go bungee jumping or skydiving—you can’t say no to that pretty face now, can you?  So guess what? Toughen up and face your fears! She will have you out of your comfort zone comfortably and with a smile!

6. Letting go of restricting beliefs

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As we grow older, we pick up on certain beliefs which we think we have to abide by but she will make you think again before you conform. If you think it is “weird” to go up to a stranger and talk, she is going to do just that and make you do it too; you won’t be holding yourself back anymore!

7. Discovering new places

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When you are with someone who is always up and about, you cannot be holding back from walking into new places, can you? It could be a street you’ve never walked on, a town you haven’t explored, a trail you haven’t hiked or even a café with amazing food which you never noticed before! Good, right? Uh uh, GREAT!

8. Trying new things

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You will be thrown into a world where you are constantly experiencing new things—she will take you on a journey where you are trying new cuisines, new clothes, making new friends, trying new hobbies, taking new classes and trying out new activities that never interested you at first, but on trying, you loved!

9. Always ready for anything

Since she is not your average girly girl, she will always be up for anything; say you want to go camping this weekend or on a fishing trip, or river rafting- you name it and she will be there!

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10. Lots of fun in the bedroom

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So boys, here’s the plus you sought for dating a spontaneous girl—she will be great in the sack! As she is so full of energy and always wanting to experiment, she will so totally rock your world—so hang on, boys!

11. Get to know yourself better

With her you will discover a whole new you that you never thought existed—all the new things she will make you do will help you see a different side of you —she will help you change for the better and push you to your limits to find out what you are made of and who you really are.

Now go spontaneous and find a spontaneous girl!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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11 Reasons You Should Be Dating the Spontaneous Girl
A spontaneous girl won't have your excuses - to be DULL!
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