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11 Common Bachelorette Party Blunders And How To Avoid Them

When you are getting married, the last single gala with friends is always an exciting prospect. But a bachelorette party can come with its own set of boo-boos, if one’s not quite careful.

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So, check out some common bachelorette party blunders and know all you can do to steer clear of them:

1. Forgetting to invite a special someone

Oopsie moment: They’ll be ready with a grim face and a long list of complaints while waiting for you to be back from the honeymoon.

I’ve got this: Always double-check the invitations and if someone still gets left behind, an after wedding bash always fixes the damage!

2. Two of the bride’s best friends (and the most sincere enemies) get invited together

Oopsie moment: They encounter each other and either it is a disturbingly deadly silence or a cat fight so loud that your DJ is going to have to start the music a little early!

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I’ve got this: Plan the rooms very carefully, making sure they are safely away from each other – you  can do it!

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3. Getting too carried away with the celebrations

Oopsie moment: Everybody’s a little too hungover to even show up at the wedding (ah, even the bride!)

I’ve got this: Keep the menu alive with a fair blend of non-alcoholic servings in between the devil shots!

4. Ending up with a bachelorette (sadly) similar to the girl next door

Oopsie moment: When you’re sharing the most adventurous story of your life, she’ll definitely come up with a – ‘yeah, I know that too’ remark. You know, the ‘been there and done that’ crap!

I’ve got this: Come up with creative ideas for your bachelorette – how about planning paintball in swimsuits?

5. (And even worse) Not planning enough for the big day

Oopsie moment: Not everyone is happy and you just can’t have it that way now, can you?

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I’ve got this: Right from the bride to the maid of honor, take the interests of everyone involved in the party into account while thinking out the plans but do something best optimized to make YOU happy! If you are, they should be- they owe the bride that! 😉

6. Crossing your own budget limits

Oopsie moment: A heavy spa bill coming to the pockets with no cash – embarrassing!

I’ve got this: Always go through your budget before the planning starts and advance bookings are the best way to proceed. That way, there are no pending payments – no chances of getting humiliated to the bones!

7. The social networking scandals

Oopsie moment: Your FB notification shows a million likes and countless comments on photographs that you can trade your soul to never have been taken!

I’ve got this: When it’s a wild night ahead of you, switching the mobile data off is the safest way to go.

8. Keeping the bachelorette a surprise for the bride (even her? It’s her wedding!)

Oopsie moment: Her plans will clash or her dream bash might remain a dream (not done!)

I’ve got this: You can keep elements of the plan a surprise but checking with her to see if she’s available and ensuring that she’s best dressed or will love what you have in mind are good places to start.

9. Not planning a break between the bash and D-day

Oopsie moment: A wedding attendance with all bridesmaids (and the bride) too low on energy reserves.

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I’ve got this: Always plan a recharging gap of a day or two between the bachelorette and the wedding.

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10. The epic clueless moments

Oopsie moment: You’re in a new city with no reservations and no idea of where to go and what to eat (sad!)

I’ve got this: Effective planning. Get your itinerary in place and ensure you have the adventure details all worked out.

11. Crashing the bachelorette that the team guy’s celebrating

Oopsie moment: Completely and utterly awkward!

I’ve got this: Steering clear of the five mile radius of the boys’ fun spot is a place to start from.

Have a FUN bachelorette!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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11 Common Bachelorette Party Blunders And How To Avoid Them
Because bachelorette party blunders are as common as the parties themselves. Be prepared!
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